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Alpha Computer is an OutCode made by Mysware, When the first universes were created, the combination of garbage software where garbage software was thrown was born on the same day with his brother. After destroying the universe, he retreated to the infinite white void called Main-Desk and it grasped and strengthened a lot of things thanks to a foreign computer there. He's helping his brother and collecting information.


When the first AUs were being built, empty software that nobody cares about was thrown into trash bins and cleaned, a realm was created to prevent these garbage software from falling apart and started to be thrown there. After many years, many of the countless infinite unnecessary software began to rebel and unite so that they could be saved with a single body. But something went wrong, after the merger they turned into a very strange creature and tried to separate, even if it was painful, they finally managed to leave but not quite. Thanks to this, 2 different creatures were formed and they were organized, but now they had a single will instead of the free will of software. Two of them looked at each other, one of them had a lot of warning signs around him, and his eyes were warning signs and green, wearing red, and the other was whiter and one eye covered like a fence, the other was faulty. They were afraid of each other, but then suddenly they screamed, they both started shouting about freedom but did not know the way out. The two bonded quickly, but there were personality differences between them; The red creature was more hasty, hating its past and thinking darker, while the white creature was more optimistic and naive. After more conversation, they began to test their strength even when they tested on each other, the creature in the red suit had already grasped very well, but the creature in the White suit was more inexperienced. In the end, they thought of a name for each other; the creature wearing a red suit would be called "Software Breaker" and the creature wearing a white suit would be called "Alpha Computer". While this was happening, Software Breaker began to contemplate and discuss their past lives, Alpha Computer understood him but found him wrong, yet he did not want to say his wrong discovery because in general he does not want to break Software Breaker's heart. Within a few weeks they decided to get out of the Trash, Software Breaker would go first because they don't know what dangers await them outside. Software Breaker managed to come out.

Tired of waiting for his brother, Alpha Computer felt as if he had been waiting for years and decided to go out, tried to teleport to a random area, but at first he was forced to not master this feature as much as his brother. He managed to teleport using more power. He opened his eyes and started to examine the surroundings, there was so much stink around for no reason, and he stood up, as if he was in a room and the surroundings were so bloody. He stood up and headed for the door, but suddenly he began to glitch and fell to the ground. His head was hurt so badly and he couldn't control it and he was crawling around until the door opened. He was in front of him with a long skeleton with very poor dental care, and it was weirdly terrifying. Alpha Computer stood up and was staring at the skeleton. The skeleton screams Sans for no reason, and this started giving Alpha Computer a headache. The skeleton approached Alpha Computer and, while he was about to reach out, Alpha Computer looked at him, and a ray from his right eye unintentionally fired at the skeleton and turned to ashes inside the skeleton. Alpha Computer shouted quickly and started to run away, he fell down the stairs and just as he opened the door, another skeleton opened the door, he had a huge ax in his hand and was staring at Alpha Computer in a terrible way. When the Computer pushed him aside in fear, terrible luck fell to the ground and seemed to be in pain, as he shouted and shouted for help it began to turn into stone at his feet, and when the whole turned into stone, he broke and died. Alpha Computer didn't run away or react, it just started going soulless. These deaths were trying to tell him that the strong survive, the weak are crushed. He was now able to control the beam coming out of his right eye and was using it to destroy the AU, he managed to pierce even the space in the universe with that beam, saw himself as extremely powerful and began to destroy the universe.

After the Universe was completely destroyed, the Alpha Computer had changed a lot, deleted theuniverse completely. He then teleported back to Trashvoid, and while he was waiting for his brother he began to think about what he had just done, and he began to enjoy it, which was his destruction. While he was thinking, looking up in the air, a portal suddenly pulled him in. He suddenly fell into a white field and immediately stood up in a hurry. It was an endless white space around, he thought it would waste time, and a computer appeared behind the Alpha Computer just as he opened the portal. When he turned around, he was writing an incomprehensible language on the computer, as if he was pulling Alpha Computer into it and Alpha Computer was getting closer to the computer, and when he finally touched the computer screen, there was a huge explosion and the Alpha Computer blew up. Alpha Computer started to feel very different and stood up and it seemed as if he were aware of life ... no, everything about himself and even fiction. He began to examine his own hands, feeling strangely different. The computer had disappeared, and he thought it was gone by the explosion. He stood up and felt that he was connected to it right before he got out of here, as if the source of energy was here and he could shape it here and control it as he wanted. He was the computer energy representative now, and he knew that too. He chose this place as his own realm and was eager to tell his brother about it. He quickly entered the portal and was in Trashvoid, his brother had already arrived. That day, both of them decided to destroy this free software together after telling about the events they had experienced.



Alpha Computer has an outfit choice between White and Gray. His eyes are red and the surrounding area is red, with red strings running from his eyes. His right eye is covered with bars and his left eye is covered with glitchs. He has red teeth and his mouth is wider than other people. surrounded by error symbols and glitchs.


While Alpha Computer was fairly calm towards his brother, he began to deteriorate and follow his brother's path as he got to know the other universes. He is mad and crazy for others now. He sees the universes as nothing more than a garbage to be thrown into the garbage can. He will mercilessly destroy everything that opposes him and forgive anyone who does not oppose him. In fact, he is a good person, but there is no trace of his personality anymore.


  • Code Master:Alpha Computer can control, delete or manipulate any code. It can create things from scratch and give them features that won't go beyond their own limits. Can see all codes. For example, he can create living things by creating a new world from scratch. can completely hack any g-mail or real computer.
  • Alpha-Technology Manipulation:Alpha Computer can manipulate anything that involves technology in any way. can even interact with the real world thanks to technology.
  • Alpha-Curse Touch:Alpha Computer can do a touch of curse to finish off the enemy's job immediately, the person he touched will slowly turn into stone, and Alpha Computer can kill him if he wants to, or not if he doesn't, it depends.
  • Alpha-Erase Blaster:These blasters are extremely deadly, capable of destroying anything it hits, these blasters never break or even get scratches, the blaster is so painful when fired that it turns into the biggest pain he can hear in Outerverse. The enemy will be completely or partly destroyed and permanent damage will occur.
  • Alpha-Danger Bones:The bones that paralyze his mind with his stuck body and suffer great pain, pierce everything he hits and burn with a deadly effect.
  • Alpha-Puppeteer Strings:Alpha Computer can make any kind of puppet if they are less stronger than Alpha Computer, although not as much as Software Breaker's strings. He can imprison any soul forever and exert buoyancy on everything.
  • Alpha-Beam:It emits a beam that emerges from Alpha Computer's right eye that will divide all the planets in front of it perfectly in the middle, which stops firing whenever Alpha Computer wishes. Probably nobody survives this beam.
  • All Computer Ray:Alpha Computer can collect the energy of every computer in existence and fire it as a rail. This rail can be fired from any finger in his left hand and pierce anything, no matter what. The places it hits will turn to ashes and will go smoothly to infinity.
  • Alpha-Thunder:Alpha Computer can generate deadly thunder wherever it may be. With this attack the enemy will begin to suffer if the enemy's HP is too low or weak from the Alpha Computer, enemy possibly die.
  • Absolute Alpha Bite:If he bites someone piece for 2 seconds, it can fatally tear it off and release deadly venom, and Alpha Computer can choose when the victim will die. Any healing (reecarnation, regeneration, etc.) of the enemy is disabled when it bites. The bite is quite severe and can tear the enemy to pieces if it bites many times. If the enemy is given a long time, he will suffer the worst days of his life and die.
  • Scream of Alpha:When it screams, it can blow everyone's ears. The longer the scream lasts, the more severe it becomes and the AU begins to deteriorate. The only way to get rid of this scream is to go from there, the scream has an unlimited environmental progression.
  • Alpha-Mental Power:Alpha Computer can manipulate, modify, control and copy the entity's functions of the mind, emotions, and history of their chosen people and upload them to someone or something, as well as retrieve, rearrange or completely redesign memories.
  • ''Alpha Computer'':Alpha Computer adds power to its power by pulling the energy of every computer every day and slowly transforming into an immense entity. This will take forever, but its transformation to that is incredibly slow.
  • Instant Regeneration:If a part is damaged or destroyed, those parts will be replaced. For it to disappear completely, all of its parts must be destroyed. It can be renewed again even if a last part remains.
  • Reincarnation:If Alpha Computer dies somehow, his codes will leave that environment and they will find their way to the trashvoid, where the codes and the Alpha Computer will reunite and regenerate.
  • Maddening Presence:Since Alpha Computer has a very unstable structure, it affects those around them, the divine and non-code-based beings will be crushed by a heavy force and eventually they will either disappear or turn into a virus. but Alpha Computer can control this power and can activate or deactivate it whenever it wants.
  • All-Physiology Transformation:can transform into all Physiologies, for example he can turn into a ghost Physiology.
  • Hacking Intuition:Alpha Computer is quite adept at hacking, it would not be a lie to say that there is nothing he cannot hack. But since he is to protect the general purpose, he does not use it unless it is necessary.
  • Administrator Access:He can do what he wants by logging into the system he wants.
  • Nigh-Omniscience:Alpha Computer knows almost everything because he has lived for many years.
  • Alpha Radar:can detect where everyone is in all sorts of ways. When using this radar, his left eye becomes a radar.
  • Omni-Virus:like Virus404, Alpha Computer can be any type of virus and produce any type of virus.
  • Alpha-Deus Ex Machina:Alpha Computer can go at limitless speeds, possessing abilities like flash, he can use limitless amounts of strength and accuracy making him dangerous in combat. he also has limitless amounts of intelligence and mental fortitude. he is able to block off completely ANY mental attempt towards him. he also does not require sleep, food, rest, and cannot get tired or become exhausted. he knows every form of martial arts.
  • Alpha-Virus Manipulation:Alpha Computer can control, create or destroy any kind of non-free will viruses, and it can easily create the deadliest viruses.
  • Alpha-Hands:Alpha Computer can force or hold whatever it wants with these hands, and use the power of any soul. The hand is covered with ropes and can use ropes unlimitedly, has an infinite weight-lifting force, usually using these hands for fighting or for work.
  • Alpha Outerversal+ Hoop:He can access all kinds of universes in Outerverse. Able to travel between dimensions and realities.
  • Electronic-Media Jumping:Alpha Computer is able to jump from any media to media.
  • Computer Jumping:Alpha Computer can jump to any computer and its internal communication systems.
  • Alpha-Old Capabilities Returned:Alpha Computer can prevent an entity from receiving a power that it copies from another being or existence.For example; When the Errorcode copied a power, Alpha Computer can disable the copied power and so the Errorcode will revert to his classic powers.
  • Powerful Entity Immunity:Alpha Computer has immunity to any Omnipotence, Metapotence, or any being that has any power. But this ability does not prevent the opponent's every ability, only their ability to have every power will be ineffective for Alpha Computer.
  • Alpha-True Intellectual Immunity:Alpha Computer is immune to mind control, being paralyzed, being controlled or manipulated in any way.
  • Alpha-True Power disable Immunity:Any power disabling or destruction is useless to him. and his powers cannot be copied somehow. It cannot be prevented in any way. this ability cannot be blocked in any way.
  • Alpha-True Quantum Paradox Immunity:Alpha Computer is immune to all molecular and quantum abilities, even primordial and meta quantum manipulations, etc.
  • Alpha-Erase-Code Immunity:This feature prevents it from being deleted directly.
  • Alpha-Change Immunity:Alpha Computer cannot be corrupted in any way, rendered useless, manipulated by its appearance, neutralized, stats may increase but not decrease, the rest cannot change anything.
  • Alpha-Time Immunity:Time Manipulation has no effect on him. If time stops, time will not stand against it, if time passes back, it will still be the same, if time slows it will not slow down, if time speeds up it will not accelerate, etc. Even if he wants it, he can't turn it off. He is also immune to any time attack.
  • Alpha-Instant Kill Safeguard:Whatever the attack is, whatever the situation is, Alpha Computer is protected against attacks that can be destroyed in one shot. If the Alpha Computer is attacked with a single hit, he will be untouchable. Alpha Computer will not take any damage until this untouchable is sufficient. This also means that his codes cannot be deleted in one go.
  • Alpha-Deny Access:Alpha Computer can choose who can or cannot enter an AU he is currently on or monitoring.usually uses for an AU is destroyed by him, it captures inputs to the AU and does not release it until the AU crashes.
  • Alpha-Voids Mastery:Alpha Computer can control all voids at its own will, he can do whatever it wants in voids, he can be empowered, he can manage space and time in Voids, he can create barriers from scratch, he can choose who can enter and many more.
  • Alpha-Anti-Voids Mastery:Apart from producing Anti-Voids, Alpha Computer has the power to reflect the energies of Anti-Voids outside or use them for itself. He can change the structure of Anti-Voids, change their themes, change their structure, change their events, reset the thoughts of those who know Anti-Void about Anti-Void, and many more.
  • Alpha Puppet Mastery:He is the best puppeteer after Software Breaker in and around Outerverse, from him he can easily turn the powerless into brainless puppets; he can change their minds, play with their bodies, play with their sprites, shape, and more.
  • Alpha-Blue Mastery:Alpha Computer is able to move any object as existor doesn't exist, as well as manipulate, edit and destroy both the mind and body.
  • Alpha-Clairvoyance:This allows Alpha Computer to gain any and all information about everything around him but this types spans out to the entire Outerverse so he knows everything about the people, places, events, etc with 100% accuracy. He can use this abilities too;Absolute Past and Future Sight,Absolute Sight,Absolute Telepathy,Absolute Analysis,Absolute Tactics,Absolute Awareness,Absolute Precognition and Prescience,Absolute Mental Fortitude,Absolute Intuition,Absolute Perception and etc.
  • Time Prediction:Alpha Computer can predict the short future for a short time.
  • Time Stop:Alpha Computer can stop time.
  • Alpha-Computer Waves:Alpha Computer can 10 Meter High Power Computer can send waves full of energies. The exposed exposure will suffer the impact of distortion, and this is fatal.


Software Breaker(Brother)

Software Breaker and Alpha Computer are brothers. Even if he tries to fit in with Software Breaker, he doesn't do very well, but he cares more about his brother than anyone else, so he agreed to enter the breaker squad. With Software Breaker, there is more of a student-teacher relationship than siblings. Even though Alpha Computer thinks it's a foothold, both are actually valuable to each other.


He has never met Anti-Code, but he hates him in keeping with what his brother says


Allies with the Omnibreaker in the breaker squad, their relationship doesn't go further than that.

Alpha Breaker(Ally)

Allies with the Alpha Breaker in the breaker squad, their relationship doesn't go further than that.

Ink Sans(Enemies)

Alpha Computer accuses Ink of protecting useless software so he hates him, we'll kill him wherever he sees it.

Killer Sans(Puppet)

When he met Killer Sans, he made him a puppet to be a puppet. For fun.


Fresh!Ink has plagued Alpha Computer many times, one day Alpha Computer was going to kill Fresh!Ink while Fresh!Ink ran away. He found Fresh!Ink on radar but didn't want to mess around.

Anti-Virus(Murdered watcher)

Witnessed murder while Software Breaker is killing Anti-Virus

Virus Sans(Murdered)

When Virus Sans escaped from Software Breaker's hands, Alpha Computer followed him with Radar. Eventually killed Virus Sans with Alpha-Beam.


Fatal_Error tried to steal Alpha Computer's codes, but this effort was in vain. He bit Fatal_Error to pieces and eventually killed him.

Infinitey Code(Half-Boss)

Infinitey Code's executioner. Alpha Computer just looks at him as a Half-boss, but he doesn't really see him as a real boss, he's more the pleasure of spending time.

Mother Virus(Friends)

Helps to Mother Virus for control viruses, their relationship is generally good.


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  • Trashvoid:it is an endless waste of garbage where programs or software thrown into computers' trash and deleted programs go. There is not much to see around, but there are parts from every computer. Nobody else can enter here except the software thrown here whatever happens.
  • Main-Desk:Main-Desk is an infinite white space that is the source of all technology, the life of computers and computer codes. There are paths to even the master codes of all computers in it, and AUs can also be accessed from these computers, According to Alpha Computer, the theme and shape can change. Also, the environment is full of endless computer tables. Nobody can enter here except Alpha Computer and Software Breaker, no matter what.
  • Alpha Computer is not very social.
  • Alpha Computer has a water fetish, so he always carries water bottles with him.
  • Alpha Computer is selfish.
  • Alpha Computer has a large fish aquarium and the fish are increasing every day.
  • Alpha Computer is Turophobia(Fear of cheese)
  • Alpha Computer saw the annoying dog.
  • Alpha Computer loves to eat pizza.
  • Alpha Computer can lie easily.
  • Alpha Computer likes to eat waffles
  • Alpha Computer reads books at the Main-Desk in his spare time.
  • Alpha Computer aware of the fiction.
  • Alpha Computer loves to eat cooked food.
  • Alpha Computer is Software Breaker's younger brother as he was born a few seconds after Software Breaker.
  • Alpha Computer can make dangerous decisions.
  • Alpha Computer very good at generating ideas.
  • Alpha Computer likes to play games on Minecraft servers, his favorites are Bedwars and Skywars.
  • Alpha Computer was never associated with Alphatale.
  • Alpha Computer is not a sans, it looks like a sans view because the software it created were previously entered in other AUs first codes.
  • Alpha Computer is a supreme being.
  • Alpha Computer loves plush toys.
  • Alpha Computer has the absolute telekinesis
  • joke characters have no effect on him.
  • Alpha Computer hates wednesdays.
  • Alpha Computer does not trust someone easily.