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``You are not in anyone's side, you side with yourself, no one can help you.``

Chroma!Sans is an outcode made by saltyboke. Chroma!Sans travels from au to au after getting his au destroyed by Error!Sans, Chroma!Sans has no magic bone or a gaster blaster and so he fused with another sans named Maltreat!Sans gaining the ability to use bone magic and gaster blasters now, he intends to kill Error!Sans as well as Ink!Sans, Chroma!Sans intends to kill Ink!Sans for not coming to his au to stop Error!sans destroy his au.


Even before ChromaTale was destroyed, Chroma had already been travelling from au to au and goes back to his au at the end of the day, and that aside, Chroma's Au has no problems at all, no genocide, no murder, but Chroma himself is the problem. Chroma has the habit of using blood to paint which is causing Chroma to hurt his brother just for the sake of blood, the human hated to see Papyrus get hurt by his own brother, therefore the human named Zen is forced to do multiple resets, Not Until Error came and destroyed ChromaTale.



Chroma sans left eye is colored white only and is shaped like a diamond, his eyes do not change color nor shape, he also wears a Valentines red colored scarf, he wears 2 layers of clothes, first a sweatshirt, and second an oversized T-Shirt, he then wears an apron from his brothers daycare named "Papy's Daycare". He doesn't wear any shoes and only socks despite living in a snowy area, He also wears a big long scarf around his neck


Chroma!San is only nice and cruel to certain people or groups, when he acts kind and friendly when he is around the people and monster in his Au, he acts cruel, he acts all friendly when him and his brother are around other being, but when they are both alone, Chroma would forcibly take blood out of his own brother, he also acts cold and cruel towards Maltreat despite being bestfriends, He gets along very well with Epic!Sans.

when in battle Chroma!Sans is very serious in winning, he'd do anything, he'd switch places with Maltreat as many time as he like just to defeat an enemy, but Chroma!Sans doesn't just keep on attacking, he'd of course think very carefully in what he'll do next, Chroma!Sans would first try to figure out the opponents weaknesses and strengths, but there would be times he isn't able to think straight and just keep on attacking them.

Chroma!Sans does not and will not hesitate to harm or threaten anyone, even a close friend or a family member, he'll do anything to achieve his goal, even if he will be killed in the process he won't give up very easily.


Chroma can originally perform 3 majestic feats just with a small simple brush and with any paint or blood, Chroma can also perform other splendid feats thanks to Maltreat!Sans's soul fused with his:

What Chroma can do by himself:

  • Paint teleportation: Chroma can teleport to anyone marked with his paint, but this does not work for object.
  • normal teleportation : Chroma can teleport to any place he likes, just one drop of his paint and he's able to create a portal big enough for someone to go in.
  • Creation : Like Ink!Sans, Chroma has the ability to create and restore living or non-living beings or objects, but this consumes the paint he has and the paint he has is limited, so he is very careful in using this ability

Abilities he got from fusing souls with Maltreat!Sans

  • Bone Magic: What every Sanses have, Bone magic, He is able to summon sharp bone anywhere, both on land and on Air.
  • Gaster Blaster: What every Sanses also have, he is also able to summon a gaster blaster big or small.
  • Death by burning: He is able to burn anyone who's soul is weakened by hatred, sadness, or pain.
  • Before Judgement: He is able to see the script of a monster but not an AU, and is able to see anyone's past.
  • After Judgement: If he is able to successfully read the script of his target and is able to see his targets life, from birth to present, he would be able to control his target, even if not in contact anymore.

Maltreat!Sans and Chroma!Sans abilities fused together

  • Painted bone: He is able to bend the summoned bones to his will and solidify it.
  • Twisted Judgement: If he is able to successfully read the script of his target and is able to see his targets life, from birth to present, He will be able to teleport to them or watch them from another AU.



Chroma calls him Papy. despite being Chroma's brother, Chroma Harms and threatens Papyrus when no one's around.


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Chroma!Sans met Fell!Ink while traveling into other Universes, the reason Chroma Tries to kill Fell Ink is for defending defending error from him, but there are times where they both hangout together. see more about Fell!Ink Here


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  • Chroma!Sans was used in an experiment by Chroma!Gaster which removed the abilty for Chroma to use bone magic and gasterblaster
  • All though Chroma!Sans harms his brother, he still loves him.
  • Chroma!Sans has a soft spot for kids
  • You'll rarely catch Chroma!Sans drawing, he only draws while he rests in random Au's
  • Chroma!Sans has trypanophobia
  • Chroma!Sans hates the upside down heart shape on the back of his skull.
  • The upside down heart shape on the back of Chroma!Sans's skull is a permanent black paint which has unknown chemicals mixed in it.