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"It's time to venture into the unknown wonders of the Multiverse. See you 'round, Ayden."
– DG!Asriel

DG!Asriel is a wandering OUT!Code created by ExenderFame. He's a "Hybrid" made of Latex and Monster Magic, Now to roam the Multiverse as the strength of the connection with his parents slowly fade and get washed away. He's a more Edgy Teen Version of Asriel Dreemurr, Sporting the style of DR!Asriel (Deltarune Asriel) and Deltagame's Edgy side. Error!Sans also removed a bit of his coding, So he has a glitch effect sometimes.


This is about 7 years after the monsters get out of the underground and Alphys creates an AS (Artificial SOUL) With the powers of Su Tart and Alex Tart (The Tart Brothers) to bring Asriel back to his Goat form. No sacrifices, 123 resets by frisk, And combining MULTIPLE AUs / ARs Together. These AUs (Alternate Universes) / ARs (Alternate Realities) consist of:

  • Endertale
  • Undertale
  • Deltarune
  • Dreemurr Reborn
  • BATIM (Bendy And The Ink Machine)
  • Changed by DragonSnow
  • Ink!Tale
  • Error!Tale
  • Glitchtale



Asriel's SOUL In Delta-Game is 15% HATE, 35% Monster, 10% Corrupt, 15% Latex & 25% Human.


Asriel's appearance is a Faded green and yellow shirt, Black Pants, And a dented Heart Locket. Asriel has a Cybernetic Arm and leg covered by his clothes.


Asriel has an Edgy / Loner personality. He is uncomfortable in/near crowds.He very rarely tells secrets to Kris when Asriel and Kris are alone together. He admits when he is caught lying.

Asriel does not like it when he gets bad memories. He usually gets nervous, And sometimes reveals secrets he was not supposed to tell. Sometimes if Asriel gets bad memories he might have a mental breakdown or get so paranoid he just teleports away without saying a word.


Regular Powers

  • A Scythe (Chaos Scythe)
  • A Double-Bladed Scythe (Chaos Scythe II)
  • A Triple-Bladed Scythe (Chaos Scythe III)
  • Two Sabers (Chaos Saber)
  • Two Double-Bladed Sabers (Chaos Decapitator)
  • Two Shurikens (Chaos Piercer)
  • Ability to Control time (Chaos Freeze, Chaos Rewind, Chaos Forward)
  • Telekenisis
  • Gaster Blasters
  • Orange Attacks (Attacks that damage you if you don't move)
  • Blue Attacks (Attacks that damage you if you move)
  • Fire Magic
  • Gravity Powers
  • Teleportation Powers
  • Summoning Powers (Ability to summon anything)
  • 4th-Wall Breaking Powers (Self-Aware Level 75 / 100)
  • Portal Powers (Ability to create Portals anywhere to travel between Worlds & AUs.

Posessed Powers

  • Winding Trail | Teleports you into an endless forest area with a Non-Euclidean hallway back.
  • Insert Coin | Give Asriel any coin or be flung up into the air and killed.
  • Tenfold | Divides your Luck by Ten for the rest of the time Asriel is posessed
  • ERROR404FILENOTFOUND | Sends you to the Anti-Void and then the Void, Slowly getting faster and faster. The faster it gets the more voices you hear in your head.
  • SYSTEM32 | Deletes a Core file in the AU Asriel is in. Corrupts 99% Of the AU, And soon after the corrupt timeline being deleted.
  • Corruption | Corrupts a random person nearby and forces them to fight you.

Latex Powers

  • Absorb | Absorbs you.
  • Barrier | Creates a barrier made of Latex blocking anything.
  • Scythe of Latex | Clones a big glob of Latex and turns it into a Scythe. As Expected...
  • Dome | Creates a Latex Dome. The Latex hardens upon the dome being Finished.

Special Powers

  • Chronos | Asriel Summons a gigantic clock under you and explodes under you in 5 seconds.
  • Grandfather Time | Asriel Teleports in the air, a gigantic old clock is summoned, And the gigantic clock is thrown to the ground, Speeding up the lifespan of others drastically, Draining the lifeforce of all who is in the field. The clock will only last for 20 Seconds. Those who are in the field will not be able to move.

Corrupted Powers

  • Chronos Explosion | Asriel Summons a few clocks in the air that will trap you and drain your lifeforce when near one. A few clones appear and summon Grandfather Time. The entire earth's life goes faster, Along with everything else. All the temporal traps (Aerial Clocks that trap you) Explode and send all that are inside far away, And then all the grandfather time clocks dissapear.


When distracted, Asriel is vulnerable to anything from behind. (Back hits, Back stabs, Etc)

Visited Worlds & AUs

Changed, Geometry Dash, The Omega Timeline, X-Tale, Portal 2, Portal 2: Thinking With Time Machines, Roblox & Errortale

World Visit Knowledge/Appearance Effects

Changed: Turned Asriel into a "Hybrid" of Latex & Monster Magic

GD: None

Omega Timeline: Gained Knowledge of more AUS to Access

X-Tale: None

Portal 2: Gained Knowledge of Aperture Science Handheld Portal Guns

Portal 2 TWTM: None

Roblox: None

Errortale: Had a bit of his code Removed



Distant Father


Distant Mother


Distant Brother


Friend (Partial SOUL Trade with Asriel & Was captured by Xender)

Alex Tart

Friend (Partial SOUL Trade with Asriel, Stole Xender's Zero Point, Stepped in a weird white puddle and got "Transfurred" & Brother of Su Tart )

Su Tart

Friend (Partial SOUL Trade with Asriel & Creator of Tart HQ, Defended Tart HQ, Brother of Alex Tart, & Created the Omega Laser & It's Improved counterparts)


Xender is a robot designed to Annihilate/Exterminate Asriel, Alex Tart, Su Tart, Kris and Ayden. He is responsible for many crimes in DeltaGame, Including Arson, Attempted Murder, Assault And Identity Fraud. He was also responsible for Asriel's Leg and Arm being ripped off. He even created multiple robots including Abomination, Doominator, Helldevil, Reaper, Electro, Lasereye, And The Devourers.

Status: Nemesis

Betty/Bete Noir

Status: Nemesis


  • When Asriel is harassed about something he gets so stressed that he just admits and tells the truth.
  • Asriel's Powers give him a huge advantage against others in a fight.
  • Asriel can rewind time during arguments to change the outcome.
  • Asriel knows he is inside a Game once Ayden (The Protagonist of Delta Game) Tells Asriel.
  • Asriel spreads his knowledge given by Ayden to his friends.
  • Asriel has the knowledge of other AUs, Seeking to find a way to get into the other AUs but hasn't found a way to access other Alternate Universes.
  • Asriel says the name of whoever is using the computer at the moment (Whoever is logged in) At the end of Delta-Game.
  • Asriel has 192 HP.
  • Asriel has 4 Phases during fights.
  • Asriel very rarely undergoes PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) sometimes through hearing someone saying the words "Azzy", "Chara" or asking "Are you a hybrid?" "Why are you dripping white?" or "Do you remember Kris?"
  • When Asriel is managed to be killed in another AU, They get -10000000 EXP Meaning that if you were at LV20 You would be sent back to LV1.
  • When Asriel Dies he gets put into a Revival Chamber built by Alphys before Asriel's Artificial SOUL Shatters, Rendering Asriel's existance as Pointless in his words.
  • Asriel can affect Multiple AU Timelines MASSIVELY Like Player from Playertale, But it only affects the timeline for a short period of time before Asriel glitches into the regular timeline, Along with the timeline he glitched out of also being deleted.
  • Asriel uses portals to Travel between AUs.
  • Asriel can also use portals to solve Aperture Science Testing Chambers OR Leap from a room to a room.
  • Asriel is vulnerable when distracted.
  • Asriel's theme is TRUE POWERSOUND by ExenderFame (Me)