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Broken!Papyrus (Shatter in the Underverse) is a Papyrus variant made by ShatteredGlory. It is a variant of Papyrus based after a post-genocide route that Frisk (the player) never came back from. His brother Broken!Sans (Fracture in the Underverse) tried taking care of him, until Shatter was forced to betray his brother and his father in order to bring revenge to the fallen humans.


Fracture is a Papyrus out!code that now roams the Underverse, finding and fighting humans he sees, causing destruction and terror in his path. Although he does not want to do this, he's being forced by Lithograph; his mirror self that is trying to show him that revenge is fun. He was once part of the AU Guardians, but he left in order to fulfill his supposed "Destiny" that Lith told him about.

Before-hand though, he lived with his brother amidst the terror and death in their own AU's timeline. Seeing all this death, destruction, and horror he snapped and tried killing Fracture. Among all this chaos, his soul began to corrupt with darkness and evil. This corruption came from the Venality, a world of darkness and hate.

He met Lithograph in his mirror when looking for a certain hammer, and Lith convinced him to kill humans in the underverse to bring revenge. Shatter refused at first, but with a threat from Lith that he will kill his brother, he accepted and now is under control of him.



Shatter is a 7'3 skeleton with a shattered skull and multiple fractures, tears, and missing bones throughout his body. He wears his battle body still (although it's useless). He's only 18 years old, 8 years younger than Sans. His height makes it hard to fit through normal areas and rooms.


Shatter is (Although crazy and snappy) very remorseful of the deal he accepted with his mirror counterpart. He doesn't want to bring hate and hurt to AU's that Lith brings him too, but he is forced to.

Although when he is holding him back, hes a very sweet and outgoing skeleton who loves spaghetti and cooking. Inside, though, he is battling the grief and pain of his lost friends and comrades. He's afraid of loss and