"I'm no joking matter."
– One of his quotes

AD Humman is an human from an unknown universe. He is 15 years old actually. He is said to travel and view the AU's past and future. However he isn't able to directly interact with them.

This OC was made by AD.



His name comes from his creator's name, ADgee. It is also said that it comes from the words "Awesome Dude", which the first word is one of his aliases.


He's a tall midget. He has blue eyes, and a tan skin. He has a blue shirt with a red circle on it. His pants are purple and his shoes are green. Sometimes, his eyes turn red, probally because of being mad, or just because to show power. Sometimes they are both colors.


He has the ability to use his Katana very well. He also has fire and ice abilities, as well as travelling through AUs and viewing their past.

He also has the ability to create via using strings of codes and symbols on a machine or in a floating screen. He calls it "Advanced Digitally Biology" or "Birthcoding".

Birthcoding Creations

  • Binary!Sans was presumably created by typing the original Sans' code sequence (1911419) followed by a random string of binary.(01010011 01100001 01101110 01110011).
  • AD is planning to create someone else from Libitina's code.
  • You can suggest ideas in the comment if ya want.

Alpha Form

As well, he has a form he can enter when being in extreme anger or under extreme pressure. In this one, his stats increase heavily. He has the ability to certainly manipulate other's STATs, and as well to go agaisnt the "game"'s nature. Examples include being able to break the scenario and exit easily the battlemode.


  • Can sometimes be pissed off easily.
  • He's only LV1.
  • Idk what else.


  • Hexadecimal- He's aware of his existence
  • Humaslime- Also aware of his existence, and has to stop him several times, which turned from worrying into "tiring".
  • Binary!Sans- Friend.
  • Null- Also aware of existence.
  • Canvas- Known, probably friends.
  • Six- Known.
  • Infected- Mortal enemy.
  • "Sklook"- Dog pet.


  • For now, he is practically the only one to know about birthcoding. (Unless there's another OC with that ability.)
  • He is a single constant across all timelines. This means he is pretty much unique, and the existence of ADrtemis is due to being an AU and not an AT. (Which in this case differs completely.)
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