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CORRUPTION is a demon like entity (is basically the Satan of the multiverse) of God-like origins. They travel through AU's spreading eidocide and murder in their wake, they are also known to make dark clones of anyone who doesn't join him.

Its soul is just the soul of whoever the Main Clone has possessed, surrounded by CORRUPTION. Each clone has a different SOUL.


CORRUPTION was created when the first murder happened in an AU and has since then been spreading eidocide, murder, and sadness where ever they go.

However, they weren't going to get themself killed early in their life, so they laid low until the creation of Alterdune, where they struck

Afterwards, they continued to cause genocide in the many timelines of Alterdune, eventually turning a version of Justice!Sans insane, and making a deal with them to kill all those in the void

This backfired HEAVILY when PORTaLOS, the last voidil, destroyed all clones in the void after the eidocide when his most powerful ability, "Light of Justice" was unlocked

CORRUPTION still continues to attempt to kill him to this day, getting more clones killed and un-corrupted in the process



They generally look like a dark black version of Frisk with red eyes, but they aren't just 1 being they have infinite clones roaming the Multiverse. They're usually similar in appearance, but could be anything.


They are soulless, however are generally passive-agressive and mean.


  • Flight
  • Possession
  • Clone making
  • Dark constructs
  • Immortality
  • Portal making
  • Powers over time and space
  • Fake soul creating (only clones)
  • all types of magic
  • Mind reading
  • Shape shifting
  • Super speed
  • Super strength

Note: they don't even use half of these powers, as it would become monotonous.



Main article: PORTaLOS

As mentioned above, when their plan to kill all voidil backfired, PORTaLOS vowed to destroy CORRUPTION, and thus PORTaLOS is CORRUPTIONS nemesis

Dark Dimensions

Dark Dimensions were made by CORRUPTION as a safe space to hide in while biding their time. It is unknown when the first one was created, although we know for sure that that Dark Dimension has been destroyed. Dark Dimensions were completely unknown of until CORRUPTION made the grave mistake of fleeing to there with PORTaLOS still latching on to them. After this mistake PORTaLOS destroyed that clone and raided the dimension, ultimately destroying it before fleeing to the void.


  • Can only be killed if all sin is whipped out from existence, and even then they won't die, just fall into an eternal coma.
  • So far the only beings who know of its existence are Gods, Justice!, People from the AU's it corrupts or destroys, and PORTaLOS
  • It will always possess people who have committed eidocide, no matter if they want it or not
  • They can destroy all AU's (besides the first one) whenever they want, but IT doesn't due to it being "boring" and ruining the "fun"
  • CORRUPTION needs to CORRUPT someone in order to gain a "Main Clone", this usually causes the Main Clone to be only partially in control. This has, many times, screwed over CORRUPTION, as when the Main Clone is purified, all other clones are much weaker until a new person is turned into the Main Clone