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Altared is an amalgamated Out!Code created by Artivoke. They are a corrupted amalgamation of several major Undertale characters, excluding humans. Their original timeline was tampered with by the Player, and it had formed the melting monstrosity known as Altared. They have a melted and morphed SOUL, having multiple SOULS formed in one. This does allow them the ability to use more magic without overusing it


Alatred was once a separate entity, having the timeline’s major characters split. One day, the Player was going in the files to modify the game. They accidentally messed with the Timeline’s code, resulting in all major characters being meshed together, much like an amalgamate. The Player went back to the game to see what he had created, and he had created a monstrosity. A monstrosity from the Player’s own curiosity. They tried to undo what they had done, but to no avail.



Alatred is an amalgamation of all major Undertale characters, so it is hard to pinpoint their exact appearance. Though, to try and explain its looks, it has Papyrus’ body as a base, with Sans’ jacket being worn, looking much like Disbelief!Papyrus. They also wear Alphys’ lab coat over Sans’ jacket. Undyne’s melting and hairless head can be seen on the top of the body, with vines wrapped around it, resembling Flowey’s vines, and two curved horns, resembling Toriel’s and/or Asgore’s. The shoulders have somewhat melting shoulder pads, much resembling Mettaton NEO’s. They are wearing a robe with two Deltarune symbols melted together, with it covering Papyrus’ body, the jacket, and lab coat. Connected to Papyrus’ legs are yellow, stumpy feet, much resembling Monster KId’s.


Alatred’s personality is mostly unknown, as the latter of the characters have clashing characteristics. In short, their personality varies from being as energetic as Papyrus, but as heartless as Flowey, to being as determined as Undyne, but being as glamorous as Mettaton.


  • Corruption Warping - Alatred can create glitchy portals due to the amount of its own Determination to anywhere, and anytime in the Multiverse. It can stretch out as far as the edge of the MIlky Way.
  • Bone Magic - Alatred harnesses bone magic to harm those that they wish to.
  • Blue Magic - Like Sans, Alatred possesses the ability to use blue magic, or gravitational use of a human SOUL.
  • Spear Magic - Like Undyne, Alatred also has the ability to summon spears, resembling the ones Undyne possesses.
  • Electricity Magic - Like Mettaton and Alphys, Alatred can use small Mettatons, Plus Bombs, and Electricity to do harm.
  • Trident - Like Asgore, Alatred can summon a red trident, much like Asgore’s. This can also be used to break buttons the human uses in battle, like how Asgore breaks the MERCY button at the beginning of his fight.


  • Alatred is pronounced "Ah-lay-trid (chrid)", as opposed to the pronunciation "Ah-lah-trid (chrid)"
  • Alatred, the name, is inspired by the word, Altered, which means "Change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way."