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Blade!Sans an Out!Code created by Keion15. He is a Sans who came from the AU BladeTale. He's currently a part of the Nightmare Gang.


Blade Sans was a Sans that went through Genocide Timeline and the Human was killing everyone in His Au and He went to Fight the Human and Then They battle for a Long Time and Sans was going to Die but then He summon Massive Blaster and Killed Frisk then He gained their Hp,Level and Exp But He couldn't Reset So He left His Au and Then He met Nightmare Sans and Then Nightmare offend Blade So He agree to Join and Be Nightmare Servant and He now do Missions With the other Members such as Dust,Horror and Killer Sans. He like his Life better But He still miss His Brother,Father and Friends.



Even If He is a Murder Sans He is still calm and He isn't Lazy and He is very Deadly in a Fight and He like to Train and Gain Level and Exp and He like to Eat Tacos and Chocolate and sometimes he will work with members of Team Null.


He wears His Hood that is Black and He wears a Grey Hoodie and with a pair of Black Shorts and His Eyes are Red and Black.


  • Determination: He have Determination and He will survive Longer.
  • Gaster Blasters: He use Black Blasters which do more damage.
  • Sharp Bones: He use Red Bones as well
  • Telekinesis: He use Telekinesis to move People or things around
  • Massive Blaster: He summon a Massive Black Blaster
  • More Hp: He have more Hp since He have Killed a Lot of People
  • Teleport: He can Teleport anywhere
  • Genocide Blasters: He use Red Giant Blasters that called Genocide Blasters


Nightmare (Boss)

He respect Nightmare and Always listen to Him.

Dust (Friend/Ally)

He get along with Dust and They both like to Gain Hp Together.

Killer (Friend/Ally)

They work together to do Missions and They get along well.

Horror (Friend/Ally)

They also work to together

Insanity (Ally)

They work together to do missions


  • He is a member of the Bad sanses
  • His Au is called Bladetale
  • He is murderous sans
  • He like to train
  • His Birthday is 6/12
  • He is very skilled at Fighting
  • He live at Nightmare Castle
  • He is very loyal to Nightmare