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Aether (also known as Aether Papyrus Gaster) is a Papyrus Out!Code created by Zeno Dreemurr, making his first appearance in Xénotale. Along with his brother Erebus, he is one of Chaos's two children. He has the mission to gather information about the Multiverse to tell his father about anything that could be dangerous within it. As his name suggests, his powers mostly revolve on light.


After Chaos almost expanded itself on the entire universe of Chaostale, it wanted to expand on the Multiverse, as it ended up knowing about it. Since it knew that some beings in the Multiverse could be dangerous, it created two beings, Aether and Erebus, calling them its children, then inflicted them with a permanent variation of the Chaos seal. It then gave them the mission to get as much information on the Multiverse and its powerful beings. Both of them then started to investigate about it.



Aether looks like a naked version of Papyrus, entirely white, with a completely white sclera and eyes, making those eyes invisible, always seemingly serious. He has two clawed hands.


Being inflicted by a permanent Chaos seal, Aether doesn't show many personality traits, and instead does a fixation on his father, being almost never kind to anyone besides his family. He is extremely serious overall and will fight someone that makes him waste time, not caring about adding to his list of murdered people whatsoever, and prefers to dedicate his time on researches. However, he does show some kind of intelligence by himself alone, making up strategies, and doesn't care about explaining how his abilities work as long as it doesn't give out information about a weakness. He also sees usefulness over many things, as he prefers to control people he deems useful, and would kill himself if he was to become useless. If Chaos dies, he is filled with a desire of vengeance towards the person who killed it by any mean, going from normal research to mass murdering, though he doesn't like killing at all.


  • Light bone: Though they seem to be normal bones, they move at the speed of light.
  • Photo-blaster: Aether's Gaster Blasters. Those fire very rapidly, and illuminate the area surrounding the place the beam of the Blaster was fired at to the point where people cannot see anything.
  • Light speed: He can move at light speed.
  • Sixth sense: He has a sixth sense, allowing him to locate people even though they would be invisible, or if the place is filled with light or fully lacking of it.
  • Chaos seal: An ability given by his father. Using it, he can control someone he chooses to control for one day, unless this person has too much magical power for the Chaos seal to bear it. Thanks to the Chaos seal, not only he can control his victim, but also communicate with them via telepathy and know everything about them. He can also use all of the abilities of every person he has control over thanks to a Chaos seal. If someone else uses a Chaos seal on someone he used the Chaos seal on, the new Chaos seal takes priority over his.
  • Dual chaos seal: A variation of the Chaos seal he uses with his brother Erebus. This variation allows for both of the brothers to have the advantages of the Chaos seal, and lasts three days instead of one.
  • Regeneration: As long as his entire body isn't annihilated, he can regenerate it out of nothing. It takes three seconds to be activated after being harmed, the regeneration being completed in a matter of seconds at worst if his opponent stops attacking him.
  • Chaos soul fragment: He and Erebus share the chaos soul, a soul made out of no matter, both having a fragment. It allows him to be immune to any kind of soul alteration. It also allows him to communicate with his brother via telepathy, and also makes him capable of regenerating his body as long as his brother is still alive.



Chaos is his father. Because of the Chaos seal, he pledged loyalty to it, doing a mission for him. When he sees it, it is often to give it information.


Erebus is his brother. His brother is the only person he shows some kindness to, being made to be a team. Unless they are forced to not, they are always together. More often that not, they fight well together, and choose to use a dual Chaos seal over a normal Chaos seal.


  • Aether was the first one of the two brothers to appear in a published story.