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Arch Dreemurr is an Deltarune fan character created by Doc Melonhead and first appeared on April 27, 2019. They're a player vessel that has replaced Kris in a failed hack of Deltarune, which is now known by the Deltarune Community as VesselSwap. Thanks to their possession of the half of the player Soul (which the other half shattered across the space/time due to an error), they're able to explore the vast multiverse through their Dreams. Though, said soul was also their connection with the displaced Kris.



Arch was from an AU where everything was barely the same, but with them in place of Kris and the absence of a Dark World.

While they’re average (as far as humans are in Hometown), they often have “Dreams” where they explore the Alternate Universe where of their own world; however they’re unable to interact with their inhabitants. One day, Arch were awaken to a human ghost name Kris, who later found out that they’re the only one who can see them. When they went to sleep, they found that Kris can interact with the worlds that they visit (with Arch choosing the destination that they go through any door they open).

Thus now, they live a mundane life during the day, while they explore the multiverse at night.


Unbeknownst to Arch, their condition and abilities were a result of a universal hack that gone horribly wrong. They’re originally a Vessel to created to replace Kris within the game of Deltarune, as the player attempted to mod the game to make it possible. However despite the attempt being a success (as they outright replaced Kris throughout the entire fabric of the universe), a glitch has locked them out of the game; along with fracturing the "Player's Soul" and scattered half of it across the multiverse. Not only does this allow Arch to synch wit V.K., but also allow them to observe the multiverse through their dreams.


Dream Nexus

A place where Kris and Arch’s conscious (dream self) was transported to once Arch went to sleep. It’s a starting place where they can door hop throughout the multiverse.


Light Form

They're pale skin with blushes on their cheeks (don't ask why) with golden eyes and a Hickory overbanged bowl cut complete with a Ahoge. They wear a sky blue long sleeved shirt with 2 purple stripes (on chest and sleeves), a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black and white sneakers.

Dark Form

Their physical appearance remain the same, but with dark Army Green hair, green skins, and yellow cheeks. They wear leather Boots and Gloves, with a belt and armor over their dark green sleeveless bodysuit. The leather are in a Tawny color, while the metal on the torso part of the armor (along with the belt buckle) are bight gold.  


They have a friendly personality towards people and a great sense of morality, yet cautious of their actions in regards to those around them. They like to draw and very fond of super heroes. They’re introverted, and more of less of a daydreamer; because of this, they often zone out every now and then.


  • Soul Link: Thank to the fact that they share the Same soul as the Closet Human, they're able to to sense and see them in their Native AU; with V.K. seeing them throughout the Multiverse.
  • Dream access: They’re able to access the Dream Nexus by going to sleep. This transport their Consciousness to their Incorporeal Dark Form that was anchored to V.K.’s realized body like that of a shadow.
  • Synchro Possession: Within their Dreams, they can possess V.K.'s body to get them out of certain situations.
  • Dark Welder: In a situation where they became corporeal in their dreams, they can turn Light World items into their Dark World counterpart (like a pencil will become a sword on their command).



Main article: VesselSwap!Kris (V.K.)

They first met the Closet Human on Nov 1, 202X, at the age of 15. Though they thought they're a ghost haunting them, they became fast friends when they discovered that V.K. can also see them in their dreams. They hang out with each other in both the Native AU and the Multiverse.


Main article: CORE!Frisk

At the age of 9 they dream of an all seeing grey child who quickly made friends with them. They appear to them in their dreams ever since as they help guide the teen throughout the multiverse.



  • Only their consciousness can travel across the Multiverse as they’re anchored to VesselSwap!Kris
  • Their Dark world consciousness was inspired by the Dream Self of Homestuck.
  • Only a few out!codes (like CORE!Frisk and V.K.) can visit Arch's AU.