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Broken!Science is an alternate version of Science!Sans from the Alternate Universe Vĕdomitale. He is also one of the very few survivors from his AU, having been due erased by Error!Sans, leaving Broken!Science scarred by the damage done. Broken!Science was created by Astronacommix. He acts as a Protector in the Multiverse.


Pre-Main Story Events

As Sans grew up, he developed an affinity for science, a fondness his father saw as an opportunity to welcome his son into fields he contributed to. As a result, Sans would begin to work alongside Dr. Gaster and, once old enough, would collaborate in benefit monsters. His collaboration would develop Sans’ mentality towards science, skewed by Gaster’s interpretation; an alteration in Sans’ personality which would haunt him later in his life. As their bond as father and son developed, Gaster began to show signs of decline in his mental stability, as he had been haunted by nightmares he would claim “told him of a future calamity”. His fears would reach their boiling pointwith Gaster requesting Sans to help him finish an experiment in preparation for these rumored futurities. Sans initially accepted the request, not aware of what he would be helping in but trusting in Gaster’s senses. Once the gravity of Gaster’s experiments was realized, however, Sans would quickly turn against Gaster and refuse to assist him. Gaster saw this act as betrayal, and through manipulation, Gaster would force Sans to collaborate in his experiment.

In his collaboration, Sans would witness the disappearances and later deaths of several monsters, growing infighting between scientists and the Royal Guard, and Gaster’s alleged death by the depths of the CORE. Gaster would label all of these events necessary for his ongoing experiment, and even in his death he would continue to progress his work. All of these events and more would end up pressured Sans into hyperawareness, and having to take the role of a royal scientist in Gaster’s place only worsened his condition. His responsibilities combined with his anxiety would develop into constant fatigue, a point of criticism from his colleagues, expecting him to be much more like Gaster. 

Years passed until Gaster returned. While Gaster’s mind was still intact due to a device he developed for timeline traversal, his form succumbed to the effects of the Void. Sans would discover Gaster’s return through Alphys, who had harbored him by his request. Gaster, in retaliation, would kidnap his own son and carry out the final act of his experiment: the transference of an amalgamated fusion between Gaster’s own SOUL and a human SOUL into Sans. The operation was a success, Sans becoming the vessel for three different SOULs at once. He suffered intense physical trauma during the operation, subsequently suffering from mental trauma. Gaster, his job completed and his mind protected, found no more use for his body and would once more leap into the CORE. He had never been seen since. 

Before and Beginning of the Event

Left with his brother Papyrus and remnants of Gaster’s care for his family, Sans lived on with only him being aware of Gaster’s actions. Papyrus would become an important role model for Sans, becoming a Royal Guard and helping Sans to develop a proper daily routine. Sans would continue to remain a scientist, however would also step down from the position of Royal Scientist and handed the title to Alphys. She in particular still remembers Gaster very well, however with every passing year, most had drawn Gaster off as a fading memory. Few still mention his name to Sans on occasion, however most are met with vague or no answers about Sans’ emotions toward him. 

Error’s presence in Vĕdomitale was first unsuspected, with his arrival being unintentionally concealed, leaving him free to set a plan of action. It was only later into the day which Alphys had identified an anomaly within the forests of Snowdin and Sans was later sent to investigate, completely avoiding Error. By the time Sans caught wind of Error’s onslaught, Error had already reached Snowdin and begun attacking monsters. When he arrived, the town was left desolate: dust blending together with the snow, damaged buildings further into the town, and his brother’s scarf lying near Snowdin Town’s entrance. Sans mourned his brother’s death, taking his scarf as memorabilia, and teleported into Hotland to preemptively warn others of the unknown, incoming threat.

During the Event and after the Event

Sans is stopped by Alphys during his haste, informing Sans of the incoming threat. She identifies Error as a one of their kind, and warns of a losing duel between Error and Undyne on Waterfall’s bridge(Cascading Steam). While Undyne is fighting, she has to try and defend Monster Kid, splitting her focus and leaving herself open to attack. Sans understands what Alphys wants him to do and agrees to try and help, teleporting quickly to the scene. Upon his arrival, he unintentionally distracts Undyne, leading to a fatal blow from Error. 

Sans acted quickly to try and rescue Monster Kid, but is prevented by Error. Error used his strings to take control of Undyne’s now melting body, using her as a puppet to ward off Sans as Error takes the opportunity to progress forward in the universe’s destruction. Monster Kid tried to flee towards Snowdin, however Undyne is quicker to react and launches volleys of spears indiscriminately. In a last ditch effort to escape the situation alive, Sans tries to grab a hold of Monster Kid before teleporting to Grillby’s, however fails. Sans escaped free from the situation, however it remains unknown whether or not Monster Kid was capable of escaping in time. Left alone and exhausted, Sans took a moment to rest at Grillby’s, unsure of his next move to combat Error. 

Error had moved deeper into the Underground, successfully wiping out most monsters within the Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall, and soon to be Hotland. Sans, unprepared but left with little appealing choices, returns to Hotland in an effort to stage a counterattack against Error. With the Megalab, a large mobile complex of laboratories and data storage centers, openly visible and under siege, Sans moves into the CORE in search of monsters capable of assisting him in preventing the destruction of the complex. Royal Guards are fortunately preparing a counterattack within the CORE and a select few monsters, including Mettaton, join Sans in an effort to save the Megalab. Within the Megalab, Error ravages its structure and people in an effort to “sink” the complex. Sans and accompanying monsters, however, arrive in time to encounter Error and attempt to stage an attack that at the very least slows him down. While their efforts were valiant, Sans was defeated and his companions were killed, resulting in a reaction set off by Mettaton’s body that destroyed the Megalab. 

Sans, in a miraculous act of mercy, survived the destruction of the Megalab. Abandoned as of the few survivors of the event, Sans only believed in one other option that could possibly stop Error: Asgore Dreemurr. Pressing on, Sans recollected himself and teleported to the entrance of upper class residencies, moving in short bursts closer to the Castle. Within the Castle, Sans encounters Asgore before the SOULs inside the Castle’s basement and informs him of the loss of life throughout the Kingdom. He expresses his own concern about the ability of the kingdom to live past these losses, and anxiously asks why Asgore hasn’t used the SOULs, citing the severity of the situation and the incoming threat. Asgore, understanding the intention behind Sans, explains that he isn’t himself sure that he would win against Error; at least, if Asgore was alone, he would lose. However, if given the opportunity, he will give his life for his kingdom if it meant the Underground could possibly live on. If the citizens he protected could somehow escape alive, his sacrifice would be a worthwhile venture. Asgore asks Sans to fight alongside him against Error, but says Sans doesn’t have to accept and he can escape elsewhere if he so wants to. Reluctant, Sans accepts Asgore’s offer, and in turn is offered the SOUL of Bravery to diminish doubts and fears about his choice. One a near demigod and the other empowered by bravery, Asgore and Sans would face Error alone to protect what was left of the Kingdom.

Yet, even with all of that power, Error overcame their strength. He killed Asgore, bringing their battle to its end, and leaving Sans alone to fight a god slayer. Yet, as Asgore’s dust spread across the battleground, Error didn’t move to kill Sans. Given the opportunity, Sans fled the scene to the familiar Grillby’s, in which he abandoned the King’s efforts to save the Kingdom and allow Error to finish off what was left of it. Left with evidence to prove Sans couldn’t defeat Error, he decided to remain in Grillby’s until Error had left the universe altogether, ultimately accepting the universe’s fate as destined and irreversible. Despite possessing the power of the Bravery SOUL, no magical power could restore his faith in the cause.

The End 

Sans would remain within the walls of Grillby’s for what seemed like hours as time passed. It was only until something changed that Sans would begin to consider leaving: the arrival of another Out-Code, Ink!Sans. Ink persuaded Sans to try and stop Error one final time with the help of Ink, and possibly repair Sans’ universe after Error’s absence. Given one final chance to save what was left of his world, Sans agreed to take up arms once more and defeat Error despite heavily doubting their ability. The two would confront Error once more within the deteriorating walls of the Castle, and being given a renewed chance to face Error, Sans and Ink would face off against Error and a personal creation he had worked on for the instance of Ink’s arrival. Despite what seemed like insurmountable odds, Sans and Ink rose as the victors of the battle, ridding the universe of Error and destroying his creation. However, the joy of this victory would remain short-lived.

Error, throughout the destruction of Sans’ universe, he had been destroying its very code as a permanent, devastating mark on Sans’ world. Even though Error fled from the world, the damage he dealt to its stability would prove irreparable. Ink, with nothing he could do, admitted to Sans that his universe was in a state that couldn’t be repaired. He wasn’t capable of fixing it as he thought he could, and apologized for his troubles. Sans solemnly accepted his apology, given no other option, and accepted that his world was doomed. Ink left the universe as whole, leaving Sans to be one of the few people left to witness his world finally collapse.  


As the world crawled to its eventual demise, Sans would recollect what he could of his world. He collected fragments of the world around him from the bodies of past friends and memorable locations, including Undyne’s spear, Asgore’s trident, fragmented pieces of the Megalab, and memorabilia of Grillby’s. He would spend most of his time within the narrow corridors of the Castle, left wandering aimlessly as time passed. The emptiness of a white void crept from the ceiling slowly towards Sans, and the deterioration would begin to leave its mark on Sans’ health. 

Weeks after Error’s departure, Sans encountered CORE!Frisk. They had only recently come to Sans’ world and, guided to Sans, offered a way to escape. CORE!Frisk offered access to the Omega Timeline, a home for those who survived genocide routes of their own timeline to then live together. Seeing Sans, they were willing to offer an exception to who they allowed inside. He obliged, and from then on would live alongside those who shared a similar weight. He remained isolated from the majority of the Omega Timeline’s residents, keeping to himself, however meeting another survivor of his own universe did help Sans cope with the transition. He would change his name to simply “Science” after the quick realization of other Sanses living within the Omega Timeline, and simply going by Sans wasn’t going to differentiate him from others.

After given months to recover he met one of the Omega Timeline Protectors and she named Perseverance frisk , she helped him having established a new home in there, and he told her about what happened to him and she understood his situation and offered her help to him,Science knew her before from "Christmas Party AU" but here He became her Ally , Perce also told him about her origins and her backstory with her father Wd Gaster, and she offered to Science to returne to Vĕdomitale because the universe still stood months after Error. Snowdin Town and the remnants of the Megalab remained as particular locations that seemed nearly untouched by Error’s , and taking a walk there may help. he accepted the idea, even after being far away from what he still considered his true home, Science felt it appropriate to return and reminisce on the even if not find real peace then to salvage whatever he could from his universe. Despite Error’s destabilization of Vĕdomitale’s code, and his rest of his truely home would even seem to be possibly repaired. Science noticed such anomalies, pushing him to explore with caution, but didn’t completely deter his goal of salvaging belongings he had. Science returned to a laboratory within Snowdin’s nearby borders, in which he encountered an unfamiliar Out-Code. He confronted it, and it offered Science a “gift”: A SOUL, of which Science would decline receiving. Upon his denial, the Out-Code denied Science the choice of leaving without the SOUL, forcing him to absorb the SOUL, incapacitating Science and fleeing the scene. 

Science, despite suffering what was supposed to be a mortal wound from physical trauma, survived and awoke. The signs of an attack were still there, however no sign of injury other than a large tear in his lab coat and sweater were present. He stood up, enduring sharp pain, which revealed a sight within his chest: the SOUL, held by the Out-Code, was now a part of him. The realization sent him into a panic, quickly retreating to his residence within the Omega Timeline while disguising his anomaly. He’d quickly realize what the SOUL itself provided him: the SOUL changed his physical appearance, turning his eye color to a light blue, and granted him new undiscovered abilities only he knew other Out-Codes have. Uncertain about his newfound powers, yet nonetheless awe-stricken, Science would spend time within Vĕdomitale discovering and understanding his abilities, leading to a change in his plans.

Science returned to the Perseverance frisk and told her about what happened and her reaction was so happy and pround of him and he heared from her that having a new life and being free from the past and the cold scripts would be the best step of starting the change, Science listened and kept a way to contact her, deciding to leaving his home within the Omega Timeline and spend the rest of his life, as long as it would be, exploring and protecting the Multiverse. He knows he can’t prevent the destruction of all other universes, but does believe that any effort to save and document what he can will ultimately be worthwhile. Having personally experienced the destruction of his own universe and the broken state it remains in, he refuses to allow Error and those alike to be left unchecked, and believes the task falls upon him and others like him to prevent the same thing from happening elsewhere. Science would finally adopt the name “Broken”, after his own origins and what he stands to prevent.

He still makes infrequent visits to the Omega Timeline and Vĕdomitale, as a reminder of his homes and friends there.



Broken!Science appears strikingly similar to Science!Sans, with a notable difference being his eye color. Broken's left eye can change shape depending on his emotions, varying in complexity. His left hand bears a black circle with blue grid-like patterns crossing through it. The pattern is constantly moving, potentially being a hole to a region within Broken's pocket dimension.

Broken wears a lab coat with a built-in hoodie, a dark grey sweater, black pants, and black boots with brown highlights. His lab coat has a blue-ish black interior, with a grid-like pattern similar to that on his left hand constantly moving. The pattern is only present on the body of the lab coat, not in the hoodie nor the lower half of the sleeves, being Broken's gateway to his personal pocket dimension where he can pull out belongings and tools. The lab coat also bears two marks on the left side: one a faded purple, and the other a light indigo, both of which from his previous work in Vĕdomitale.


Broken!Science is open and kind, striving to make good first impressions on people who strike up conversation with him. He gets along well with most people he meets, but has an inherent dislike of those infamous with a bad reputation around the Multiverse. Broken enjoys being introduced to new ideas and takes those opportunities with confidence, however he can feel resentful when such ideas bring with them a hefty risk. As a result, he isn't often reckless with his decisions, but can occasionally make exceptions for the situation at hand.

Broken is very observant about people's actions and words, paying attention to the little details in how someone speaks or phrases their sentences and tries to interpret them in different ways. Because of his thirst of knowledge, he can sometimes come off as off-putting or strange because of his straightforward actions to understand people and their abilities indepth.

The scars of Broken's past do affect his mannerisms. He typically wears clothing that conceals his body more as to hide the wounds his body bears, and shows discomfort when without personal belongings(such as his lab coat). While Broken is open to talk about most things as to have meaningful conversation, he becomes very neglectful and detached when his past is mentioned in conversation. While he doesn't show it, Broken also feels jealous of others which have an alternate universe to call home when brought up. The past still haunts Broken, but he refuses to let it consume his present.


  • Broken!Science has the capability, like Error and Ink!Sans, to travel to alternate universes across the Multiverse.
  • Broken can enter a pocket dimension, serving as a mobile home. Here he stores personal items and can hide and rest if need be. The pocket dimension also allows Broken to simulate any environment he's experienced before to its minute(yet noticable) details, but only if he has seen it with his own eyes. This does count for people as well, but does not simulate their appearance to the more noticeable details nor their personality.
  • He has the power to be in other universes and "spectate", being invisible to anyone in that AU UNLESS Broken wishes for them to see him. However, once he reveals himself to that person, he cannot go invisible once more and that person will be able to permanently see him. This doesn't apply to Out-Codes.
  • He can use a personal variant of Gaster Blasters in different sizes and ways For instance, he can use the blasters, alongside as a regular cannon:
    • To be Equipped on the wrist or shoulders to act as an "arm blaster" or "shoulder blaster"
    • To be sat on top as a transport
  • Like Undertale Sans, he can teleport, summon bones, and use the "blue attack" against his opponent.
  • He also can summon Gaster Hands, which gives him abilities similar to those of Glitchtale Gaster.
  • He has a special attack.
  • From his time with Dr. Gaster, he learned specific traits and became skilled in engineering. Because of this, he is skilled in technology.

He may have other capabilities but are currently unknown as well.


  • Broken has trouble controlling the entire potential of his powers.
  • He has mental trauma from both the destruction of his universe and the experiments which W.D. Gaster carried out. Because of this, Broken can end up making irrational decisions based on his fears or concerns when confronted with a problem that involves people such as his father.
  • Having to harbor several SOULs within a single body through unusual means, Broken has a constant internal conflict between SOULs inside his body, despite cooperating for his own survival. As a result, these SOULs can occasionally take over Broken, temporarily getting a hold when Broken is in a state of vulnerability.
  • Broken is still incredibly vulnerable to physical attack if he were to be wounded, having only a single hit point.



Papyrus is Broken's brother, however, he is currently dead due to Error's extermination. Broken cares deeply for his brother, like most other Sanses.

W.D Gaster

W.D Gaster, or how Broken!Science addresses him Dr. Gaster, is the father of both him and Papyrus. He remains neutral toward him since Gaster is partly the reason why he's the way he is currently, but Gaster is also Broken's father, which he cares for deeply. His status is unknown to Broken, though he assumes he was erased when Error damaged his AU to the point beyond repair.


..Broken!Science is very fond and cares deeply for Ink because of Ink being there to help him stop Error. He also admires Ink's creativity and spirit.


Broken despises Error for erasing his universe, killing his brother, and having the idea to end all AUs. He refuses to see Error do such things, knowing that Error might not be killable, but stoppable. At the same time, Broken slightly fears Error, knowing what he can do.


Since Broken and Perseverance!Frisk had the same goal that is to be free without following anybody or to be controlled by an script, P was ready to help him anytime, but Broken didn't appeared with her all the time because she liked to scare him with her llusion, Broken knew that it was kind of kidding but he don't like pranks

The Star Sanses

Broken!Science likes the idea of Ink, Dream!Sans and Blueberry!Sans teaming up to help protect the Multiverse as well with others who are willing to fight against people like Error. He also thinks that The Star Sanses is a sign that there will always be good people in the Multiverse.


Broken remains neutral toward Fresh!Sans, however, he is aware of Fresh's true nature. This makes him want to try and stay away from him from a mix of fear and confusion, unaware of what his real form can do. He also makes Broken uncomfortable, slightly.


Broken thinks highly of CORE!Frisk due to them allowing him to come to the Omega Timeline. He's also grateful for their presence so he can have someone to talk to about what happened to his father after the second time he jumped into the relatable core.


Alphys was the new Royal Scientist after Gaster jumped into the CORE a second time. Broken and Alphys worked together in the Lab until Error arrived and killed her.


Broken & Alpha have never seen either of each other, though is well versed in rumors about his existence. Broken has taken a particular interest of his origins, and has invested time into a theory about his connections to Error404.


Broken is impressed with what Rhosaith has done, and has respect for her accomplishments. However, he is partially annoyed by how Rhosaith seems okay with having Error around, though he is willing to put his hatred/fear aside if needed. He is still curious about her origins and what she's seen that's beyond the Undertale Multiverses.


Broken doesn't have much of an understanding of who or what S.T is. Though he is capable of searching through time with code, he finds looking back on personal events quite rude. Other than that, Broken sees S.T as the "veteran who didn't complete basic" in the Judge Panel. Still has some respect for S.T, however.

King Multiverse

Broken considers King as the "Asgore" of the Multiverse. He has high respect for his capabilities and role in the Multiverse, yet has a small annoyance with the purple-colored strings on his face. Though he doesn't remark it, it reminds him of Error. Despite this, he still keeps respect for him, though is tempted to watch his moves at times.


They are acquaintances, simply knowing of each other and having no disdain between one another.


  • Broken!Science has a total of 4 SOULs within his body.
  • The original idea of Science!Sans was made by talkingsoup.
  • Broken tends to write notes on people or things he doesn't know well.
  • Broken's lab coat acts like his own space as most of the things he has to seem to disappear into his coat and reappear when he pulls them out.
  • Broken!Science is vaguely aware of the existence of an existance beyond the Multiverse, but isn't capable of travelling beyond it.
  • Broken!Science has a soft spot for creativity in his SOUL.
  • He tends to hum familiar tunes quietly to himself when alone.
  • Broken, never learning the name of his AU, calls his AU "Home" instead of a title.
  • He has a tendency to give new people he meets pins; others are unsure about what they do exactly.
  • He can close his pupils along with his eye sockets, making it look like a pupil could be half-opened.
  • His companion, Fido, exists in the same pocket dimension that his lab coat is.
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