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The Aaronmalgamate is an Amalgamate version of the original Aaron, he comes from a lost AU its name was never confirmed. This being was made in the Lost AU by an Alphys, which fused Aaron with a Determination soul, because Aaron wanted to try it out and he never knew about the Amalgamates. ???!Alphys was worried he would become the same as the others, but she didn't know what to do, so she sadly accepted. ???!Alphys immediately regretted her actions a few days later, where she went in the True Lab to check on Aaron, and saw him like what he is now.

From that day, ???!Alphys kept him locked down there with the other amalgamates. But ever since that AU was completely destroyed by Olizia, Aaronmalgamate escaped trought a left-over portal which was Olizia's. He now also knows about the existence of the Multiverse, despite being a totally mindless monster.



  • HP: not available, didn't work, try again, failure
  • LV: 12
  • AT: failure, error in the system, being not found
  • DF: aaron_amalgamate.monst not found in data/files


Aaronmalgamate is similar to Aaron, but he is seen melting and a hole on his face at his eyes area, implying his eyes have fallen out of their sockets. If looked closely, Aaronmalgamate also has a small hole in his chest, and inside the hole there can be seen the Determination soul used on him.


Aaronmalgamate's personality is mysterious, almost nothing is known of it. But it is estimated to be around the same as Undertale Aaron.


  • Aaronmalgamate is now wandering between AUs, in search of a new friend.
    • But he almost never cannot make new friends, since his new appearence makes him look creepy.