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"God doesn't exist because I replaced him."
– Alpha!Kris

Alpha!Kris (also called Sburb!Kris, Ulltimate Timeline!Kris, or simply Kris) is an alternate version of Kris which originates from the Sburbtale universe, specifically from the A2 timeline. He began to traverse the Multiverse four years after he started developing his powers. This OC is made by ADgee.


Kris was born in the Sburbtale universe, shortly after Frisk caused The Scratch which hard-resetted the timeline. He began as a normal boy in Ebott City.

It wasn't until he heard about a game called Sburb which he started playing with his friends. The group of friends were mostly succesfull, except that a considerable part of them died on the way through. A strange anomaly in the game session finished them off. With only four members left, they decided to proceed to their questbeds and kill themselves there, rising to Godtier. After meeting in Skaia, they started to devise a plan to get rid of the anomaly.

On the meanwhile, the Anomaly kept destroying the session, beginning by completely devastating Derse and the Battlefield, but by then the plan was already on motion. They killed one of the Anomaly's henchmen and tricked him into coming into place. When he arrived, Kris and the other 3 godtiers fought him. The fight was very intense and long-lasting. Kris, the Knight of Heart; the Heir of Time, the Page of Space, and the Witch of Doom all used their inmense abilities, despite two of them getting killed by him in the end. After a long of effort, Kris and the Heir finished off him, and won the session. Luckily, the other two players were able to be revived.

After the trouble had ended, Kris claimed the Ultimate Prize, in compensation for his hard work. This gave him the ability to explore beyond his universe and to jump through timelines. Overwhelmed by this, Kris decided to stay for some more years with his friends to train himself. He spent nearly four years of training along with his friends.

Most of the time, Kris would end up causing some mishap during the training, one of the times nearly getting someone's soul in a pumpkin. After those four years, however, he finally kind of mastered his powers, and time for goodbye came. He bid his friends farewell and flew away to explore the Multiverse. He has been communicating with people in the AUs and exploring the diverse timelines for a couple of years since his departure, but he never forgot his friends.



Kris wears a red shirt with dark purple shorts, as well as a crimson cape. He has grey eyes, despite wearing a pair of anime-esque shades on top. On his shirt, there's a heart symbol which represents the Heart aspect.

He has slightly pale skin, as well as brown hair, and has purple shoes.


Kris is rather the calm person. He doesn't try to fight or kill someone unless he really has to. Or if he's bored, he will usually fight dummies and robots.

He likes all kinds of chocolate, as well as watching anime, specially if time travel is involved. He has affection for works of fiction that have a sentimental impact on the viewers/readers/players. He also tends to psychoanalize the people he's talking with, trying to give some few tips on how to moderate and understand their own emotions.

He also likes writing stories and or watching, tending to write books during his travels.Those books can vary on genre, going from manga, time travel, psychological horror to simple journals.

Despite all of that, he despies things like tea and pie for personal reasons, as well as healthy food. As well, he dislikes stuff related to the sea, as well as offbrands.


  • Multiverse Flight: He can fly through the Multiverse and outer space with ease, although long distances tire him out.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport freely throughout the Multiverse.
  • Pocket Dimension: He has his own pocket dimension which he utilizes as a videogame-esque inventory to store stuff in.
  • Alpha-Alchemy: He can combine some objects and create new ones.
  • Soul Rip: If the enemy is weakened enough, he can pull their soul out of their body. This comes at the cost of mental and physical tiredom, causing him to pass out on multiple ocassions.
  • Telekinesis: He can make small and medium-sized objects levitate. This, too, causing mental and physical tiredom.
  • Writer's Vision: He can record events and success in form of books, and magically reproduce them as 3D holographic videos.
  • Near-Endless Communication: He can communicate with people in other AUs as long as they have some sort of device avaiable.
  • Magic Shield: He can summon a nigh-unbreakable magic shield to cover him.
  • Fenestrated Walls: He can watch certain events in some AUs thanks to a couple of fenestrated walls he has, as well to use them as portals.
  • Meta-Awareness: He's aware of the existence of things like the fandom and such, as well as the Internet. He can as well communicate through the fourth wall.

Besides all of this, he usually has a crimson-colored katana which he uses in his fights.


CORE Frisk

He knows of CORE's existence. He thinks he's a bit creepy due to his omnipresence.


He's also aware of him. He calls him "goopy asshole" whenever they're mentioned.

The Host

He has never seen Host in person, but has heard of his involvements on the Multiverse.


  • Alpha!Kris is based on Ultimate!Dirk and the concept of the Ultimate Self from Homestuck^2.