Bee is a bee like humanoid monster OC.

Main Story


Hey. You killed a lot of people, huh?
— Bee, Pre-Battle
On a Genocide Route, Alphys evacuated everyone, Bee - who was flying through Snowdin - heard this, running to Waterfall to warn the Temmies.

Before she could, the Temmies were killed.

She went to New Home, crying.

Bee, she thought, be tough.

She faced the human, fighting tough as she could.

When her SOUL was at it's weakest point, the human slashed.


Bee was first met in The Ruins, flying the human over one or two.

You fight her in Waterfall, sparing her or killing her.

She acts peaceful to you unless you get your LV to 3 or above.



Bee is hyperactive, flying in circle loads.

She is also positive, an optimist.

She's always happy, unless she sees dust.


She has yellow eyes, pale skin, black hair, a black & yellow striped shirt, a stinger, a hat with bee antenna, and, wings.


She has no memories of The Surface, or Chara for that matter.

She always played with Asriel & Chara.

When they died, she went to their memorial (the statue that plays Memory) daily.

She has a third heart locket, given to her by Asriel when he was going up to The Surface.

She than decided if any of her friends were killed, she'd strike back.

In Battle

For more information see Bee/In Battle[1]


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  • Bee likes chocolate & the YouTuber HeyImBee, naming her Undernet account after her
  • She loves playing games with Frisk