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Chaos!Sans is an oc made by alimaxxe. He's a being born from the antivoid. He currently wandering across the Multiverse causing Chaos.


a very, very long time ago, when the multiverse was still a newborn, a being started to rise from nowhere, he was lost in the antivoid, lacking a soul, but having extreme powers, after staying there for a long time, he discovered the au hop, he then teleported outside the antivoid, he started feeling immense pain in the chest, then, the frisk of the universe, being in a genocide run, tried to kill him, so by self defense, he punched they, when he punched they, their soul was absorbed by chaos, he started to no longer feel pain in the chest, started feeling better, and when he saw the human dying, their pain.... gived him joy, flashforward to tomorow, the chest pain is back, chaos realised that to survive, he needed to absorb human souls to survive, and day after day, he started becoming more and more crazy, until a point where he started killing people for fun, and sometimes spared them when they where about to die to see their pain, he also gained very... unique powers from all the murders and started wandering around the multiverse



chaos looks like a normal sans, except his colors are completely random and every part of his body/clothes changes constantly, his eyes always stay orange and pink tho


chaos is completely crazy and impossible to save, he will do any inhuman act just for fun and won't hesitate a second to kill for fun, he also lacks a soul, making it impossible for him to feel any emotions, but when he absorbs a soul, for a second he acts like a normal person, but it litteraly lasts 1second


  • illusion: he can create illusions, pretty self explainatory
  • void bones: special bone that aither deal no damage or deals a lot of damages, 50/50 chance
  • void blasters: like the void bones
  • nonsense: does a completely random event, comming from summoning a temmie to destroying the fight box, until just killing instantly
  • theft: he can take people's souls with ease
  • semi reality manipulation: he can slightly control reality to teleport others, move the background, and controling people's hp
  • move h52: a bone in a bone in a bone in a bone 52times, that deals 52times the damage of a normal bone
  • telekinesis: can throw your soul, lift objects, and even move the fight box
  • madness: can simply make anyone with weak mental strengh go crazy


  • soul: if he does not take a soul every day, he will die
  • weak mental: he is..... very dumb, to say the least, and is easily manipulable by people such as nightmare, infinitey code, error404 etc...
  • logic: he gets very confused when someone uses logic in front of him and will start trying to understand, which can take a long time with his braincells
  • random: he launches his attacks completely randomly and can sometimes accidentaly hit himself


error: roomate, unknown

chaos simply got never found by error in the antivoid, so they don't really know each other

ink: enemy

chaos hates ink because he always attacks him during his soul harvest and he can't take his soul because he

doesn't have one

infinitey code: puppeter

chaos is puppet of infinitey, he knows it and simply does not care in the slightest


  • chaos does not need to drink or eat
  • chaos doesn't have a gender, but is reffered as male
  • chaos almost got called nonsense-
  • chaos doesn't have a favorite food, drink, place or anything like that