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AU Pest!Flowey is an Flowey that got bored with his universe, and desperately tried to strangest thinks to find something new. Through his excessive experimentations and resets, he glitched out of his universe. Now, he messes with other AUs to satisfy his boredom, generally by killing off random AU inhabitants and watching how people react to it.



He looks like classic Flowey, though his face occasionally glitches out.


He gets bored very quickly, and like classic Flowey, he doesn't feel compassion or remorse for anything he does. He is rather untrustworthy.


Besides the ability to travel between AUs, he can do the same as classic Flowey.



Main article: Chaos!Jevil

He is commonly found causing chaos together with the jester, finding his alterations very entertaining to watch or experiment with.

AU destroyers

He hates people that completely destroy AUs, because they "take away opportunities for fun".


  • He doesn't care about Protectors attempting to undo his actions after he is done with it, as he sees everything as simply a temporary means of amusement.