Binary!Sans (or simply Binary or Sans) is the Sans that was born in BinaryTale. He was born in the universe's code. He couldn't be succesfully born, and his right half was cut. Thanks to determination, he built up a black ink-like half body with binary numbers on it.



He's just like any other sans, but his jacket is green, his left flipflop is cyan and half of his body turned into a ink look-a-like black substance with binary (0's and 1's) on it. Sometimes, his right half can be seen, and is just a mirrored version of the left half.

If angry, the numbers will turn red. If sad, they will turn blue. If the mood isn't changed, they will stay green.


He is vivid and pretty punny, and will stall for a good computer-themed pun. He likes hotdogs and cheeseburgers.

Around 2 times an hour, he will let out one of his puns (only if he's in good mood.)


  • One of his attacks will work like Classic Sans's bones, but being replaced with cursors. Those will take away 2HP each, 5-10HP if mad.
  • Another ability is to create portals to travel throught the underground.
  • He has a button called "REPROGAM". This consists of altering the reality of a timeline itself to change the outcome of the battle. This can be used only once at a time.


  • He is vulnerable to SOUL Possesion, like Error!Sans taking Swap!Sans. This, however, can be evaded via the REPROGAM button, but will only work once.
  • He is kinda weak to "viruses", such as Fresh!Sans.
  • He might have a high HP (up to 32), but his DEF is pretty low, and  he's truly slow.




  • Even if it's considered a protector, he has not exited still his universe:
    • It's either because of not having enough power to do so.
    • Or just he doesn't want to.
  • For some reason, he claims that he hates Error, even thought none of them have ever met each other, nor heard of them.
  • He is mostly interesed in Underswap, as he constantly watches them throught a screen.
  • Even having 32 HP, he's non-OP.