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"Where.... am.... I..?"
– Berdly Entering The Error Void for the 1st time

bERRORdly is an Out!Code created by King Of Videogames. After he got killed by Kris, he was so determined to save Noelle that he persisted, though he was supposed to be dead according to the game files, sending him to the Error Void, where he transformed into an error.


In the Snowgrave route, he finally confronted Kris and Noelle. They battled, and he died. However in this timeline, he refused to let Noelle be manipulated by Kris, putting everyone in danger. He persisted. He was determined. Unfortunately, this broke the games code. He was supposed to die then and there, and then never seen again. The game couldn't handle it and it shut down, sending him spiraling into The Error Void, where he later became an error after spending too much time there. However, unlike most errors, he did not lose his sense of justice. He is currently spending his time helping Core!Frisk help bring lost SOULs to the OMEGA timeline.



He is alot like Classic Berdly. He is Kind, Caring, and a huge showoff. Whenever, he sees a human though, he loses all of those traits and goes mad and thinks that he is helping due to his violent last memories of Kris.


bERRORdly has yellow feathers, a blue beak and red and blue eyes. He also wears his dark world outfit, with a few changes. The glass over his eye is gone along with some of the top of his outfit.

Abilities and Weaknesses

  • Axe Of Smarts: Aside from the colors being inverted, it looks like his normal axe. However, this axe does 5x the damage of the normal one, and can summon strings to capture the foe.
  • Dimension Summoning: This is his most unique ability. As long as he visited the dimension himself, he can teleport the foe there and battle them in that dimension.
  • Smarts: He is as smart, if smarter than Alphys. With his newfound information about the timelines and multiverses, he could very well be the smartest being the multiverse.


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