"W-Who are you?" -Bikki, at the start of the game, after the glitch.

Bikki is a lonely and quiet wisp posessing a strange-looking face (resembling the W.D Gaster face from the Shimeji Animation. [1])


Beginning Of Game

  • Huh?
  • W-Who are you?
  • I-Im Scared...
  • I just might as well kill you now...
  • IDIOT!
  • Wait is that a shuri- OOF!

After First Boss (Nin)

  • If Spared:
  • You idiot!
  • You were supposed to kill him!
  • Nevermind, Ill just force you to kill the next one.
  • That ok?
  • Ok.
  • But I have to go now.
  • If Killed:
  • Heh! She Tried to save you...
  • But she couldn't save...
  • HeeHee!
  • Genocide:
  • I like the way you're going with this.
  • I'd Like to help.
  • But dont kill me later, OK?
  • Ok. Well, I gotta go.
  • Pacifist/True Pacifist
  • Would you stop that?
  • I hate it when people get soft and mushy like that.
  • Well, its ok.
  • I dont have time right now to kill you.
  • Ill kill you later.
  • Ciao!


Theme can be found on Soundcloud as the 3rd in the OST.


  • Bikki's true form (Super Bikki) Is unknown, appearance-wise.