The Anomoly Protector is a protector that protects AnomolyTale created by Ink Sans.


Anomoly Protector wears a white tee-shirt and wraps his yellow jacket around his waist. He also wears a tiny black scarf. His eyes are somewhat like Ink's.


Anomoly Protector's powers are somewhat like many protector's powers, but Anomoly's are somewhat different.

The Multiverse Transporter

The Multiverse Transporter (or MV-TP for short) allows you to teleport to any AU at any time, expect for 3:30 - 4:00 PM, where they are repairing any bugs on it.

Spear of Erase

The Spear of Erase allows any monster who is stabbed by this spear to be erased from existence. This is a very powerful weapon that Anotechor rarely uses and likes not to use it.

Extreme Gravity

It's like normal gravity, expect it effects everything in 50-area mile, just be careful your not in the radius.


Anotector acts much like Sans, being lazy, cracking jokes, and stuff like that. But he is very serious, always looking out for 'his' AU. He was assigned by Ink, his creator, to watch out for destroyers like Error Sans and Destroyer Sans. The only person in AnomolyTale that knows that Anotector exists is Gaster.


Ink Sans

Anotector looks up to Ink Sans as a father, mostly because Ink created him.He always listen to Ink and does whatever it means to protect Ink.

Error Sans

Anotector hates Error because he destroys AU's, even one where he was originally from.

Anomoly Gaster

Anotector thinks that Gaster is doing the wrong thing, always experimenting with the Multiverse, almost breaking the thick of reality in AnomolyTale.