Amanda is Sans and Papyrus' mother. She was once the head of the royal guard until she was killed by an unknown human during the war with humans and monsters. When Gaster found out about her death, he was devastated.


She is very protective of her children. She is also playful with other children and whenever her children are being bullied at school, she goes and talks to the bully. Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus mean everything to her and she will protect them with all her might. She loves to say bad puns and on Saturday and Sunday and she is vary laid back and won't care whether or not the children sleep in.


She married Gaster and they had children, one of which was Sans he took mostly from her. When she was killed at the war, Gaster was devastated and filled with rage. As a result, he began to fight against the humans. Once he calmed down, he went to go take care of Sans. When Gaster arrived, he took Sans and there was a note next to another baby skeleton. It read "Surprise we have a second son, Papyrus" . She was buried in a cave near the castle, then Gaster fell in the Core. When Frisk came down, Amanda had woken similiar to the way Chara did, however, when she awakened, she was nether dead or alive. She was in between, yet she had found a way to travel to AUs but could not be seen. Eventually she found a room in the center of it all. It was the only place she could be seen and made a couple of new friends.


In armor: Her armor is a lot like Undyne's armor

Without Armor: she is sometimes seen wearing a black dress with a purple silk ribbon around her waist. At other times, she wears sweat pants and a shirt that is all white. She has a skull structure sort of like Papyrus' but more round. She alsohas a purple glowing eye.


  • telekinesis
  • soul manipulation
  • bones
  • karmaic retribution
  • teleportation
  • healing


  • Motherly Attitude: since she is a mom she will not kill anybody
  • Low HP: She has only 26 Hp she can die easily unless she's in her armor
  • She wants to give everyone a second chance


Core!Frisk her and Core!Frisk are good friend and like to hang out with each other

King Multiverse She likes him since he reminds her of his son

Dead!Papyrus she dislikes him and hates how he wants to kill Carrot

Papyrus/Underswap she has never met him but wishes to

Papyrus/Underfell she thinks Underfell Papyrus is her son but he's going through a phase. He only met her once, but when she ran towards him, hugged him, and yelled "Son!", Underfell Papyrus was confused.

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