The Christian Brutal Human (or CBH for short) was a human who fell into the Underground one day while he was killing some spies on the Surface.

In Battle

You only fight him in the Genocide Route. When the battle starts, he makes the FIGHT button temporarily go away. When the FIGHT button re-appears, you can hit him, but you only deal 10 damage to him, despite him having 900,000 HP. His attacks range from arrows firing at the SOUL, to knifes that are thrown at the SOUL from either side of the Bullet Board. He can also swing his own knife at you, dealing 40 damage. Once you defeat him, he actually comes back to life and his attacks are extremely harder, along with the addition of 3 more attacks, one being a swarm of arrows firing at the SOUL, another one being an Omega Flowey-like vine attack (except instead of vines, they're just simple lines), and the last of the new attacks are knifes that spin and then aim at the SOUL. Once he is defeated a 2nd time, he then dies for real.

Flavor Text

  • The Christian Brutal Human blocks the way! [Encounter]
  • He hates spies, and he thinks you're a spy. [Check]
  • It's like Christmas morning. [Neutral]
  • The Christian Brutal Sniper came back to life! [After defeating him for the first time.]
  • The true battle begins. [2nd phase beginning]


  • If you want to continue further, you gotta fight me! [Before the fight begins]
  • I don't think so. [After being defeated for the the 1st time]
  • BLOODY HELL. YOU KILLED ME! [After being defeated for the 2nd time]



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