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Cold!Sans is an Out!Code protector created by Keion15. He's a Sans that gained Ice based abilities at the cost of his memories. He now travels across the multiverse as one of its protectors.


Cold Sans was once a classic sans one day he walking then out of nowhere, a snow storm hit Cold Sans then His body started changing and His clothes, change to White and His Magic change to Ice magic then when he woke up then his memories was gone and He didn't remember anything or anyone so was able to travel through Aus Then he starteds to realize these Aus should all be alive and He became one of the Protectors of the Multiverse. He now use his Ice magic to protect Aus from the Destroyers such as Error sans and He sometimes fight Error because he always destroy Aus But sometimes they get along as well and Cold sans like to help Ink and Broken science with protecting The Aus in The Multiverse. Just like the rest of the Gods in the Multiverse, he force to bow to King Multiverse. He was given the god-title of God of Ice.



He is very friendly and Kind to others, He will protect Any Aus from Error or any Other Destroyers that Try to attack the Aus. He can be very deadly in a Battle even if he is nice and Kind other's.


He wears a White Hoodie with Grey Shoes and He have Blue Teeth and Eyes.


  • Ice Manipulation: He can summon and use Ice to Freeze and attack enemies.
  • Ice Gaster Blasters: He use Ice Gaster Blasters, he can summon Large blasters as well.
  • Ice Bones: When he use his Ice Bones they will freeze anything they hit.
  • Freeze Blast: He charge Up His Ice Blast to freeze enemies.
  • Ice-Make: This ability he can make Ice weapons, he can summon different types of weapon to use.
  • Ice Sword: He use a Ice sword, that is his main weapon to fight.
  • Ice Shards: He shoot Ice Shards, can summon them in different sizes.
  • Ice/Snow Storms: He use Ice/Snow storms to attack enemies.
  • Ice Zone: Can make freeze everything and everyone around here.
  • Ice Slide: He can slide on Ice and Can use it too escape.
  • AU Hopping: Just like Ink and Error, he has the ability to travel through the AUs.
  • Ice Gaster Hands: He can summon gaster Hands, but his are Ice hands.


He weak to Fire Magic since he is the god of Ice, Snow and Winter Storms.


Ink Sans (Friend/Ally)

He like to spent with Ink Sans and they both Protect Aus together from the Destroyers, Ink like to hangout with Cold since he can freeze any enemies who destroy Aus. Cold sans also like to visits Ink, he like to watch Ink draw and Create things They met when Ink saw Ice around a Au.

Broke Science Sans (Friend/Ally)

He met Broken Science Sans and he became good friends with Broke Science Sans, Broken told Cold about his Backstory and Cold Sans feel very bad for Broken, He like to visits Broken sometimes. Cold likes to talk with Broken, they like to watch tv together.

King Multiverse Sans (Boss)

Cold Sans is one of the gods and He is very loyal to King Multiverse, He was given a god title by The King along with Ink, Error and Broken Science Sans was given god titles too. Cold Respect King Multiverse sans.

Delta Sans (Friend)

He is good pals with Delta, they work together to fight destroyers such as Error and Negative.

Dream Sans (Friend/Ally)

He is very good pals with Dream and they work together to protects Aus from the Destroyers, Cold like to hangout with Dream.

Core Frisk (Friend/Ally)

He like to visits Core and He like the Omega Timeline since It's where the Out-Codes go to when they don't have AUs or No Home, Cold Respect Core as well.

Glitch (Friend/Ally)

He like to hangout with Glitch and He respect Glitch because He is able to Resurrect The AUs and Bring the AUs back Life.

Negative (Frenemies/Rival)

He fight with Negative the god of Chaos and Corruption But sometimes they get along and Now they are Rivals.

Error Sans (Frenemies)

He is frenemies with Error sans and They can Fight sometimes but sometimes they watch Undernovla.

Time Sans (Friend/Ally)

He is good friends with Time sans and Time sans help Cold With his Job when he is trying to protect a Au from Error or Negative and Cold like to visits Time Sans.

Reaper Sans (Best Friend/Ally)

Reaper sans Is Cold favorite God to hangout with because Reaper is very cool and He like Reaper San puns and he like to visits Reaper sans they met one time when Reaper sans try reap someone then He met Cold and they became good allies

Nightmare Sans (Frenemies/Ally)

He hate Nightmare because he try to kill random people but they are allies since they are both gods and they work for King Multiverse Sans.

Cyan Sans (Best Friend/Ally)

He is very good pals with Cyan sans Cold Sans like to visits him since Cyan is pretty nice and Cold Sans like to spend time with him.

Abyss Sans (Friend)

He is good friends with Abyss and They both use Ice Shards to fight enemies and They both protect AUs.


  • He Is Master/God of Ice, Snow and Ice storms
  • He is a god like Ink and Error
  • He is a protector
  • He is very friendly
  • He is very nice
  • He can control Ice to his Will.
  • He Is a out-code.
  • His Au was classic Timeline but it was destroy by the snow storm.
  • He Is also very loyal to King Multiverse.
  • He protects Aus from Error sans.
  • He Is weak to Fire and Lava Magic.
  • He forgotten his backstory and family.
  • He is one of the gods in the Multiverse.
  • He likes to talk with Broken Science.