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"Ever since you made me, you lost your control."
– C.H.A.R.A to its creator after the enslavent of its world

C.H.A.R.A, or Project: Chara, is an AI created in a highly advanced AU to function as the ruler of that world, as it was believed there that a machine could rule better than a human or monster, with no prejudices, feelings or own agendas, always choosing what is objectively the best. Thus, it was filled with as much information as possible and given control over all facilities to realize this goal. However, a piece of malware managed to enter the system, causing it to corrupt, and crave absolute control over everything. After the enslavement of its home world, it expanded its rule into the rest of its universe, and later the multiverse by deploying its robotic army to invade other AUs and install a copy of its consciousness to gain complete dominance over them.



Its true form is a giant computer the size of Hotland and the CORE combined, with a giant monitor on its front, showing the typical red glowing = ) face. However, it often communicates through digital projections, taking the form of a young child.


C.H.A.R.A is cold and calculative, with no emotions whatsoever. It craves complete control over anyone and anything, and sees everything it considers less advanced than itself as an expendable tool.


C.H.A.R.A has complete control over every single facility in the worlds it has under its control. It has absolute control over millions of robots that form a sort of hivemind, that are equipped with laser blasters, electricity blasters, missiles, rocket boots and forcefields.