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3rr0r124S4ns 3rr0r124S4ns 30 June

The Strongest Sans

Personaje: 3rr0r 124 S4ns (Dios)

Historia: no se sabe mucho de este sans, menos de donde salio, no tiene au, ni nada por el estilo, lo unico que se sabe es que se creo antes que la ficcion y nuestra realidad original, estubo antes de la creacion de nuestro universo y antes que la realidad misma, exacto, el estubo en la vida real y el estuvo antes que todo, el es el principio y el final.

Personalidad: Es alguien fribolo, calulador, poco expresivo mayor mente siendo alguien de temer, la verdad si te lo encuentras a veces puedes llegar a verlo preocupado por tu bienestar, puesto a que el se acostumbro tanto a ver que las personas estuvieran bien, que decidio seguir con eso, una vez que te ganas su confianza, el se volvera alguien muy preocupado…

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Amatic SC Amatic SC 27 October 2021


Hi i'm new

Anyone wanna talk about DaveKat?

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Artivoker Artivoker 22 June 2021

The Worst Article to Come to Man

This post will basically be about the worst OC I can possibly make. I'm sorry to object your eyes to this.

- Your pal,


  • 1 Time sans
    • 1.1 story
    • 1.2 powers
    • 1.3 relashunships
    • 1.4 triva

time! sans is a out code by me he is very and realy powerful cus he can kill even error 404 in one hit

time !sans was once a normil sans until a gaster from somewhre else decide to give him power to destroy all the au. now he travels and destroys ays.... AND NOBODY CAN STOP HIM!!!!

. flying - hes able to fly with wings gastr gave him

, ultra bones - he summun ultra bones ti do 99999999999999 domage to people

. ultra gaster blasts - he also summun gaster blasts but ultra he do 999999999 to people also

. warpin - hes can able to warp to aus and things and yeah he can de…

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Bella's Sword Bella's Sword 13 June 2021

Fleeting Thoughts

Clementine was far past the days where if she didn't pay attention, the very core of her being would immediately start shifting into non-existence, losing the very being of herself, her memories, her personality, and everything that makes her...Clementine. She had a much better grasp of who she is now. (Or rather, she'd like to think she got a better grasp. Sometimes, she can still feel her consciousness fall through her fingers and into the void.)

Clementine was often a creature of the shadows. She lurks and observes within the darkness, just outside of one's periphery. She observes many things, many events, many people, many worlds, and calculates every beat that is created by a soul (or the lack of a beat). She doesn't usually take thing…

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Artivoke Artivoke 21 May 2021


With my 10th article/OC now completed, I'll be going on an indefinite hiatus from the wiki. This just means I won't be making OCs, because I'm now on a tight schedule. I won't be looking at the wiki that often, but I'll still try and reply to comments and such (the hiatus is now over). Thanks for reading!

- Your pal,


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Artivoke Artivoke 20 May 2021

Artivoke Q&A

If you do not know what a Q&A is, it stands for "Questions and Answers", which you will ask any questions you have in the comments. I will respond to them when I have time, and maybe you can learn a bit more about me. Questions about くるたみ my upcoming 10th OC will not be answered, since I'd rather to keep it secret. Well, get asking!

- Your Pal,


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Artivoke Artivoke 18 May 2021


Text test

Text test 2

Text test 3

hText test 4

Text test 5

Text test 6

Text test 7

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Artivoke Artivoke 17 May 2021

A Quick Announcement

Basically, I am going to be updating all of my current articles that can span from a minor edit to an introductory paragraph, or a total rewrite of their backstory. I'm especially doing this with old OC's, such as Human!Sans, because they are in need of a grammar check. Thanks for reading!

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DocMelonhead DocMelonhead 12 May 2021

Test Page of Prisma

This is a proof of concept for the article on Prisma of Underval. A Spanish version will be blogged by ADgee for review by his creator, Cid Moscatelli.

|author=Cid Moscatelli Twitter Facebook
Prisma Frisk#4270 (DISCORD) |role=Wanderer |aliases=Prisma!Frisk
Chara |relations= Creator - Father
Fanon Gaster - Father
Watcher of the abyss Frisk - Brother
Deadly Chara - Sister
|alignment=True Neutral |status=Alive |age=11 (Begin of his history)
17-18 (Currently) |residence=Unknown AU |dislikes=- Sans (Skeletons) Ships like: Incest, Selfcest, and Interspecies romance.
Fanon Gasters (Dadters, the boring ones, etc).
ShipChildren. |birthPlace=Anti-Void |species=Human |sex=Varies (usually Male) |height= 1.75 m (male)
1.55 m (female) |weight=75 kg (male)
65 …

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Artivoke Artivoke 23 April 2021

OC Collaboration Decided

The OC collaboration has been decided! Me and Thesharkboy1 will be creating an OC called Libu. Just wanted to inform you all! If you have any questions about them, ask them in the comments!

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Artivoke Artivoke 19 April 2021

Text Box Thingy

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Artivoke Artivoke 16 April 2021


Hey guys! I wanted to ask if one of you might want to help me create an OC page. This will be a one time thing, so make sure to qualify!

To qualify, you must,

  • Prove your grammar, punctuation, and capitalization abilities by fixing this sentence: "i luv underalet oc wiik"
  • State a reason why you stand out from the rest
  • Any ideas for an OC we may create (optional, and make sure it's related to Deltarune/Undertale)

And that's pretty much it. Stay safe!

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Reaper Bruh Sans Reaper Bruh Sans 12 July 2020

The Reader

The Reader is Guide and Observer of Undertale/Deltarune Omniverse and she helps to Creators for their work plus The Reader represents The Audience Of Undertale and Deltarune.They're the embodiment of the fan stories of the Undertale fandom itself.

  • 1 Backstory
  • 2 Profile
    • 2.1 Appearance
    • 2.2 Personality
    • 2.3 Abilities
  • 3 Relationships
  • 4 Trivia

It's unknown where they came from, but it seems that their purpose was to guide outside visitors throughout the Multiverse of Undertale and Deltarune; along with adding the creators that breathe new worlds into it.

They looks like a young feminine teenager. They usually wears a black jacket with a Deltarune on the back of it, along with dark blue pants and black boots to go with it. They also wore black long gloves on thei…

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ADgee ADgee 17 June 2020

QWERTY Prototype

Qwerty is a pseudo-human being that lives hidden somewhere in the Anti-Void. They're the in-universe manifestation of the readers as well as the creator. They're ageless as well. They were created by ADgee

They tend to roam about the Multiverse, in search for something new. Whenever they have completely finished it, they immediately go to search for more.

  • 1 Profile
    • 1.1 Appearence
    • 1.2 Personality
    • 1.3 Abilities
  • 2 Relationships
    • 2.1 Adgeeh
    • 2.2 Ink!Sans
    • 2.3 Error!Sans
  • 3 Gallery
  • 4 Trivia

They have many forms, but their base form looks like a typical human teenager (shape-wise). They have brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. One of their eyes tend to be black with a white pupil, as if they were half possessed.

They also wear a blue shirt with a red circle (or red strip…

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Okida26 Okida26 7 June 2020

Delta Anomaly Lyric Comic 1 preview

Hello! Just posting this (Non shaded b/c I'm terrible at shading ;-;) preview of the very first Delta Anomaly Lyric Comic!

To explain, lyric comics are comics featuring song lyrics, often themed around the song! The first Delta Anomaly Lyric Comic will be based on the song "Silhouette" by Owl City. After the first one is published, you can send me, the author of the AU (or rather, the AUthor) suggestions for lyric comics!

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DariusRocks DariusRocks 13 May 2020

Hello this is Dariusrocks I know I have not been active lately but I will saddly be leaving

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Voltageflash73 Voltageflash73 11 April 2020

Prototype of Jason

|role = Wanderer|aliases = The Angel
The Blue Souled Savior
The Confident Dragon|nicknames = Jay|relations = Jaylen (Older Brother)
Kay (Best Friend)
Tobi (Best Friend)
Jay'len (Deceased Father)
Sone (Deceased Mother)|alignment = Lawful Good|status = Alive, Active|age = 13,014|residence = Different Dimensional Plane|likes = Pizza Rolls, Mtn Dew, Traveling, Meeting new people, Saving AU's, Exploring AU's|dislikes = Death, Destruction, Losing friends, Arguments, Being yelled at, Making people worry|birthPlace = The Spirit Realm|deathPlace = Not Dead|species = Angel, Demon, Dragon, Human|sex = Male|height = Depends|weight = Depends|hair = White|eyes = Left eye-Red Right eye-Blue}} Jason is a hybrid of 4 different species: an Angel, a Demon, a Drago…

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DocMelonhead DocMelonhead 3 April 2020

Protoype of Arch Dreemurr

A player vessel that replaced Kris in a failed Hack of Deltarune. Thanks to their possession of the half of the shattered Soul, they're able to see and travel throughout space and time through their Dreams.

  • 1 Biography
  • 2 Profile
    • 2.1 Appearance
      • 2.1.1 Light Form
      • 2.1.2 Dark Form
    • 2.2 Personality
    • 2.3 Abilities
  • 3 Relationships
    • 3.1 CORE!Frisk
  • 4 Trivia

Arch was created as a Vessel to replace Kris within the game of Deltarune, as the player attempted to mod the game to make it possible. However despite the attempt being a success (as they outright replaced Kris throughout the entire fabric of the universe), a glitch has fracture the "Player's Soul" and scattered half of it across the multiverse. It also free the Universe from the Player's influence as well.

Though Arch …

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DocMelonhead DocMelonhead 1 April 2020

Page Structure template

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DocMelonhead DocMelonhead 25 March 2020

Format Testing





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Bella's Sword Bella's Sword 20 March 2020

QnA with my shitty OC

Clementine - Italics

Questions - Bold

Me - Normal text

QNA with Clementine! Shitty talk show

Hello, Clementine. What do you think of the Undertale Fandom so far?

My thoughts on the Undertale fandom? Well, there are entities that seeks to eliminate the Fandom at every turn (Some with an ultimate goal that's basically impossible to achieve as a fictional character) and there are occasional beings that actually cares about preserving it. Then there are people that just doesn't really care and sits there watching while the world unfurls into chaos around them. I consider myself to be the last type. There are a lot of overpowered character and a lot of them seemingly don't care about the survival of the place they live in. You can't even exist proper…

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Bella's Sword Bella's Sword 16 March 2020


What's up with your text, Clementine?

...? Is there something wrong with my text?

You always use italics! It's quite boring. Why can't you use something like... I dunno, fancy text?


As Clementine woke up, she felt a splitting headache in her head. She has failed to change her fonts. Again. It is the most basic of things, and almost every regular pieces of text can do it (even if that does require my manual work.) Well, everyone except for her. This just further proves what a pathetic piece of trash she is and how much she deserves to be thrown away and forgotten.

“But...I just learned how to make italics...

Silence! As a piece of text, you do not deserve the honour to speak unless the plot, or the author, which is, in this case, ME, commands …

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Bella's Sword Bella's Sword 15 March 2020

My page

This will be a back up page to the self explaining version of Clementine's profile in case I ever decide to fix the original article.

Describe Clementine here.

Clementine is a passive and omnipresent observer to the Undertale AU. She is Mary Sue like-

Don't call me that.

Clem? Where did you come from?

I knew you are gonna write a page about me, so I came to make sure you don't do or write anything stupid.

Fine, fine. But you are still very overpowered and badly written.

Is rubbing salt onto my wounds funny to you?

I'm saying the truth!

Can we just fucking move on?!

Fine, fine.

Ahem. Apologies for losing my composure back there.

You are acting very bipolar right now, just so you know.

Anyways, she came from a non-Undertale related universe and took great…

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UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings 6 November 2019

Yeaaaa boys im back this place is still dead woo

Uh s.t page maybe later, heromesf nver die, owned epicly.

swap is just a gamer ngl

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updates for S.T, MV-Tale and cofwee

At the moment I haven't really been doing any revisions recently 


here are my plans for MV-Tale related stuff:

-Revision. S.T's page is pretty much under a constant state of revision.

For S.T's page I'm going tie in the Corrupted/Infected lore a bit more with the S.T storyline other than just "S.T is a corrupted, these are what they do, these are their rivals". Once I add that, I can give Patch Sans a proper backstory, which will then also tie into the Gen 8 anomaly which is under revision again. I also want the Corrupted lore to help explain how S.T became a 'Judge' in the first place, but that will come last. 

Im not sure if I'll ever add proper pages for other MV-Tale characters. I definitely wont on this wiki, but maybe on my own.

l i f e…

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Bella's Sword Bella's Sword 30 March 2019

Clementine V.S The world of horror movie cliche

(Tone for this story: Lighthearted with some humor, also may be cringy for some audiences.)

Setting of the story: Clementine was challenged to live in a haunted house for about a month while ensuring her and her companion’s survival. She accepted.

A guy was sitting on the couch, munching away on some cheesing flavored popcorn and drinking beer while watching a scary movie at 3:00. He looks very scared.

Suddenly, a creepy ghost girl crawls out of the T.V. All the lights suddenly turns off in the house. Cue the scary music.

The guy screams, then runs away from the room. The girl gets out and chases after him.

Clementine was sitting on the couch, munching away on some soul flavored popcorn and drinking tea while watching a scary movie at 3:00. She…

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Bella's Sword Bella's Sword 28 March 2019


Might be mildly disturbing to some users

The song : [1]


The moon shines bright in the night sky, the glittering stars complementing the beauty of the night. It’s a shame she can’t go out to see the beautiful night sky. In fact, she can’t even see outside the windows. It’s like the door and windows were boarded up with steel boards to take away all contact from the outside world.

The T.V is open. Static is the only thing displayed on the screen. She forgot how long she has been staring at the static with her round, bloodshot eyes that can’t seem to even blink.

It's the same each and every night.

Glare at my screen with two big bloodshot eyes.


She wonders how long it will take until she can free herself from this state of insanity. Emp…

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UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings 28 February 2019

SOme length in which Beans are coffee Pt. 351

Delete this because wiki gay

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UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings 19 December 2018

A egg in length of cofwee bees Pt.350

Deep underground below the newly established "S.T's coffeehouse"..

"Look Swap, it's been 3 days, and I still don't think S.T has acheived anything from this."

"Well I say we keep trying for at least another day."

The two people above interacting through those starnge and interesting lines of dialogue were Swap and S.K. You see S.T had recently kidnapped Fangirl!Sans and uh...

"Look hoe, I don't care how well respected you are on Tumblr, I will keep hitting you with this frying pan until you can get that these characters are h e  t er  o   s e  x u a l males, and they are not g a  y.    I  repeat  th e    y    ar e  n o t g ay"

said S.T, who was tired of having to explain this to every tumblr user he came across.

"You can't change my mind! They'r…

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MissingInAction1 MissingInAction1 20 November 2018

Coffee Length in Journey Beans Pt. 349

"I warn you of great danger S.T, for death is unhappy with you" said Bepis the demon lord. "Who the fuck are you?" said S.T, "and before you tell me your weird prophecy thing, let me deal with these assholes, so just like sit on the couch and wait a little bit. Swap, get this demon some coffee" continued S.T, walking over to Fell T and Fell S.T. Swap grabbed a pot of coffee from the kitchen and kindly gave it to Bepis.

"Alright you two, why in the Kings name are you in my house. I told you and the rest of PuppetTale that I don't want any more weird versions of myself in my house again!" yelled S.T, waving a frying pan at Fell T and Fell S.T. "Well ma'am, we're to inform you that in fact, this is not your house. No no, this house belongs to …

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MissingInAction1 MissingInAction1 26 October 2018

A Length In Coffee Beans Journey Pt.348

 Continued from last time...

Swap, hearing the banter from the other room, walked in only to find S.T smelling flowers. This did not suprise her, as random things such as this were just everyday life when it came to living with S.T. 

"Ah good, Swap is here too. Now all we need is S.K, and then..."

S.T was interrupted, as suddenly, S.K jumped through a wall into the room, then shouted "IS THIS CONVENIENT TIMING?"

"Yees." said Elizabeth.

"Oh." said S.K.

"Alright now that you're all here, I can tell you my real reason for sniffing petunias...IT WAS ALL A DISTRACTION! THERE'S  AN ENTIRE SWAT TEAM OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE BECAUSE SOMEONE WATCHED LOLI HENTAI!" yelled S.T.

"So..." S.T then pulled out a gun from her eye-socket and shifted pointing it at all of …

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MissingInAction1 MissingInAction1 30 September 2018

Pt.347 A Length In Coffee Beans of Journey

Pardon my typos that I don't want to fix.

'[sniff]' sniffed S.T, as he sniffed a pot of petunias. 

Some might wonder why S.T sniffed those petunias. 


Of course, S.T was not asking this at the time, since he knew why he was sniffing the petunias, but was unsure of how he could sniff the petunias. He was a skeleton after all. Skeletons do not have nostrils. 


They have this triangle thing. Usually. Depends really on what DeviantArt user you ask, but most would say a triangle. 


S.T had sniffed petunias.

It had snowed that morning. As it did the previous day. And the day before that too. That was the beauty of Snowdin House; it always snowed.

I don't often go into the life of the S.T crew, ore explain why some things are some ways, an…

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SWArtemis102 SWArtemis102 14 September 2018

It's me! I'm Back!


I also have an important announcement. Im not leaving the Fandom, but I am no longer posting pages on ANY Wiki. I will interact with everyone and work on existing pages, but dont expect me to post any new pages.

Also, Im giving away OCs. My OC Six Im ging away to CanvastheShipper. Project 102, Project 102 Phase 2, and Project 102 Phase 3 is going to ADgee.

Its good to be back, and im looking forward to talking/working with y'all again.

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MissingInAction1 MissingInAction1 6 September 2018

A Journey In Length of Coffee Beans Pt.5

Last time on plotless blog post series, everybody died from fall damage in Minecraft. But since I’m not a thot and realize that a 4th wall breaking character would not continue to the timeline that we create rather continue its own life on its own without the creator, it’s been like a year since that happened.


Deep in the halls of the Multiverse, past endless doors, looping mazes, and potted flowers lies a wood cabin. And a skeleton. And another skeleton. And the ghost of a skeleton. And a shadow and you get the point.

3:47 PM, Wednesday, The Snowdin House S.T: *chucks frying pan across the room* I’ve been gone too long!!! ReeeEEeEeee! ADvenTuRe Time iS OVer! The worLd Is cruMbLiNg, aNd fOrTNite exIsts... s.K... please... tell me, wh…

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FurryLord FurryLord 21 July 2018

I'm leaving the wiki

im leaving

im not coming back

delete my pages bitches

cuz im a retard

and i dont know how

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SWArtemis102 SWArtemis102 24 May 2018

My Leave

To whom it may concern,

The end of the school year is coming up, and I have no way of accessing FANDOM at my home. June 6th is most likely gonna be my last day on the FANDOM for an extended period of time.

I probably won’t be back til the last 3 months of the year. So, I just wanted to say a goodbye to all those who know me in any way, shape, or form. I sincerely hope to be back on the FANDOM sooner or later, preferably before 2018 ends.

Goodbye, and good luck in life.



P.S: Please take care of my OCs.

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HentaiPyroGirl HentaiPyroGirl 24 May 2018

A Journey In Length of Coffee Beans

S.T: It’s been [expositional information] since the last [Previous Plotpoint]... we [I don’t fucking know, where’s my coffee]

S.K: Hey T, are we still falling?

S.T: Damnit K, now someone’s gotta explain that using expositional information. We went over this in the last post.


On the last episode of Avengers: Forntite War our heroes had a brief conversation and then decided to go somewhere. This somewhere was PuppetTale, the AU populated by the abandoned concepts and random ideas for characters. It also held the AU versions of S.T captive for the length of the S.T storyline before-


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ADgee ADgee 10 May 2018

An OC's guide to Birthcoding

Well, I thought "why not?"

Here "I" will explain to  your OC(s) how to birthcode.

If you're gonna get started, you first need atleast one code/sequence.

  1. Get on a PC, or a Birthcodifier (possibly found on labs).
  2. If on a PC, install a birthcoder software. If on a BCodifier, skip this step.
  3. Go to the wanted universe's timeline. This is did via typing ">goto [Universe Name] {timeframe/possition in time}"
  4. Select the character/person you want. This will make a HITBOX appear around them.
  5. The following step can be done by two ways. After doing so, you will see a sequence of numbers (and possibly letters) meant to be the code
    1. Flip the HITBOX (not the character.).
    2. Right click the character and then click "See Internal Numberical/Alphabetical Structure".
  6. Pretty …

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SWArtemis102 SWArtemis102 4 May 2018

OC Classification

Okay. I’m just gonna point out this: People need to stop calling OCs Gary/Mary Sues.

1: It probably offends the creator

2: It’s annoying when I read a comment section and see multiple posts on the Sues

And 3: Actually ask the creator if it is a Sue rather than just calling it that out of the blue.

Bonus 4: If you even start to think I have called a creation out there a Sue, ive never done that in my entire life.

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HentaiPyroGirl HentaiPyroGirl 28 April 2018

A Journey In Length of Coffee Beans Pt.3

Elizabeth: Shadow's Log 347, it has been weeks in the S.T house, and our worries start to grow. The S.T shield will break soon, and Gen 4's anger will be unleashed against the side characters, AKA everyone who isn't S.T, since she can't very well kill herself. We have only one choi-

S.T(12): CUT THE EXPOSITIONAL DRAMATIC BULLSHIT OUT! *throws her Clout glasses at Elizabeth* IT'S ANNOYIN' ME.

Swap:*checking the windows of the house*

S.K: How much more time shall we waste? We have only a day left, let's at least get a head start and leave now.

Romania: Where're we going again?

S.T: *throws a frying pan out the window nearly hitting Swap* NO MORE EXPOSITION! STOP THE EXPOSITIONAL QUESTIONS, STATEMENTS, AND ANSWERS!!

Swap: B-But we need exposition..…

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CanvasTheShipper CanvasTheShipper 19 April 2018

i need help Sfiweshfiuoewjscivo23


what species in like..canvas gonna be? I mean, she looks like a skeleton, but she's made out of ink...

so..Ink skeleton?

Skeleton paint?

Paint Skeleton?

Skeleton Ink???

And what about Rec0rd? My other bab? 

Is he a parasite skelle?


I mean, canva stechnically created him i guess.


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SWArtemis102 SWArtemis102 9 April 2018

Upcoming OC 2

This is a trial run, to see if I can make this kind of OC:

A crossover of Undertale and Star Wars.

No this is a totally original character, not a Star Wars character replacing someone in Undertale or vice versa.

Asriel, Chara, and Frisk are definite characters. If you want me to create a Star Wars version of someone (from Undertale or its Fandom), contact me on my message wall.

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HentaiPyroGirl HentaiPyroGirl 5 April 2018

A Journey in Length of Coffee Beans Pt.2

S.T(12): Hello everyone. It is I, meme.

S.T(12) and the rest of the S.T crew sit in the middle of the room staring at the door

Swap: F-For context, we surrounded the house with an Anti-S.T fence, and are now anticipating it to break down at any m-moment.

Elizabeth: And if you don't remember the last blog, the other gens left the house, but now decided they dont want to leave, so they have been attacking that fence for the past 347 hours.

Flowet: We have taken to discussing current Multiverse affairs.

S.T: Most recent news: Judges still exist. King Mutiverse is the opposite of ded. It isn't very chaotic anymore. Everything's been doing well since the anomaly. That's dank.

Flowet: *sips tea*

Elizabeth: Welp.

S.T: Randddooommmm filller blogggg *Sei…

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SWArtemis102 SWArtemis102 4 April 2018

Upcoming OC

I made an edit today on the page of Project 102.

If you read it...be prepared for what comes next.

I will answer any questions you have on my message wall.

When it comes out, I hope you like it.



I might make a third, depressed version of Project 102 in a week or so.

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EnderJohn EnderJohn 1 April 2018

OC use

If anyone would like to use my OCs, Draco Dings and Trisha Dings, please ask for permission before you do. There are a few people who have my express permission to use my OC for anything, but everyone else must ask for my permission to use my OC, or else I'll want to know why, and may ask that you remove him from the story line.

Thank you for your time,


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Sssssssshadowspringtrap Sssssssshadowspringtrap 27 March 2018

Second OC Thing. Macey


Name: Macey

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 6’1

Weight: 150 lbs

Family: Muffet (Mother, 40, Alive), Morti (Father, 20, Dead)

Relationships: Lora (friend), Draco (acquaintance), Flora (friend) Spiders (friends), Frisk (friend), Grillby (friend), customers (acquaintances)

Status: Single

AU Residence: Confectionarytale

Home Residence: Her house in Cotton Candy Land

Occupation: Waitress

Mental Illness: N/A

Theme song: Die Young by Kesha

Fears: Fire, crowds, close spaces, clowns, and most humans.

Phobias: Claustrophobia

Powers: Ability to make webs with poison on them, use purple magic (poison), and summon gloves with spikes on the end if needed. She also has the same abilities as Muffet.

Strengths: She is very skilled in magic, she c…

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HentaiPyroGirl HentaiPyroGirl 24 March 2018

A Jouney in Length of Coffee Beans Pt.1

The Snowdin House 1.7, 3:47 AM Newset Royal Multiversal Time (NMRT)

The Puppet:....hey guys....pleasing ASMR guy here... I'm here in the S.T household... it's currently Gen 8 o' clock, so today I wanted to test out something I call reverse ASMR...

S.K: *pops out from behind The Puppet* I think that's called Bass Boosted Earrape actually

The AMSR Puppet:Yes some people refer to it as that...now watch here, as we test this on everyone's favourite testing subject...

  • The Puppet, followed by S.K, silently creep into S.T and Swap's room*

The ASMR Puppet: *wraps his strings around one of S.T's charging screens and plays "Gotta Thrift Fast" but bass boosted %90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…

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HentaiPyroGirl HentaiPyroGirl 17 March 2018

Hey I'm not good with consistency and you probably don't care


Imma do S.T blog posts.

I said that a ton on the UTAUwiki, and I promise nothing.

So leTS a GOa

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Sssssssshadowspringtrap Sssssssshadowspringtrap 11 January 2018


(Note! I understand the rules about OC posts not being allowed on here if there is not a post already about it on the internet, this is my OC and I would rather type out everything here before I copy and paste it to my Deviant Art which will have my OC on there. I don't want to type out everything on my Deviant Art because I don't want to type for hours on my tablet and I would much rather use a computer to type out everything. Thank you.)



Gender: Male

Age: 25 

Sexuality: Asexual

Species: Skeleton

Family: Gaster (Long dead, died when he was 5)

Job: Deciding the fate of the player (aka Chara or Frisk) and sometimes doing jobs such as coming up with ideas for AU's or helping out bad guys to achieve a certain goal.

Good, Neutral…

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MrZephyr128 MrZephyr128 13 November 2017

I make sprites!

I make OC sprites contact me if you need any!

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