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Oh a monster? How did you find me? Did Mettaton tell you?

- Bolt when you meet him in a secret room in Hotland

Bolt is a monster OC created by  GreepsYT. He’s Ghost Possessed Wolf Mannequin who’s capable of Firing lasers. He lives in a secret room within HotLand where he has his own shop. He can be fought in a version of Undertale when certain conditions are met.


Bolt (formerly known as Boltstablook) became depressed ever since Hapstablook left. When he finds an empty wolf body, he decides to possess it so he’ll be able to find Mettaton. He is one of the only monsters with a powerful soul. He now lives in a small room, behind Alphys's lab, big enough to fit a bit of land with a table and a small Store-House.


When the protagonist pulls the red book on the bookshelf, it may enter. Bolt was busy boarding up his windows and doors, when he noticed the human. Unable to figure out how it was somehow a human, he figure Mettaton sent it to be safe. He asks if it want to have lunch with him. He took it's silence as a yes. The human later sit by a table and he tells it about his powers. He is scared to use them incase he hurts someone. The human then gets off the chair. Scared, Bolt asks why It is laughing. He becomes clear that this human is actually the human that killed everyone. Angry because it has killed Undyne and Papyrus, Bolt says today is the day the human will die. He will make sure the human won't kill Alphys and Mettaton. Such it will engage in his battle.




ATK: 23

DEF: 66

Not so nice now, isn't he?


Bolt’s body has the appearance of a cute purple wolf with a pair of tiny arms. He has a anime shirt and jeans, along with a green hat.


Bolt is shy and kind. He mostly keeps to himself. The only reason he may fight you is in Genocide. He is very warm to you at first in Genocide since he only appears there. He is gay since he is in love with Mettaton. He is not in a AU. He is in the classic Undertale. He can shoot lasers from his eyes and from his hands. He tells you if you decide to have lunch with him, that he is scared his powers might hurt someone close to him since he uses them when he snaps. He uses them to his full potential in Genocide


He's capable of firing lasers through his eyes and hands.



It is obvious that he is in love with Mettaton. He does say before he dies (only thing I thought about the battle lol). "I never even got to tell Mettaton how I felt. I didn't get to say a lot of thing." He was ghost living next to Hapstablook, Mettaton's ghost self. He did get to watch Mettaton behind the scenes. Even though he never appeared in Pacifist, Bolt was one of the people to call Mettaton that he will miss him. So they actually had a decent relationship. Mettaton did care about Bolt. He told him to hide in his secret room, and that he would die if something happened to him.


He met Alphys the same way Undyne and Alphys met, in the dumps. Bolt was a ghost looking for his hat when he bumped into Alphys. Alphys had a purple wolf cosplay costume with her. She was surprised to see a ghost with such a powerful soul that she asked if he could get in this costume body. Bolt did and after that they became friends. Bolt liked the body so much he kept it on forever.


He helped with Napstablook on the snail farm when he was a ghost. When he left, Napstablook got really depressed. He will talk about Napstablook at lunch if asked. He'll say that he feels bad for leaving and hate that at that time all he thought was love. He will say that he accidently kissed Napstablook once when he still lived there. He will describe it as: "Even though it lasted 4 seconds, I thought it was really hot."


  • He helped Napstablook make music at the end credits
  • Bolt was originally going to a human with green hair.
  • He was going to be in Undertale Multiverse, but I got bored of how I made him
  • He has huge anime sparkly eyes, his smile shows two sharp teeth standing out and he has holes in his hands from where the lazers come out.
  • He could have had a crush on Napstablook, Alphys, Undyne, Asriel and Monster kid
  • He is supposed to look cute.
  • He has a pretty dirty mind. Don't judge a book by it's cover