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The time that I consider the happiest was when my little brother was still alive. Now, it's like a wish that can never come true

Chaotic! Sans is an Out!Code created by QuanExercitus and belongs to the Judgeverse. He's a version of Sans from BeforeDust, who murdered a lot of soulless people to improve his AU but the results were not as expected. After being given Soul of Chaos, he went to destroy other AUs to improve his AU


Chaotic Sans's real name is Victor and comes from BeforeDust, an unfinished AU. He and Papyrus are the first and only characters to have souls. However, despite trying his best to improve AU, he never got the results he wanted. In desperation, he destroyed Papyrus' soul. This made Victor very sad because of Papyrus' death. There, he became an emotionless loner in a place where no one had a soul

Finally, a strange dark blue spirit appeared. Victor looks into the soul and when approached he is given the power of Soul of Chaos. He begins to use the power of Soul of Chaos. It allows him to have more abilities. Gradually, Victor used Soul of Chaos to the point of mastery

One day he discovers that he can go to different AUs through portals. It didn't take long for him to come to the conclusion that the source of his AU troubles was in this world. Soul of Chaos may have chosen him due to his determination to improve his AU. So he starts using Soul of Chaos's power to destroy the AU, he destroys the AU to get an improvement code for his AU



Victor wears a black jacket over his dark blue shirt. The hood of the jacket is black. He wears a pair of pants like the Classic Sans but in black with dark blue trim. He wears a pair of black sandals that have almost faded. His eyes usually have dark blue pupils. These pupils could also disappear completely if he wanted to. Victor's eye sockets always ooze a red fluid (Determination). He also wears Papyrus's scarf but it is dyed dark blue. His Mainton mark is black


Victor is a cold and rather emotionless person. Victor's personality is similar to Exer's in that they are not lazy. Victor often likes to be alone when thinking about Papyrus and his AU. He likes to fight the strong. He hates people who look down on him. He hates arrogant people. He's also quite fond of puns. He quite likes playing video games. He also often helps people with low self-esteem


  • Non-Affect: Maintons can remove all sorts of effects of abilities such as cables, taking over bodies, bending the laws, copying and more. Maintons can only be created by selected Maintons
  • Anti-SOUL: When Mainton dies, they can respawn shortly after. They will lose their souls and they will rise again. Their abilities will become more deadly as those abilities will be upgraded to make it easier to kill enemies. However, Anti-SOUL can only be used once
  • Increase Power: After Myo died and the 9th Genocide ended, Leader Sans upgraded Mainton. This ability gives Mainton a 200x increase in net strength, increasing stats and abilities
  • Master Blaster: It is shaped like a dragon's skull. When it shoots out, in addition to the main ray, there are also auxiliary rays, its power cannot be determined in all respects. Just know that its ray easily distorts, tears spacetime, destroys matter particles causing them to collapse, destroys, completely obliterates anything that the ray passes through
  • Eternal Prison: Victor can take one's mind into a confusing space. In this space, one's mind will experience the most pain. There are two ways to escape from this dimension: Victor dies or stops, the other way is to defeat Victor in that dimension. The downside is that it will take a lot of Victor's energy
  • Master's Cable:Cables from the fingers will bind the enemy. Its binding speed is uncountable because it is so small. In addition to advanced basic skills like Error, it can also remove all enemy abilities that Victor wants to eliminate. It can distort Spacetime, Reality, ... And many other unidentifiable possibilities
  • Telekinesis: A powerful ability used frequently by Victor. He can manipulate objects and matter, turning those objects and matter into what he wants. This ability is so strong that it allows to crush a person on a subatomic level
  • Be Zero: He can turn the enemy's will to fight to zero, meaning that the enemy will no longer have the will to fight. Also, with this ability, he can turn things to zero by touching them, that is, make them disappear completely
  • Zero Presence: He can make his presence disappear from reality
  • Multiverse Gate: Victor can create portals of any size, allowing him to travel through any point in time (although currently immutable) and space in any world
  • Chaos Manipulation: He has the ability to control chaos. Basically, he can create discord, chaos, disorder, and destruction in their purest and most vivid forms. This ability is so powerful that it can destroy space and time, even reality. This ability can create a number of external factors that can hinder the enemy's chances of victory


Exer (Friend)

He met Leader Sans while destroying 1 AU. They have been friends ever since

Myo (Friend)

He used to hang out with Leader Sans many times, so he met Myo. They also consider each other friends


  • Victor's AU is called GoneTale
  • Chaotic is the most renamed character in Judgeverse
  • He quite likes coffee
  • Ink, Dust and Geno are the inspiration to create Chaotic
  • His IQ is 180
  • Victor's sexual orientation is Asexuality
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