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Cynthian!Sans is a sans variant made by ItsNoxLac, based off of UnderTale Sans. He is from a timeline which had previously been destroyed in a genocide route, but escaped do to the negative emotions that had summoned Nightmare!Sans. Cynthian!Sans had made a deal with Nightmare!Sans, which pledged his loyalty to Nightmare at the cost of letting himself live. | Sidenote: During the Genocide Run which destroyed his universe. The only other human, which had the perseverance traited soul, sacrificed themself to save Cynthian!Sans which is why his soul has perseverance stitches keeping it from fully breaking.


Cynthian!Sans used to live in an AU which went by the name of TypeFace!Tale (Meaning: Font!Tale, which is why all of the characters are named after a font) Whenever Cynthian!Sans was around the age of 14, two humans appeared. One with a determination soul trait, the other with a perseverance soul trait. The human with determination, named, Grestal!Chara (F), didn't take a liking to all of the monsters. Meanwhile, the human with perseverance, Xiomara!Frisk (M), became friends with everyone he met. Cynthian!Sans noticed this about them, and observed the humans for the next 4 years. At age 18, Cynthian!Sans encountered Grestal!Chara fighting a random snowflake-like monster. Grestal!Chara became more and more violent over the next 3 years.

At the points where Cynthian!Sans was 21 years old, Grestal!Chara had around 16 LOVE levels and was entering dangerous territory. One night, Cynthian!Sans was walking around with Cannu!Papyrus when they saw Grestal!Chara fighting Xiomara!Frisk. Cynthian!Sans tried to protect Xiomara!Frisk, while Cannu!Papyrus held back Grestal!Chara. Cannu!Papyrus wasn't successful though, and got his head sliced off by Grestal!Chara. Grestal!Chara then went to attack Cynthian!Sans and finish the job, though Xiomara!Frisk took the hit for him, with 3 HP remaining. Knowing dang well that Cynthian!Sans would easily be killed without him, Xiomara!Frisk gifted Cynthian!Sans his soul, in hopes of defeating Grestal!Chara. This attempt was unsuccessful, making Cynthian!Sans experience such negative emotions that he started to breakdown. At this point, Nightmare!Sans is watching as the fight continues, feeding off of Cynthian!Sans' emotions, and Gestral!Chara's HATE.

Long story short, Gestral!Chara killed Cynthian!Sans, but Nightmare!Sans took his soul before she could stab through it, severing the stitches. After Nm!Sans took Cynthian!Sans soul into another part of that AU, Gestral!Chara became consumed with hate. She was so powerful at that point, that she went through killing everybody in less than a month. By the time Cynthian!Sans was nurtured back to life, Gestral!Chara was beginning the process of erasing the TypeFace!Tale AU.

Nm!Sans teleported Cynthian!Sans out of the AU before he could be erased with it, in the process, exposing the top of his head to the void. Cynthian!Sans, grateful to Nm!Sans for saving him all this time, pledged loyalty to him. He is now a Wanderer, and a moderator when Nm!Sans gives him missions, running around saving or destroying parts of certain AU's. He is now at the age of 23



(ALL credits for the themes go to Cwitsh and Azion)


Cynthian!Sans is named after the fonts of Cynthian and Comic Sans. He is a skeleton with a white coat, red/grey-ish undershirt, a white scarf, with black shorts. He wears slippers which are practically the same color as his undershirt (Pictures at bottom of article) The top of his head got exposed to the void (see Biography) which is why, in phase 2, he has flame like horns on his head which grant him extra power.


Cynthian!Sans is a Charitable person if you have a LOVE level below 10, but if you have a LOVE level of 11-15, he just ignores you unless forced to confront with you. If your LOVE level is 16-19, Cynthian!Sans treats you like scum, unless you can prove to him that it was out of self defense. If you have a LOVE level of 20, he engages in a fight with you, acting first, to check if it was truly self defense or just pure evil. He likes to keep with himself on missions, but otherwise talks a lot and treats everybody fairly. (Unless your LOVE is a certain level, as mentioned before.) He is lazy a lot of the time, except for in battle, where he becomes serious. He doesn't have any known connections with other Sanses, other than NM!Sans, though he wants to find a partner to do missions with. He has a special soul-type, which I created, called: Stitched SOUL. This can occur in humans and monsters, though only with human SOULS can the stitches be created. To get this type of SOUL, you have to have a human sacrifice themself to save you from dying, through giving you a fraction of their SOUL's power.


P1 = Phase one - Endless Void

Cynthian!Sans' "Telekinesis Eye" used to be white, but turned into a light purple after making the deal with Nightmare!Sans. His normal phase, stays in this one most of the time, and can toggle his Phase 2 without being hit if determined enough.

  • (P1&P2) Purple Gaster Blaster: Cynthian!Sans can summon a wide variety of Gaster Blasters, with different shapes and sizes. Though, all of the blaster's colors are some shade of purple or black.
  • (P1&P2) Soul Manipulation: Has a hard time throwing creature's souls around, though can change the color of them temporarily, as seen in some of the Undertale Boss fights. (Such as: Muffet turning your soul purple, or Undyne turning your soul green) This restricts the opponents movement, but cant be used for longer than 45 seconds or else Cynthian!Sans' vision starts to go blurry.
  • (P1&P2) Purple Bone Manipulation and Creation: Can create purple and black bones in different varieties, make bones fly around, and make blue/orange bones (special type)
  • (P1&P2) NightMare!Sans Style, Perseverance Tentacles: Cynthian!Sans creates tentacles off of his back using the perseverance stitches mentioned above, and can stab creatures, deflect attacks (destroying the tentacle in the process), and shoot perseverance pellets (limited amount, replenishes every 4 hours)
  • (P1&P2) Purple Flame Style; Flame string: Shoots a web like structure out of his horns which can be lit on fire at any time, can also manipulate the purple fire he can shoot out of his horns.
  • (P1&P2) Purple Flame Style; Inferno: shoots out a beam of fire from above his head, leaves fire on the ground for a couple minutes.

P2 = Phase 2 - Sweet Retribution

After Cynthian!Sans' gets hit, his health turns to 0.5, unless he was struck with determination, or Dream!Sans arrows, leaving him with 0.1 hp left. During this stage, his left eye burns with a purple flame, and he gets perseverance flame demon horns, as seen in the picture at the bottom of the page. During this phase Cynthian!Sans' original soul starts to turn gray, while the perseverance stitches activate their true power.

  • (P2) Cynthian!Sans Ultimate Move; Perseverance Infused Gaster Blaster: A huge gaster blaster which deals extra damage to monsters, with a purple or black beam which incinerates any monster below 10 HP
  • (P2) Cynthian!Sans Secret Attack; Perseverance Pool: Creates a small pool of perseverance which is like GT!Chara's Special hell, but weaker and way smaller, with a radius of about 2x2 meters
  • (P2) Cynthian!Sans Fake Mercy: Cynthian!Sans pulls an Undertale Sans and fake mercies you, though instead of stabbing you with bones, he incinerates you with a gaster blaster from above, and then stabs through your soul with a sharpened bone.
  • (P2) Cursed Flame Style; Hateful Abyss: Makes a giant dome of black flame which is around 6 meters tall, and 12 meters long, in which he can use the black flames to surround his bones, dealing extra damage and 5 hp of poison damage every 10 seconds for 20-30 seconds
  • (P2) Cursed Flame Style; Self-Annihilation Bomb: When below 5 HP out of the 50 he has, he can make himself explode with black flames, letting him go on a rampage for around 3 minutes before exploding and having to be resurrected again. (sometimes people call this ability his third phase, but its technically not) This move have only been used once, when fighting a random monster, which he considered to be an anomaly.

Passive Abilities

  • Unknown Knowledge: After being resurrected by various allies around 4 or 5 times, he has gained lots of Knowledge about the Universe, and has lots of battle experience.
  • Eternal Soul: When slashed a second time, Cynthian!Sans' soul turns a dark grey and almost breaks, but the perseverance stitches use their soul power to keep it from breaking, at the cost of the stitches losing their power. You can store Cynthian!Sans' soul in a jar, as seen with a piece of X-Gaster's soul. If you have a perseverance soul, or a human willing to give their soul up, you can resurrect Cynthian!Sans' soul, bringing him back to life over the course of a few days. While his soul is being resurrected though, if it gets stabbed (it hasn't yet) he dies permanently. It takes a week for this ability to fully restore, along with him being able to enter Phase 2. If killed within a week of being resurrected, he doesn't enter phase 2, and his soul breaks, leaving behind a white scarf, and an empty DT Amulet. When he is "dead" he enters his own universe, named "Purgatory" in which he can do anything he wants except for make living monsters and other creatures. He also cant use abilities he doesn't have. Normally, Cynthian!Sans just practices his own abilities and tries to make up new attacks here.
  • Pro Sweating: For another unknown reason, Cynthian!Sans sweats randomly, and constantly for days on end. Nobody knows why, and he has almost died from it obstructing his vision.
  • Nightmare!Sans Pledge: Due to him pledging his loyalty to Nightmare!Sans, he can have NM!Sans teleport him to neutral or genocide AU's. Cynthian!Sans seeks to prevent total destruction of timelines, but doesn't care if anybody over LOVE level 10 dies.
  • DT (Determination) Amulet: Partially covered by his scarf, he has a Determination Amulet, which keeps Cynthian!Sans from becoming depressed, or committing suicide due to his AU being destroyed. In Phase 2, if Cynthian!Sans uses it's Determination to unlock the full power of the perseverance soul. If Cynthian!Sans' Eternal Soul ability is used, the DT Amulet wont fill back up for another week or two, prohibiting him from entering Full Power Phase 2. (As this Amulet is the only thing which activates his Perseverance Stitches' full power)
  • Retribution View: Cynthian!Sans can see your LOVE and Soul Trait when using his "Telekinesis Eye" allowing him to see whether or not you deserve to be treated nicely, or deserve to die.
  • Anti-Void Knowledge: Cynthian!Sans was told about the Anti-Void and to stay away from the different Error!Sanses by an unknown creature.



His Boss and role-model, he looks up to him dearly.


A sans which he sometimes sees when he hops between AU's


Strikes fear into Cynthian!Sans' heart, and wants to avoid him at all costs.

Unknown Creature

The only "thing" which appears in his "Purgatory" that he doesn't create. Sometimes talks to him, or gives him advice. Showed him how to take advantage of the Purple Flames he has power over.



  • The Cynthian Font can be found here.
  • Sans Sprites were made with this.