Chariska is a fusion of Chara and Frisk ( Char-isk-a ) S.T got so unconfutable around Chisk he fused Frisk and Chara to make someone to antagonize Chisk then came Chariska.

Secondary form's theme



Chariska has mode changes she/he is hot headed but some times she/he's happy but most of the time when she's/he's around Chisk , frara , Rosey and Cross!Sans she/he is happy but around anyone else she/he is grumpy and when she is Grumpy she/he is filled with Determined Hate her eye's mouth and cheeks melt and most of the time wants to punch kick bite or slash at them with her/his knife but if She/he gets too angry such as they threaten to or kill her/his friends and she/he will go into her/his secondary form and she/he will try to kill them and instead of determined hate it's just hate but that rarely happens . But when she/he is around her/his friends she/he is happy wants to hang out with them and does not want to hurt them. how she/he made friends with Cross!Sans is she/he acted like she/he knew what was feeling and since he thought she/he knew what he was going through they both became friends. And she/he has a good side due to Frisk's part of her/him.


her/his back story is not to complicated so Chariska is a fusion of Chara and Frisk. S.T got so unconfutable around Chisk he fused Chara and Frisk to make someone annoy and antagonize Chisk and that's how Chariska was made.


she/he does not fight very much.

so she/he almost never uses her/his powers

  • fear: she/he can send people into shock.
  • knifes.
  • Slash.
  • Determination ( reset and respon)

Secondary form power's

  • all the powers as her/his first form
  • burring darkness: she/he can make a fireball or a darkness ball that deal 99 damage
  • healing light : she/he is able to heal 100 damage a minute with a light stream that can heal
  • Red eye's : she/he can shoot a deadly laser from her/his eye's


  • Water
  • emotion: when someone kills her/him she/he usually gets sad or mad when she/he gets mad she/he beats the crap out of people unless their too strong or if she/he is not mad she/he will run away and get help.
  • lowish Hp

Secondary form weaknesses

  • all her/his first form weaknesses
  • sensitive to color
  • niceness


she/he has a striped shirt with the colors Chara and Frisk's shirt with long brown jeans that are the colors of Chara's pants rose colored skin Frisk's neck and Chara's upper forehead one of her/his arms is the color of Frisk's skin and the other is the color of Chara's skin and Brown hair with frisks Shoes . Secondary for her/him has different shades of grays to signify the colors that were once there she/he has light gray skin Dark Gray hair and darker gray pants with black shoes she/he is smiling less but has the same cheeks and eye's .



Cross!Sans : She/he like's to hang Around him and She/he kind of feel's sorry and sad for him for what he's been through.

Rosey : she/he like's Rosey and enjoys time together with her

Chisk : she/he and Chisk get along pretty well but she/he still dose not understand the logic of Chisk and Frara ( and herself/himself ) she/he is aware that She/he was made to annoy Chisk but she/he dose not care.

Frara : Frara is Chariska's least Favorite to hang out with but sometimes they pull pranks and sometimes She/he like's Frara.

Sans/Createfell : she/he likes him and She/he encourages him to cut his bones.

Core!Frisk : she/he likes to try to beat up Core!Frisk.

Core!Chara : she/he finds her interesting.


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Secondary form


Art by InfiniteDrawer

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