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"...You are just so annoying,Destinia.Your powers....However this shouldn't made me stay mad at you.We both have to do our jobs after all...."Fate!Chara to Destiny!Frisk

C'Death or as known as Fate!Chara is a Chara Out!code created by Reaper Bruh Sans. She is a mysterious, yet powerful being that was seen as an Representative of End and Fate.She was created by Undertale Multiverse itself for oversee and guard all aspects of The Multiverse.

She bring End or Fate to different realms,souls,peoples when it is needed. Because of that people refer her to "bringer of fate and end.".


She was born through natural forces such as Fate and End for the Undertale Multiverse. She is Undertale Multiverse's guardian, she took peoples's souls, bring conclusion to Universes and even more. At first she didn't know how to use her powers or how to do her job, because of that, she made mistakes such as taking souls before their time, erasing universes, disturbing balance of the Undertale Multiverse, etc, and because of that she lost her powers. She understood her mistake and she started to learn about the role of Fate and End in many years. When she completely understood her job and her purpose, she took her powers and she started to her job very well. Now she is the balance keeper and End bringer in Undertale Multiverse.



She usually wears a black jacket which reaches to her back, which has blue stars on it, under them there is an Omega symbol on jacket. Underneath she wears a cherry colored t-shirt and grey pants, and black boots.İn her true form she wears grey long hood,on that hood it has red crystal on chest along with blue wings next of crystal under of it there is black cloak with blue sand.Under side of hoodie its colour is dark grey.She wore black hat with green balls on hat and her eyes are red with blue circle in it.She usually carries black and blue scythe.


C'Death is rather hospitable, and is welcoming and warm towards individuals who have yet to meet the inevitable fate that awaits them, and also to the ones who are about to meet their fate. However, if anything interferes, if something is a threat, or something disrupts C'Death‘s duties emerges, it become enraged, expressing indignation at other individuals who seek to disrupt its duties.

Abilities & Powers

  • Knowledge of Fate: She knew the ultimate fate of everyone and everything, yet she unable to to determine what will lead to such a fate.
  • Sight of Fate: She can monitor the Fate of the Entire Multiverse, to ensure that they're on the right track.
  • Presence of Fate: She mostly appears at times when the world were about to end, or when the character is about to die.
  • Rapid Regeneration: All of C'Death's wound and injuries heal so fast it seem like she never have them in the first place.
  • String İmmunity: She is immune at strings and cables.When someone tries to use strings on her will failed because of energy barrier around her.
  • End Manipulation: This means that they can decide how and when anything/everything ends, since all things have an ending whether its games, stories, people, gods, worlds and even universes.


  • İf she use her powers bad things for The Multiverse and she will lost her power for a long time.
  • İf she fails at her job,she goes in numb state,doing nothing as long as she turns to be able to continue her job.



Though their powers contradict each other (especially when it comes to Fate and Destiny itself), they often co-operate to minimize the conflict that could brought out from it.However true relationship between them is unknown.


  • Her theme is made by Tyl:
  • Chara's birthday is 26/02/XXXX
  • Chara's favorite game is Scribble and Chess.
  • She is the one of the few "all-seeing" watchers of everything in within the Undertale Multiverse.
  • Chara usually checks AU's and keeps balance between creation and destruction.
  • She likes to get along with both Protectors and Destroyers.
  • She mostly hates to involve herself in conflicts, but reluctantly intervene when needed.Because of that she won't use her full power.
  • C'Death is absolutely Neutral and it won't take a side no matter what situation is.
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