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Charey is an Out!code created by Raytaygirl. They're forced fusion between Flowey and Chara, with the latter being the host of the former. They often wander across the multiverse, though it's mostly out of boredom.


Flowey was fed up with everything being the same and feeling no emotion. He wanted to be something else. After all this, he snapped, eventually diving into the CORE in hopes of resolving his problem. The result? He was scattered across timelines and AUs, eventually ending up in one with Chara, an old friend he hasn't seen in forever. Chara never recognized him, being they were from different timelines. Slowly over time, Flowey built up trust with this Chara, eventually becoming best friends. Flowey took advantage of this. He one day forced a fusion with Chara, taking over her soul and body. All Chara could do was watch it happen with their own eyes and suffer through it.

Flowey and Chara basically become Charey, a forced fusion. Flowey takes all of the control of the fusion while Chara suffers through time in this fusion slowly losing more and more control of their own body and soul as Flowey gains more of it.



Charey has similar colors to Omega Flowey, having their arms and yellow Buttercups around themselves. Charey also has a huge rose on their head, they also still wear the green sweater with the yellow stripe. Sometimes they are depicted with vines coming out of their back.

Of course, there are different versions of Charey depending on what AU variant.


  • Charey is agender. They go by they/them pronouns.
  • Charey can be considered a half-human and half-flora fusion.
  • Charey still has the ability to go to different timelines and AUs.