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" In this world, we all fear either death, or life, and you just may be asked, what's worse, fearing death or fearing life? Embracing the chaos of this multiverse makes you disobey the laws of both, so why not join in?!'"
– Collapse trying to lure an AU into the inter-dimension

Collapse is an out!code created by Nefarity. He's one of the Sans who follows the orders of his boss/creator and biological father Injury. He's the most chaotic of the group.


Collapse has the same start as his teammates Flare and Alert, once his non-physical being was created, it was more....chaotic, spikes constantly formed around it, anything next to it would slowly collapse, thus would be his name.....once he was fully created, he was different from the two, it was as if he instantly knew what he was supposed to do and who Injury is to him, he was also a fairly quick learner attack-wise, compared to his past creations, this made Injury wonder if his abilities are improving, or if this creation had something more to it then meets the eye....



Collapse appears as a 198 cm skeleton, Collapse has sharp teeth with one of the tooth being colored yellow and pink, it is unknown if this tooth is natural or painted, Collapses eyes differ, with the left one twitching from time to time, having a big pink circle in the middle of the eye socket, with a black pupil, all the while the right eye has a smaller pink circle with a black pupil, all the while having a yellow ring around said pink eye. Collapse wears a 90s vintage jacket, with the color scheme of yellow and pink, his shorts and slippers have the same color scheme


Collapse has a wild personality with a slightly raspy voice and high energy, collapse can be quite compared to jevil with their both love for chaos, although collapse can go to further levels to achieve his temporary satisfaction, although he doesn't have a thirst for blood as Alert does, it is some-what common for collapse to kill innocent civilians without the need to when he gets too excited or has too much of a thirst for exciting/chaotic things to happen, this can be usually noticed by his left eye twitching more then usual and him breathing out-loud

The breaker hammer.png

Main weapon

''The Breaker Hammer'' - The Breaker Hammer is Collapses main choice of weapon, which he can summon and disintegrate at any point of time that he wants, he can hold it with ease although its twice as big as him, for everyone else, this hammer is as heavy as it looks. it appears as a hammer with the main color scheme of yellow and pink, with spikes of different colors and different shapes all used to impale his targets in many ways, he mainly uses the spikes in the front to squash and impale his enemies


  • Weapon Manipulation - Collapse can manipulate his weapon ''The Breaker Hammer'' into any weapon he can think of, ranging from scythes, spears, revolvers etc, going as far as mini guns that fire spikes
  • Cloning - Collapse is able to clone himself once a day, this ability stacks as if he doesn't use said ability for 3 days, he can summon 3 clones whenever he wants so, the clones are weaker in terms of defense and attack power
  • Ultimate Spike Control - Collapse is capable of spawning spikes from any surface and if wanted so, even himself, making spikes appear all around from his body and impaling other near him, he can summon spikes from any surface such as walls, ceilings, grounds or even certain physical attacks
  • Spikes - Collapse is capable of massly summoning spikes, and firing them which most of them after they stop moving explode into a powder
  • Now you killed me now you haven't - Collapse is capable of faking his own death, to the point of slowly turning into dust as his ''dead'' body lays on the floor, the real Collapse remains invisible to the target, the effect lasts shortly if Collapse doesn't take the opportunity to attack, once he does the illusion wears off immediately
  • Teeth of Metal - His teeth appear to be for most parts unbreakable , if incredibly wounded there's only one body part that would be guaranteed untouched which would be his teeth, he has a bite force that could pierce through skin and bone equally, his colored tooth has a poisoning effect that causes delusions, hallucinations, dizziness and light-headedness
  • Distress call - He is capable of calling his team for help, they are notified of this quickly as its notified in their thoughts forcefully, then are given a mind-like GPS to his location
  • AU hopping - Collapse is capable of indirectly traveling AUs, his ability of travel is limited however, and usually comes upon request of Injury to travel to a more complex AU
  • Inter-Dimension Access - Collapse has the ability to make a portal to get in and out of injury's dimension

Collapse's clones

Collapse Clones

Collapse's clones can be differed from the fact that collapse's clones wear jester suits

Collapse's clones weapon is what collapse's weapon is at the exact time of him using his cloning ability.

For example if collapse were to transform his breaker hammer into a scythe using weapon manipulation and use the cloning ability, the clone would appear with the scythe specifically, and only the scythe until its death

The clones appear to have a similar move set to collapse although less powerful and less potent (less potent mainly targeting the teeth of metal ability)

When the clones die, they explode into a powder and party-like glitter, leaving an echoey laugh slowly fading off



Respects him as a leader, although he tends to disobey his orders from time to time, they are at most cases minor and excused


Collapse takes entertainment of the type of person Alert is, mostly due to the amount of trouble he causes


They often train with each other, with Collapse and Flare practicing combos, combining their attacks and all, a good spar-mate although too ''chill'' for his amusement


He loves the chaos and trouble he has caused ,but he doesn't like him as a person and what he does to stop their plans