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Chaos!Jevil is an Out!Code version of Jevil created by DocMelonhead. He’s a glitched Darkner from a destroyed Deltarune AU with the awareness of the fictitiousness of the Multiverse. He uses his chaotic powers to “Improve” the AUs beyond their Creators visions, much to the inhabitants dismay at his attempts.


Jevil came from a Deltarune AU quite identical to the original. However Error!Sans came to this AU to destroy it, and the Darkner got caught into his strings. However, his chaotic nature conflicts with the strings programming and cause him to glitch’d into the doodle sphere by mere chance.

When Ink came to notice the glitching Imp, he decided to use his inks to imprison the Jester out of fear of his powers. However, not only does the Darkner absorbed the ink, he also gained the forbidden knowledge of the Creators and the AUs that they created from it. This also grant him abilities similar to Ink.

After escaping the Doodlesphere, he now use his newly found chaotic powers to roam the Multiverse and free the AUs from the “stale” scripts implanted by the Creators; much to the dismay of their inhabitants.



He’s a fun loving yet wise jester whose despise staleness and order, and does everything to spice things up a notch. He also mess with people emotions out of boredom just to get a reaction form them. He also despise imprisonment of any kind.


  • Chaos Scythe: His bizarre scythe can be used to warp space and break time within the given area.
  • Ink of Destruction: His Inks can remold anything it touches into something different.
  • Stings of Freedom: His strings can alter the personality and remove unwanted parts of the scripts of Fate.
  • Chaos Manipulation: He can manipulate the probabilities of events to his favor, making the improbable the absolute and the most likely impossible .
  • Pop-up: His chaotic properties allow him to pop in and out of any place in the multiverse.


While he may seem omnipotent, using his powers drains on his stamina (which slowly replenished in time). Thus the more Chaos he cause in a single moment, the quicker he is to tire out. He usually retreats in order to gain back the energy he needed to create havoc once more.