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"There is no way I'm letting you destroy My Universe." - Correct!Sans

Bolt404 (aka Boltzero (YouTube) created an Outcode called Correct!Sans. He is a Sans who obtained a mysterious SOUL and gained the ability to travel throughout the Multiverse. He is now a Guardian of AUs and the balance avatar. Correct! Sans is also the main protagonist in the CorrectTale storey, and he is Sans from the Second AU, as opposed to Alpha or Error404 from the First AU.


Correct!Sans was born In the Second Universe. He was born a regular Sans who enjoyed doing science with his father, W.G Gaster, and playing with his younger brother, Papyrus. However, he quickly realised that his soul was not entirely comprised of pure magic, and that 1⁄2 of it was composed of a human quality known as Vengeance. Correct!Sans world would begin to collapse around him not long after Gaster was dragged into the extractor, pulling him in. This teleported Sans into the Anti-Void, where he encountered Error-Sans and Ink-Sans. But shortly after, he would meet someone who would permanently alter the direction of his life.



Correct!Sans is dressed in a black jacket with yellow arms and grey furr. His trousers are black with a yellow stipe along the middle, and he wears black and yellow shoes.


He is Mostly the same as Classic!Sans but has Underline doubt about himself and his trust in others. while he is laid-back and calm he is certainly capable of turning into a being who only focus is on combat for a short amount of time. He has a huge love for anime in general and has a hard time trying to stop taking about when asked. He also loves tango, Fanta along with Chinses, chicken and chips. He now a days loves BBQ and Ketchup equally. He is often seen as a natural born leader but prefers to not but instead help others.


  • Bones: Correct!Sans can Create and manipulate Bones.
  • Correct-Blaster: In contrast to standard blasters This Gaster-Blaster was expressly upgraded to destroy strong entities. The blaster can one-shot anything lower than Dust-Sans (LV15), but it may inflict significant damage to Glitches such as Error-Sans and Virus-Sans.
  • Black-Scarf: He has a black scarf tied around his neck that can transform into various things such as claws, swords, and can shoot energy blasts from the yellow circles inside it.
  • Black Strings: While he possesses strings, they do not obliterate things like Error, but instead can repair things, but they may still be used to destroy souls and so on.
  • Code/data immunity: Using powers through code manipulation has no effect on him. That is, the same with powers like Overwrite, Erase, Reset, and so on.
  • Correction: This is a ability that allows Correct and him alone to restore corrupted or in correct pieces of code, for example he can restore a timeline that was Overwriten by X!Gaster, Restore a Universe Destroyed by Error!Sans or even Correct fix the code of another universe as when he fixed the code of CorrectTale.
  • Aura Shield: According to Beyond!Gaster this aura/ forcefield is created to Protect Correct From some forces of Reality warping making him immune building up a defensive measure to a degree.


UnderHell!Sans (Mortal Rival)

Underhell!Sans and Correct!Sans were rivals since they first met.

Error404!Sans (Friend)

Error404 seems to get along with Correct!Sans because they kind of have the same objective. Correct!Sans want to help both Error404 and Alpha!Sans get their home back.

Determined!Sans (Friend)

Determined met Correct on one his mission to kill Fallout, but was stopped after a misunderstanding. and let him get away.

Corrupted!Toriel (Friend/Lover)

She is Correct!Sans' lover and ally. she doesn't like seeing other girls around him, and will often act jealous or mean.

King Multiverse (Side Boss)

King Multiverse rather likes to command Correct, as he is more useful then Ink and Error Half of Correct's power can destroy Ink and Error, one on one.

Delta!Sans (Friend)

He is good pals with Delta, they work together to fight destroyers such as Nightmare and Negative.

Dream!Sans (Friend/Ally)

Correct rather likes to help Dream, due to their fight with Nightmare and his gang.

Negative (Enemies)

Negative sees a lot of power in Correct, and wants it for himself. He often tries to make a deal with correct when given the chance.

TimeError!Sans (Frenemies)

TimeError!Sans is rather fine with correct due to their first encounter, and stopping the fight between him and SpaceError.

Nightmare!Sans (Enemies)

Nightmare wants Correct to join him, so he can have his power to destroy all who opposes him. Correct denies this offer, and they have been enemies since.

EQUINOX 101 (Student)


  • Correct!Sans has 4 other Transformations that I will not add yet(You can ask me if you like).
  • He has a healing factor.
  • He is a huge Digimon and Pokemon fan.
  • He loves card games and Computer games.
  • He has States but never shows them.
  • He doesn't approve of Error404/William methods but understands his reason(Some times).
  • He has states but they are mostly unknown as of now.
  • He has 8 siblings in total.
  • He is Stronger then ink!Sans and Error!Sans but weaker the King-Multiverse!Sans.
  • He has died Twice once as Classic and another as after saving Astral!Sans.
  • He has been able to Restore other universes like X.Tale Grey.
  • Correct!Sans is allies with Error404 and Alpha!Sans, but doesn't like to kill others.