Undertale OC Wiki

Script is recurring skeleton monster created by Talking Queen. He's a raven headed skeleton who took part in the war between Monsters and Human. Sadly, he died in battle.


During his life, he goes through quite a lot of things. He saw how the war started, and has seen his felllow guardsmen get brutally slaugthered on the battlefield. He doesn't believe that there exist good humans, in direct opposition to most of his friends. 

Because of the war, tensions also begin to rise in his home. His parents are obviously stressed and his sister doesn't seem to notice. So, he tries to diffuse the tension in his home, either by acting stupid or just doing tricks. He is quite talented with magic, just like most other skeletons. 

He sadly ends up dying on the battlefield, not ever having achieved his dream of becoming a dancer. His family doesn't get informed until almost a month has passed. 



He mostly enjoys wearing more typically feminine styles of clothing.


Almost all his relationships are very heaæthy. Despite the tensions, everyone in his family loves each other, and he has some good friends. Its with Satisfy that the road starts going downwards. Because even though he considers him a friend, Script is not stupid. He knows that Satisfy does not consider him one. And that, quite understandably, makes him sad. He  often tries to gain his friendships by doing things such as gifting him things or cooking for him. 

When he dies, he still hasn't completed that goal.