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Candy girl laughing

  1. "skeletons, I like skeletons ever since. I love them and now i get to SEE THEM!" -candy girl starting the battle with sans, Storyshift chara, and logaster.

Candy girl is a fan made character that was first by and created by @undertalelizzie. She is known to be the scariest and have the creepypasta story called candy girl. The creepypasta fanfiction has a crossover between undertale, sonic, pokemon and several crossovers in the story fanfiction.

@undertalelizzie thought that she was so scary and cool for her, in wattpad. The story sets in December 1, 2015 where it was telling that if a child go treat or treating in night they might get kidnapped or kill by candy girl. Or killed a grown adult man that dares go into the night.


Candy girl has snitched up purple like candy and white candy skin like a doll, and has a snitched mouth and she has sharp teeth. Candy girl wears a dress and has pink candy like hair that is tied in pigtails.

She has green and purple candy swirl lollipop eyes.


candy girl seems to have like a ghost child voice and her personality is evil, and scary. She likes to kill people and monsters in Halloween time. Or when they see her.

Her heart soul is a candy and the heart soul is fear, scary. When she starts the battle. She enjoyed eating sweets, cakes and kidnapping little children or sad people by mind controlling them and bringing them to the secret place in the woods, so she can play with them and give them sweets.

Powers and abilities

Candy girl can grab the victim with her pink hair and tear them apart, and the candy tentacles can tear the victims head off.

She can summon long sharp candy cane arms to stab with.



When candy girl first saw asriel in the Halloween festival, She liked him because he was so adorable and cute to her she wanted to kidnapped him and be with him forever.


Candy girl loved and like skeletons. That she wanted to be like one and act like them, but sans fighted her and he stopped her with his power with underfell sans, papyrus, underfell papyrus, and underswap sans, and underswap papyrus. So when they tried to tore up apart by eating her she got mad and says that she hates skeletons.

Storyshift chara:

When chara and candy girl fighted, candy girl fell down and tried to kill chara with her candy tentacles.


  • Candy girl is similar to candy mane from something sweet to bite(mlp darkfic) they both have the same personalities and have the Same voice.
  • Candy girl has the same personality as Chara and Bete Noire/Glitchtale. Which are fear and killing other people.
  • Candy girl sounds and talks like candy mare(something sweet to bite)
  • her height and weight is unknown
  • Her blood type is unknown