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Crisk is a Frisk Out!Code created by Reaper Bruh Sans. She was rescued by Goseyya to be used as part of an experiment involving the OmniStone. After using it to take out the Chara of her Timeline, she became unstable due to its effects. Now, with the created Omnibook as a stabilizer and the source of her new powers, she wanders throughout the Multiverse, protecting the AUs from Genociders and Destroyers.


Crisk was originally a Frisk from a Genocide Timeline, where the Genocider was Chara. As Chara about to finish her off, she RESET the Timeline, only for the killer to remain unaffected. It was when she was whisked away by Goseyya, who took interest in her determination and gifted her with the OmniStone as part of an experiment along with high determination for being able to use OmniStone. When returned to her Timeline, Crisk used the stone to easily defeat the Genocider, yet she’s too late to save her timeline. To make matters worse, the stone has left her in an unstable state, as she’s on the verge of scattering within the consciences of multiple Frisks. Taking pity on her experiment, Goseyya took Crisk back in and created the OmniBook as a stabilizer to her entire being.

With the Book at hand, Crisk now travels across the multiverse to protect and observe other AUs from Out!Code threats and Genociders.



Like Classic!Frisk, Crisk wears a sky blue shirt with a pair of horizontal magenta stripes. Over it, she dons a green hoodie coat, with its pair of yellow horizontal stripe. Crisk also wears grey pants with a pair of brown boots.


Crisk is easygoing and loves puns. She's also very determined to complete the task at hand, no matter what the circumstances.

Due to the effects of the OmniStone, she inadvertently inherent some of the personalities of the other Frisks in the Multiverse. Sometimes she's merciful (just like Pacifist!Frisk), genocidal (like Underswap!Frisk), or just plain unpredictable (like CORE!Frisk).


  • Determination: Crisk's soul is more powerful than any sort of Determination with that she can use actions and she can create things with Determination.She can create weapons like rifle or sword with low amount of DT while creating a timeline costs so much Determination.
  • OmniBook: ’A creation of Goseyya using the copy of “The Book of Frisks” (a catalog of every Frisk within the Undertale/Deltarune Multiverse) and the OmniStone. When combined, Crisk can use the powers of any Frisk that she selected from the book itself;
    • CORE!Frisk | All-Sight:10 second/Costs 45% of Crisk's DT
    • Ghost!Frisk| Possesion:20 second/Costs 20% of Crisk's DT
    • Void!Frisk | Void Manipulation:10 second/Costs 40% of Crisk's DT
    • Endertale Frisk | Gaster Blaster:30 second/Costs 5% of Crisk's DT
    • Glitchtale Frisk | Explosiive blasts: 15 seconds/Costs 10% of Crisk's DT
    • Error!Frisk | Error Spear Telekinesis: 10 seconds/Costs 15% of Crisk's DT
    • Seasons!Frisk | Lunar Manipulation: 15 seconds/Costs 20% of Crisk's DT
    • Perservance Frisk | Illusions: 40 seconds/Costs 10% of Crisk's DT
    • Drawing!Frisk | High-level regeneration: 10 seconds/Costs 35% of Crisk's DT
    • Pafriskus | Bone Magic: 15 seconds/Costs 5% of Crisk's DT
    • Humantale Frisk | Magic pellets: 10 seconds/Costs 1% of Crisk's DT
    • SaveEdit!Frisk | Save-Editing: 20 seconds/Costs 15% of Crisk's DT

And many more... However, due to the potential dangers of the OmniStone, Several limiters were put in place:

    • She can only select one Frisk at a time; any more would risk the destruction of the Body and the Imprisonment of the Soul.
    • She can only use the one selected Frisk for up to a minute; any longer would risk the loss of self as their personality’s will overwritten her own. The more powerful said Frisk is, the shorter the time she can use them.
    • As and extra means of protection, she cannot use the book itself for more that 5 minutes. Afterwards, she have to wait for an Hour in order to her to use it again.
    • All pages in the Omnibook are Encrypted by Goseyya. Because of that she can't simply just learn everything about all Frisks, but when she meets a Frisk and if she uses the book, their page won't be encrypted and she will gain access to that Frisk. it also encrypted so that the only way Crisk would gain the power of that Frisk is by befriending them, forming a bond between Crisk and that particular Frisk.



Crisk loves to talk with her. She still sees Toriel as a mother.


Crisk thinks Chara is not bad because of her past.

W.D. Gaster

She usually tries to talk with Gaster.


The one who save her life, twice.



  • Crisk has to have the Omnibook within 6 ft. from her at all times. Otherwise, she could begin to destabilize and scatter across the consciences of infinite Frisks.
  • Crisk has a theme now.https://youtu.be/4dKn8T-jti4
  • Crisk doesn't like cooking.
  • She is the embodiment of all Frisks in the Multiverse.
  • Crisk's birthday is 26 February.
  • She loves 90's, Rock, Pop etc.
  • Crisk loves AU themes.
  • Crisk loves to plant seeds of flowers, trees, etc. As for the reason why she is doing that, she always response with; "For supporting life."
  • Crisk hates pantomime because she thinks it is weird.
  • Crisk doesn't like Genocide routes, violence, cruelty and other malicious acts and concepts.
  • Crisk loves to flirt with everyone.
  • Crisk's favorite drink is milkshake.