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Core!Chara is a human out!code created by Trica13. While they share a similar origin and title as CORE!Frisk, they’re not from the same AU as them.  They’re a human child who been scattered across time and space by being tossed into the CORE by W.D. Gaster. They go around the Multiverse destroying Genocidal Timelines as an act of Mercy.


Their Surface Life

Chara was born in Brasil, within the city of São Paulo in 19XX to a poor and abusive family. Chara used to live in a small house with their parents, the house that they lived in had little to no living conditions and the money was also scarce, only being enough for a bit of food at the table at each meal.

Because of this, Chara was forced to work the days on end in order to sustain their family, if they did comply they would be faced with severe punishment at the hands of their father. The punishments varied from being locked up inside a dark basement the whole night left with no food whatsoever to being mentally abused and beaten. This had a severe impact on Chara's mental health, as time passed, they only grew resentful towards their parents and of course, humanity.

Their father was considered a selfish and greedy man. They never saw Chara as their flesh and blood just because of how they looked, but rather as an animal that was destined to sustain the family, the only one who truly cared about them was their mother, however, she found herself unable to do anything every time anything happened to Chara leading Chara to believe that she didn't care about what happened to them either.

Chara was always seen as a very strange kid by their neighbors because of their behavior towards others and the shouts heard coming from their house almost every day. A few who cared had tried starting a conversation with them but all they received were glares from Chara that sent very clear messages, "stay away". Everyone was really unaware of what was going on in their lives and soon there were rumors all over the place about them.

One unfortunate night, after Chara came back from work, they found their mother dead, right in front of them was their father holding a bloodied knife with his own wife's blood dripping from it, however, something seemed off with their father's eyes, they seemed almost feline-like, and a black goop was coming out of them, however, Chara did not notice this. The sight was just too much for Chara to watch, tears started to stream from their eyes when their father turned to look at them he immediately grabbed Chara by the neck to finish them off, just like he did to Chara's mother. Chara tried to scream, but nothing came out, they were suffocating. As their father was about to stab them, they managed to grab out a piece of wood to defend themselves from their own father and escape into the woods.

They ran and ran until they finally arrived at Mt. Ebott, exhausted and injured they ended up slipping and falling in.

Their life Underground

Chara was later found by Asriel and taken in by the Royal Family. At first, Chara was scared and confused, they hardly even said anything, but as time went by they started to open up more and more to their newfound family about their past and how their life on the Surface used to be.

Most Monsters had welcomed Chara with open arms, except for perhaps a few that were still distrustful towards Humanity thanks to the War between both kinds. They made many friends Underground, they've never been so happy before, however, Chara's hate for humanity just grew as each day passed thanks to rumors some Monsters had spread about Humanity and the War itself, they were never taught love from their old parents back at the Surface which also led this distrust for Humanity worse. Chara was told by Asriel that there was no way out for monsters Underground and that everyone's dream was to see the Surface again. After that day, Chara started to think about a plan to save everyone in the underground, after all, they deserved it after what they have done for them. Chara would do their best to see the people they loved to be able to find the happiness that they deserved. They didn't have any intentions of letting anyone down but something changed things forever.

Meeting Frisk

Some days later, before Chara told Asriel their plan to save everyone and finally be free, Frisk fell into the underground, this new human was different from any other human, they were filled with an immense urge to kill and so they started a mass genocide on everyone, first, the Ruins, then Snowdin and so on, one by one, monsters were dying in very painful ways the few survivors of this being Sans and Gaster that had been in the Lab all day doing research on the situation. Some hours later Frisk finally arrived at New Home, Chara wasn't aware of what was happening at all as they were playing with Asriel in the royal family garden. Sometimes went by, when Chara finally became aware of the strange silence in their newfound home, when they went to check what was happening they had told Asriel to stay in their bedroom and that's when they saw it.

Frisk murdering both of their new parents right in front of them. Both Toriel and Asgore had been caught unawares and when they had seen Frisk, the human had told them that they'd kill everyone they've ever loved, but, the royal parents wouldn't let their children die but they also knew that they didn't have much of a chance against this human and so, both parents told Frisk that they would let them kill them as long as Chara's and Asriel's lives could be spared, Frisk had agreed with it though they also told the parents that if the remaining survivors were to stay in their way they'd also be murdered.

Chara was simply standing there in shock, a flood of emotions and questions going through them, fear, rage, sadness, regret but the one emotion they were feeling the most now was hate. Why was this human killing everyone that they ever loved and why were they being forced to watch it? Why did it have to be this way? Their family and friends were all being turned into nothing more but a pile of dust. After a moment of pure silence, something had snapped from within Chara as they let out a scream, hearing this, Asriel bolted out of the room to see what was wrong with their sibling and that's when they saw Chara and Frisk standing there, Asriel went up to Chara to try and comfort them but before Asriel could do anything Frisk went over and grabbed him, holding him hostage. And that's when Frisk forced Chara to make a choice, themselves or their brother? Of course, Chara picked themselves but before Frisk could do any harm to Chara, Asriel managed to force Frisk to stab himself by grabbing their arm and forcing the knife right into his neck. Asriel had chosen to die for his sibling, smiling, Asriel waved Chara a last goodbye and turned to dust. Frisk simply stood there, laughing, as tears streamed down Chara's face and that was when Chara fully snapped, they launched themselves at Frisk and started to attack them with all they had. During the process of fighting each other Chara had gotten stabbed by Frisk but they managed to steal Frisk's knife away and finally kill them with all they had, Chara didn't show mercy to Frisk at all, they simply stabbed them until they were dead. Chara was now standing there with the dust of their brother, their mother, their father and with the body of their killer, everything came crashing down. Some time passed and they picked up all the dust from the floor and went to find help, that was all they could think of.


Chara walked all the way down to the Lab in hopes of finding help in order to save their family, their hands covered in their family's dust, as they entered the Lab they saw both Gaster and Sans standing there, Sans was the first one to look over at Chara, he gave them a worried look and tried to start a conversation with them in order to see what was going on, however, Gaster stopped him from getting any closer to Chara in order to protect his son, Gaster had noticed that Chara's hands were covered in dust which only made the situation worse for Chara. Both Gaster and Sans were aware that a human had fallen down into the underground and the human had started a Genocide on Monster Kind, however, they weren't aware of whom it had been, Sans knew better than to think Chara would do something like this, but Gaster truly didn't, years of war against Humanity taught Gaster not to trust any humans, even if they were just a child. In an act of impulse, Gaster lifted Chara from the ground, which left both Sans and Chara stunned at his act, and then Gaster proceeded to toss Chara at the CORE. The last thing Chara heard was a loud "NO!" before it all went dark.

Slowly but surely Chara felt themselves fading away, they did not try to fight it they were too tired to do so, they simply covered their eyes with their hands, the dust of their family started to melt away into their skin, which only made the situation more painful. After hours and hours, Chara found themselves on a black dimension with nothing around. And so, Chara stood there on total nothing.

Their dimension time:

Chara was aware that they weren't in the Underground anymore, perhaps they weren't even in their Home Universe, at first feelings of confusion washed over them, why had they been throw into the CORE when they did nothing to hurt Monsters? Then realization, it had to be because of the dust they had and still have in their hands, hadn't it? Gaster must have thought it was them who had done this to the Monster Kind. And finally, rage, Chara felt furious at Gaster, after all, they had done nothing wrong, but they were angrier at the human that had done this, if it hadn't been for Frisk, they wouldn't be in this state and nobody would be hurting. Time passed by and eventually, this rage dissolved into acceptance over what had happened but the vengeance and resentment were still inside of Chara, burning brighter than ever. During their time in the dimension, they found themselves able to see and access genocide routes all at the same time, they could hear their cries, their pleas for the pain to stop, and seeing these timelines suffering made them feel bad about the people, something that they hadn't felt in a long time. So that's when Chara decided that they would put a complete end to the timelines that were in severe pain and that clearly couldn't be helped anymore, they would give these people what they, themselves, had never gotten, true salvation.



Their hair is often dark grey and short, they have white skin and a pair of Void-looking eyes, they have dark tear markings on their eyes. Like any other Chara, they have circle markings on their face these being light grey, which are quite well hidden by the markings on their face, when Chara feels angry or any other strong emotion the circles on their cheeks become dark grey. They often wear a long-sleeved sweater, with a long light grey horizontal line in the middle & dark grey shorts, the shorts being a bit ripped after the incident.

Their true body was never truly scattered across time and space but their soul was, they can manifest clones of themselves throughout genocide timelines but can only destroy them with their own physical body there.


CORE!Chara has extensive knowledge about the Undertale Multiverse and everyone living in it, but they do not know everything. They tend to act dumb on the easiest topics mostly to joke around or mock a certain individual. But, this mocking of theirs can turn out to come out as cruel, even if they don't intend for it to be that way.

Chara has a strong aversion towards other Universe's Frisks, mainly because of their past with their Frisk. They can still tolerate some other Frisk's presence as they are aware that these Frisks aren't their own, but if they do they'll either act in a pretty blunt manner towards them or simply avoid making any contact at all; in some cases, someone can end up getting hurt. Chara is often serious and wary around strangers as they've got some trust issues, and believe that the only person they can truly trust in the Multiverse is themself and they make that clear multiple times. But, this does not mean that they hate interacting with others from time to time as they've shown being capable of having some sort of alliance with others, even in their strange way.

Chara loves some chaos and chocolate, they hate being bored that's why they are always looking for new things to do, be it destroying genocidal timelines or watching as other people fight. They are not someone who should be portrayed as totally good, because of their "only trust yourself" nature, Chara has developed quite the manipulative mindset to get their way on certain situations and this way of theirs tends to involve violence and they'd go quite far to get it on situations. Chara's time destroying other genocidal timelines has made them insensitive, which ends up rubbing off on how they act. They don't mind doing evil things either, if it is of benefit to them then they'll do it without any problems. However, they do not take any pleasure when they hurt others, nor do they do it for their own amusement.


  • Multiversal Clone Manifestation: Chara can manifest only one clone of themselves throughout genocide timelines, which allows them to be at multiple places at many times, but they can only do this on genocide timelines, not on pacifist ones, they would have to manifest their original form on a pacifist timeline if they wanted to appear.
  • Multiversal Omnipresence: They are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
  • Regeneration: They can regenerate their clones if they are damaged but it does take a while for them to do so, as the clones are much more fragile and can be easily killed off than their own physical form.
  • Void Knives: Chara's void knives are their main weapon, they can summon up to 5 void knives around them. The void knives can erase any object out of existence upon coming in contact with it, though when the knives come in contact with a living being they can cause some bad damage to it, leaving the being with some bad stab wounds that can take quite a long time to heal and that don't instantly heal even with advanced healing. Chara can also fuse their knives making them become The Erasure Sword.
  • Chara's Erasure Sword: Chara uses this sword to erase genocidal timelines, they can also erase pacifist timelines using the sword too, though they can only manifest one sword at a time per timeline and it takes quite a long time for them to erase a pacifist timeline giving the people enough time to fight Chara off, they erase genocide timelines faster.


Native AU (Under!Core/Under!Despair)


Chara and Asriel had a brotherly relationship with each other, meaning that they were really close to one another, they did everything together, sleep, play, talk. Chara might not remember him that well but they still have got some feelings from the past about him.


Chara genuinely hates Frisk because of everything they put them through.


Gaster and Chara barely even met face to face. Chara remembers him quite properly and they don't like him because of his actions towards them, though Gaster does regret what he did to them.


Chara and Sans were once friends, Chara met him when they fell into the underground, Sans was younger back then, they were good friends.


Papyrus met Chara too all that time ago, and they became great friends, he, Sans, and Asriel along with Chara used to play hide and seek together, and Papyrus was the greatest at this game. Chara always loved Papyrus sphaguetti.



Main article: CORE!Frisk

If Chara ever comes across Core!Frisk, they might end up fighting due to Chara's past with their Frisk along with their ideals being different the way they are.


Main article: Error!Sans

If Chara ever comes across Error they might end up sharing some sort of friendship with each other since Chara likes destruction but a different destruction than the one that Error does, I imagine them as some sort of destruction buddies hanging out with each other, destroying some things.


Main article: Ink!Sans

Ink and Chara could end up sharing a possible small friendship with each other but nothing too close because of Chara's trusting issues.


If Chara ever comes across Nightmare they might end up having a neutral relationship with each other, simply tolerating one another, not more than that.


Chara does not like Dream's positive nature, in a way, they find him to be quite annoying and even a nuisance at some point, but they don't completely hate dream either, deep down they feel as if they could relate to him in some ways.


If they ever come across each other Chara and Cross could have a rather friendly relationship with each other, at least, in Chara's point of view.


If Reapertale!Chara ever comes across this Chara, they might end up fighting because Core!Chara is aware of Reaper's relationship with Core!Frisk.


If those 2 ever come across each other they might end up having a truce between each other to go against Reapertale!Chara, and possibly sharing a friendship too.


Main article: Seasons!Frisk

They've had a brief meeting before.These two share a very tricky relationship, for a first encounter that is, in one way, Frisk sees Chara as an enemy because they don't truly know about their true intentions when it comes to destroying the Genocidal Timelines, in another way Chara simply does not like Frisk because they are who they are. Chara sees them as annoying and simply wants to possibly avoid meeting them in the future, but Frisk started to see Chara as a possible enemy.


Chara met Kindred face to face before, however, they did not have much interaction with each other only a few glances which already send a sense of dread right back at Chara.