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Buzz is a bee monster living in New Home, and Honey's son. He is very rebellious, and has had multiple encounters with law enforcement because of this. He has made his own kind of graffiti, using a mixture of wax and honey, and sprays it on as much walls as he can, to "bring some color into the city".



Buzz is very slim, in stark contrast with his mother's chubbiness. He has blonde, spiky hair, and often wears a motor jacket and a pair of orange sunglasses.


Buzz is very rebellious and dislikes any authorities, even his own mother to an extent. When not getting things his way by anyone other than his mom, he quickly threathens to use his stinger.


Buzz can fly, to much greater distances and heights and with faster speed than his mother. He also has a stinger, and his magic takes the shape of a swarm of bees.

In addition, he also has invented honey and wax bombs, which explode in a burst of sticky honey or slippery wax, often used to slow down the authorities when chased by them.



Honey is his mother, and while he likes her, he really dislikes how strict she is.


Chilldrake and Buzz are pen pals, and Chilldrake is one of the primary reasons for Buzz's behavior.


  • He unironically used "ya like jazz?" as a pickup line once, with poor results.
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