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Astral is a Human Out!code created by BoneBro123. With his world destroyed by Error!Sans, he travels across the multiverse to save as many souls as he can; even if this kills him. He is filled with the DETERMINATION to SAVE each timeline, regardless of the likelyhood that they can be saved in the first place.


He fell years before Frisk for "Unhappy Reasons" which he doesn't want to disclose (it was FAR from an accident). He was doing what is known as a True Pacifist run, but Error arrived and destroyed the world; leading him stranded in the Void seen at the end of the genocide path. Fortunately, it wasn't long until CORE!Frisk reveal themselves to him and give him the means to escape their dark prison. And as such, a new chapter of his life has begun, where he'll SAVE everyone or die trying, and this will also apply to AUs, he will protect them all.



He's basically a Caucasian Male, with crimson eyes and Long, white hair.

also he wears a normal outfit for someone born in XX - XX - XXXX (Creators Call)


He is a True Pacifist, if YOU are passive, he's essentially a mirror to YOUR intentions, and he is basically paradoxical.


  • AU "Skeletal Key": This allows him to unlock AUs for Him + His Allies, and enter them EASILY, because magic, it was a gift from Core Frisk, perfected by Ink, and given to him.
  • DETERMINATION Forging. He can change his DT to any form he can think of as long as he knows of said item, and as long as he stays determined, the construct will last.
  • BUT IT REFUSED: this can be used once per fight, If his DT Burns bright enough, he dies as soon as the fight ends tho due to DT Overflow but he is forced to use 100%.
  • MAGIC: he's a human with Magic, capable of learning every type of magic known to Monsterkind with enough time, which he has plenty of because he physically can't Die from natural causes..
  • DT BUFF: self explanatory, he can combine his DT with his magic for supernatural effects depending on the ratio of DT + Magic..
  • DT: speaking of DT he has plenty of it. the properties of his DT depends on the world but it's quite likely his strongest aspect being easily Divine+ Easily capable of rivaling The CREATORs themselves..
  • IMMORTALITY: He can’t die from Natural Causes, nor can he age, yet he can still die.
  • Anomalous Stats: No one knows of his stats, cause he has absolute control over them, any attempts of checking read X.
  • Supernatural Condition: Self Explanatory, ya know?
  • Reincarnation: Basically, this is the In Universe explanation for why there's an infinite Astral Count, cause a piece of his anomalous data lies in EVERY AU he visits, only activated if he dies in said AU, each Astral is EXTREMELY different from life to life, to the point where they are ALL different characters, this takes DECADES to complete tho, and the only known way to purge said data is to ERASE the AU permanently.
  • Stat Sensing - Self Explanatory.
  • Code Manipulation - Self Explanatory, although this causes a literal self deletion if he, as an example, tries and do the impossible.


This depends on the Author and the Characters actions. I'll just list my favorites...

Core Frisk

They SAVED him from his fate, of being deleted by granting him access to the OT, and basically turning him to an Outcode, the 2 are now comrades.

Ink Sans

He trained Astral on how to defend each timeline, and he helps Ink on occasion, even still, something feels off about him and Astral finds ALL Protectors annoying as hell, due to how unnecessary they are Not to mention he's a shitty protector, and that's saying a lot coming from someone who likes CANON Monsters / Logical Takes on them...

Error Sans

He HATES him, for what he did to his world and what he did to many others, Error is the only person to ever make Astral hate him with everything in his being.

The Monsters: He was treated as their savior until an error occurred, while his worldline was being deleted he, amongst the monsters, were told of The Omega Timeline.

The Rest depends entirely on their actions, give me suggestions on who to add yea?

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