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Correct!Sans is Out!Code created by Bolt404 (Fandom) aka Boltzero (YouTube). He's a Sans that obtained a mysterious SOUL, and gained the ability to traverse across the Multiverse. He's now a Guardian of AUs, and the avatar of freedom.


Correct!Sans comes from an AU called CorrectTale, where it's nearly identical to the original Undertale. After almost dying to the player, an unknown SOUL came in front of him which was the SOUL of Freedom. out of desperation. Sans took the SOUL and became Correct!Sans.



Correct!Sans looks like the original Undertale Sans, but with a yellow and black jacket and pants. His hoodie has white and dark gray fur on it, and on the sleeves.


Correct!Sans' personality is somewhat chill and laid-back, but when annoyed. he becomes angry and cold hearted.


  • Correct Bone: The Correct Bone can easily kill beings with weaker or broken SOULS. (such as Geno!Sans). If the being is soulless, (like Ink!Sans) these bones can kill them in almost one hit..
  • Correct Gaster Blaster This Gaster Blaster can destroy errors and viruses. (Like Error!Sans) This Gaster Baster can match Error404!Sans' Gaster Blaster one on one.
  • Black Scarf Correct!Sans wears a black scarf around his neck. This scarf can change in to giant hands, wings, or anything Correct!Sans would like.
  • Sword Mace Correct!Sans can create a giant sword mace that he uses to fight other beings in a sword fight. This sword can kill anything in one hit, but only to anyone weaker then Dust!Sans.
  • Black Strings Correct!Sans can use black strings to strangle his foes.
  • Correction Correction is a button power that fixes any mistakes glitches, viruses, errors, infections, and more to any timeline or AU. This button can undo OVERWRITE, fix erased data/code, etc.


  • Correction404: This form make correct!sans as powerful as Error404 for about 24 hours. This form has the same powers as Error404 and can on a equal as powerful.
  • Fatal404!Sans: This form looks like a a correct sans with Error404 jacket a bit
  • Correction595: This form is basically like Error404 butterfly form but can hold planets and stop a complete wipe out of the omni-verse. This form can move faster then light-speed
  • FailSafe-999: This form needs Fatal404!Sans and Correct!Sans to work together to be used. This form is his most powerful, as he become a dragon with the power of the Multiverse on his side. This form cant be hurt because it is pure energy. This form is not effected by SOUL attacks or other types of magic. This form can recreate the Multiverse and destroy when he wants to. FailSafe-99 can also destroy an AU just by looking at it.


UnderHell!Sans (Mortal Rival)

Underhell!Sans and Correct!Sans were rivals since they first met.

Error404!Sans (Friend)

Error404 seems to get along with Correct!Sans because they kind of have the same objective. Correct!Sans want to help both Error404 and Alpha!Sans get their home back.

Determined!Sans (Friend)

Determined met Correct on one his mission to kill Fallout, but was stopped after a misunderstanding. and let him get away.

Corrupted!Toriel (Friend/Lover)

She is Correct!Sans' lover and ally. she doesn't like seeing other girls around him, and will often act jealous or mean.

King Multiverse (Side Boss)

King Multiverse rather likes to command Correct, as he is more useful then Ink and Error Half of Correct's power can destroy Ink and Error, one on one.

Delta!Sans (Friend)

He is good pals with Delta, they work together to fight destroyers such as Nightmare and Negative.

Dream!Sans (Friend/Ally)

Correct rather likes to help Dream, due to their fight with Nightmare and his gang.

Negative (Enemies)

Negative sees a lot of power in Correct, and wants it for himself. He often tries to make a deal with correct when given the chance.

TimeError!Sans (Frenemies)

TimeError!Sans is rather fine with correct due to their first encounter, and stopping the fight between him and SpaceError.

Nightmare!Sans (Enemies)

Nightmare wants Correct to join him, so he can have his power to destroy all who opposes him. Correct denies this offer, and they have been enemies since.

EQUINOX 101 (Student)



  • Correct!Sans is allies with Error404 and Alpha!Sans, but doesn't like to kill others.
  • Correct!Sans currently does not have any stats, but that's up for debate.
  • Correct!Sans bonded/fused with his alter ego/brother, Fatal404!Sans.