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Critical Failure!Sans is a Timeline Destroyer, created by Darksirrlottoe. He is an Out!code who was abandoned by Ink!Sans, due to some complications with Error!Sans, and ended up forgetting about Critical Failure!Sans, and was later on found by Error!Sans, who took him in, as his apprentice. Critical Failure!Sans despises Ink and all of his creations, viewing them all as filthy errors, that can only be cleansed by destroying/erasing them from the Multiverse, and will do mostly any means to destroy the so called mistakes.


Critical Failure!Sans was a working progress, who's creator was Ink!Sans, but due to some unknown complications with Error!Sans, Ink had to abandon Critical altogether, living him as a failed creation, eventually leading to him being somehow transported to a void known as the Multiverse's Waste, where all abandoned creations that were never finished or left behind go.

He was eventually found by Error!Sans, who took him in as his own apprentice, seeing Critical's intense hatred towards Ink, and took advantage of that, by teaching him and telling him lies of Ink, the timelines, and the Aus, misleading him into strongly resenting Ink and all of his creations, but also due to the time he spent in the Anti-Void alone, he was willingly turned into an error, messing with his mental mind.

He eventually left behind Error to destroy the Aus and timelines, as he was taught, though remained very loyal to ErrorSans and whatever allies he has, assisting Error when ever called upon, without hesitation of what happens to others, or even himself.


Critical Failure

Because of him never being completed, some of his stats are just blank, giving him a seemingly infinite amount.


  • LV:_______
  • HP:________
  • Atk: 1
  • Def:_______


Critical Failure is a slightly grey skeleton, with finger tips being pure black, who is constantly smiling with that eerie and creepy smile of his. His jacket reassembles Error's long coat, excepts with no stitches or collar. The end of his jacket sleeves are white and become black at the elbow area, the bottom of his jacket is faintly white, and is nearly the same length as Error!Sans' jacket, his shirt is black at the bottom, but fades to white as it get's closer to his head. He wears a plain white scarf, both ends being in front of him. His hoodie is dark grey on the outside, and black in the inside. If the background of his eye socket is observed closely and carefully, the background of it has statics, he has what appears to be grey tears on his face. His pants are black that has white on the end of it. He wears black socks and static white slippers. Surrounding him are statics and the word Failure or Critical, and might at times have exclamation around or on him.

(You should note that he looks similar to Error!Sans, to show his respect towards Error!Sans, but also that he look up to him, as his superior and god)


He is very sassy, sarcastic, hateful, and sadistic, but not naive, his highly intelligent and very cautious of what he does, and shows disturbing pleasure when one dies or is dying painfully. His humor is very unsettling and creepy, usually being about destruction, misery, and mass genocide, but is viciously loyal to Error and only Error, never disobeying an order given to him by Error, even if he acts like an a*shole to Error at times.


  • Critical Blasters: Typically the same as a normal Gaster Blaster, but larger and lagy, but has a unique property of instead of harming the victim, it takes the HP points away, but if the opponent has no HP the beam will instead heal, to only take away the HP it has even once the victim has a single point of HP.
  • Au Lag: He can glitch himself into another Au from another, but will leaves a permanent glitchy mark behind.
  • Lag Manipulation: He can glitch out the Au or timeline his in, to the point where the Au resets itself, he can also do this on other errors, but it can only deliver a stunning headache, nothing more then that, unfortunately this move also effect him too, while using it.
  • Code Manipulation: Able to mess around with anyone or thing coding, if they are not a error or glitch already. He can delete timelines and Aus, given the time to do so.
  • Inability of Dying: He can't truly die, because of him never being completed, he isn't actually alive.
  • Bone Manipulation: Can manifest a glitchy bone, that can screw up the frame rate, and screen.


  • Loyalty to Error: Critical is unbelievably loyal to Error, and will do any order Error commands him to do, even if he ordered him to kill himself.(Though he can't die oddly)
  • Lagging: Critical will completely crash at random timing without warning, thus giving him a huge disadvantage if this happened during a fight.
  • Far-Sighted: Anything in front of him is just a colorful blur to him, and can even at times be nearly impossible to view.
  • Fear of Fresh: If Fresh was to even so much be within sight of Critical, he would instantly crash, and if he doesn't crash, he'll just freak out and run away, yelling quickly no, from "it."



Main article: Error!Sans

Critical views Error as the only perfection, besides himself, within the Multiverse, but their relationship towards each other can be respect from one another, to rivalry, but he is still loyal to Error, no matter what, explaining that Error!Sans is his god and savior, he also looks up to Error, though he can act very much like a b*tch to him.


Main article: Ink!Sans

Critical strongly despises Ink for abandoning him, and all of the creations Ink has made.


Main article: Nightmare

He doesn't see Nightmare anymore then an simple ally or tool, but will assist Nightmare to spread negativity sometimes, but rarely does so.


Main article: Dream

Critical despises Dream and his hopes and dreams, and all those he makes happy, and will go out of his way, to make everyone that Dream is helping or trying to, miserable.


Main article: CORE!Frisk

Critical has never actually met Core personally, he has only been told about them and the Omega Timeline, by Error, as such he view Core as just another anomalies mistake in the Multiverse.

Fresh(A fear of his)

Main article: Fresh

Critical if was to even see Fresh, would just fall into panic and run away, while yelling no. He is just terrified of Fresh, not wanting to get close or see it at all.

Fatal Error!Sans(Enemy)

Main article: FatalError!Sans

His meeting with Fatal Error was by accident, who both instantly tried to kill one another, but ended up both fleeing, due to their own injuries, ever since that fight, Critical hunts Fatal Error down to eradicate him, both have had their share of wins, except they seemingly can't kill each other.


Critical dislikes Killer, but still allies with him and Nightmare at times, and will rarely even help Killer, but will commonly insult Killer, to see what irradiates him, or even possibly makes him feel again.


Main article: PaperJam

Surprisingly Critical and PJ get quite along with one another, either because they both dislike Ink, or because they both were rejections of Ink.


Main article: Classic!Sans

Critical hates and is jealous of Classic, in many ways. His jealous of Classic, because he can trust others, and has friends that he can depend on, but he also hates Classic for those same reasons, because Critical has practically no friends that he can trust or depend on.


Main article: Underswap!Sans

Critical finds Underswap!Sans very annoying and doesn't like him at all, and might attempt to kill him, but also may just ignore him completely. Critical will attempt to make Underswap!Sans sad or any other negative emotions, for his own sick joy


Main article: Underfell!Sans

Critical and Fell both hate one another, always ending with both of them attempting to try killing each other, Critical always winning at the end, but always spares Fell's life, to only use him as a punching bag or to insult him as much as Critical wants.


  • Critical has Chromaphobia(Fear of Colors) and Philophobia(Fear of Love).
  • Critical is dyslexia.
  • Critical is a nerd at D&D(Dungeon and Dragons).
  • Critical is a true pro at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate(His main is Lucina).
  • Critical sees himself as a perfection in the Multiverse.
  • Critical was originally gonna be named Photoshop Failure!Sans, then it got changed to Failed Creation, which was changed again to Abandoned Failure, until his official name was changed to Critical Failure!Sans.
  • Critical was at first going to be a protector, but later on was changed to a destroyer.
  • Critical is the God of Failures.
  • Critical and Error have a constant rivalry on who's a better destroyer and who does it best.
  • Critcal's birthday is on October 13th.
  • Due to Error!Sans watching Undernovela, he caused Critical to also into it.
  • Error!Sans caused Critical to get addicted to chocolate.
  • Critical's design is inspired by Hobo!Error's design.
  • Critical's pranks are very unsafe and unstable.
  • Critical and Error constantly argue to one another about the worth of cute things.
  • Critical constantly lectures Error that cute things are just dumb and worthless.
  • Critical maybe capable of using strings, like Error!Sans
  • Critical isn't a full fledged Sans, since he was abandoned in mid creation.
  • Critcal reports that his seen a skeleton that looked somewhat like Error!Sans, observing him from afar, when he went to see who this skeleton was, the skeleton disappeared, Critical has been trying to find this skeleton ever since.
  • Critical voice will get painfully high pitch, when he is really angered.
  • Critical Failure picture is in working progress.
  • The creator wasn't able to make a picture of his creation.