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Daniel is a human that was born with a monster soul. He was then forced Underground. Before Asgore could kill him he explained how he was born with a monsters soul and how he was forced underground. He attempts to keep Frisk in waterfall to protect the humans. When he is spared he tells them to stay determined. When killed he says the following line: "I... Tried at least".


  • He never told anyone how he was born with a monster SOUL as he does not know.
  • He used to live in the ruins.
  • Inspecting many things in his house in Snowdin bring up references to a "videogame reindeer girl". This is a reference to Noelle Holiday for Deltarune.
  • He often draws art of Mettaton and sends it to him.
  • He often goes to Grillby's with Sans and gives Papyrus advice as to "What humans like".
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