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The AlphaVoid Is A Blessing, Too Bad You'll Never See It...


AlphaVoid!Sans is an Out!Code created by Void485. He's one of monsters that was banished to the AlphaVoid by the Humans of his AU after they found out Asgore's means of breaking the barrier. Even after a good fight, the humans once again won, and the monsters were banished to the Alphavoid. Little did the humans know, the monsters would gain immense power due to a large crystal in the center of the Alphavoid. The power from this crystal resonated with sans the most and allowed him to leave his own timeline and visit other AUs.


AlphaVoid!Sans was created after the human dies to Asgore in the true pacifist timeline. Asgore can't lie to the monsters anymore, because he told them he needed 7 human souls, so he broke the barrier and let the monsters free. The humans did not appreciate his means of freeing the monsters, and they started a second war. Due to the large number of humans, the monsters once again lost quickly, quartering their population, and were banished to the AlphaVoid. The AlphaVoid is a large anomalous area centered around a strange crystal, with familiar parts of the underground floating around it. The monsters slowly inhabited and adapted to their new surroundings, and sans and Gaster took part of the crystal to their lab. As research went on, Gaster found out the crystal was dangerous and attempted to find means to remove it. Sans, however, got more attached to the crystal, and Gaster often found him just staring at it, with the lights turned off, silently. This was not normal for Sans, so one day, Gaster confronted him. It was too late. Sans was corrupted by the crystal and attacked Gaster, killing him. Sans went out of the lab and went on a genocidal rampage, possessed by the crystal. With the combined power of him in the crystal, he wiped the underground empty. Once he regained control, it was too late. With the power from the crystal, he left his AU, and all the bad memories behind with it.




  • LV: 1
  • HP: 390
  • ATK: 84
  • DEF: 95

Battle Mode (Assist from crystal)

  • LV: 5
  • HP: 445
  • ATK: 200
  • DEF: 150

Half Crystal Possession

  • LV: 15
  • HP: 500
  • ATK: 500
  • DEF: 105

True Crystal Possession

  • LV: 25
  • HP: 3000 (1000, plus the 2000 for the crystal)
  • ATK: 1000
  • DEF: 150


AlphaVoid!Sans is a grey skeleton with a black jacket and a red shirt underneath. His shorts are also black, with red stripes. He wears white and red shoes with black soles and crossbones on them. His eyes glow bright red or dark purple. His crystal form, however, has purple crystals appear on different parts of his body such as his shoulders and knees, and when fully crystalized, he is surrounded by a crystal shield.


He has a immense fear of loneliness, and tries to stay social with whoever he can, sometimes scaring those away in the process. But when he is alone is when he is the most dangerous. In battle he is confident and does not back down from a challenge, even if he is a bit overconfident. He is very protective of those who have befriended him and will protect them with his life. However, his crystal form hates all lifeforms, but is sneaky about killing, or hurting them. He will let AlphaVoid think he is safe, and he will make friends. When the friendship is built up the most, he will tear it down.


  • AlphaVoid!Bones: These bones can be fired at the opponent usually in quick succession. He can make the bones explode or he can just use them normally.
  • AlphaVoid!Blasters: Normal Gaster blasters with a slightly farther range and damage, and it has an extremely slight chance to paralyze the person blasted.
  • Final AlphaVoid!Blasters (Crystal): These blasters focus on using literal dark matter, extremely concentrated into a blast that has enough power to bend some parts of space itself. If he uses all of them at once, he can possibly make rift that can devour multiple AU's and transport it to his pocket dimension. Any entities residing in the AU's will have bad hallucinations, and whatever they think will become real. However, if they think that the hallucination itself is not real, they can escape.
  • Vortex Blasters: These Blasters can bite, absorb magic, and repulse the magic, due to the fact that they can reject magical abilities. However, if there is no matter inside of them, they will become very fragile.
  • Dark Matter Rifts: These portals can be used to redirect attacks or to transport his own over long distances, or just to travel.
  • Final Rift Storm (Crystal): AlphaVoid!Sans Can create an Ultimate Rift around his opponent, that sends them hurdling though hundreds of AU's, before returning the opponent to the original world, leaving them very disoriented, but it's a very draining attack.
  • Reality Blade (Crystal): This weapon appears to be a manifestation of the crystal, except its unique ability to change form and tear apart whole AU's, being much more powerful than the original crystal. It is unknown how it became more powerful than the rest of the crystal.
  • Matter Manipulation: This 'attack' can literally bend space to his will. However, depending on what he makes or removes makes his Stamina decrease up to rendering him immobile. Although the more he uses it, the more experienced he becomes. It also cannot be used on living things.


  • His soul is a Crystalized VoidSoul - A shattered, monster-like soul with the traits of perseverance, being held together by an anomalous crystal from the AlphaVoid.
  • There is a much darker timeline of him, with Team Void being the antagonists.
    • In said series, AlphaVoid is an Antivillian.
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