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Dark Killer Sans, known in short as DK is a silent and mysterious character from Dark Void with unclear origin. After escaping from his home, he becomes a wanderer-turned semi-killer on his reason to collect more souls from the victims. Initially, Dark Killer wants to seek more about the purpose of his existence.


Nothing much is known about Dark Killer's past. He was unknowingly created, along with four unknown people in the void filled around with complete darkness before he manages to escape from the place. Dark Killer has no such memories about the Dark Void or the purpose he was created to exist.



Dark Killer has average strength based on ATK, DEF, and the main weapons he uses. But, both his HP and LV are undetermined and exact unknown.

  • HP: Unknown
  • ATK: 111+ (Base)
  • DEF: 666+


Dark Killer wears his clothes are almost all-colored black, especially his shoes. He has a creepy face with a smile and no eye pupils. However, he is permanently incapable to blink both of his eye sockets, making any facial expressions, and moving his mouth. Both his hands have a rhombus-shaped hole.


Dark Killer is a serious, fearless, and cold person, but does not appear to be insane and too merciless. Since he is speechless in his life, the only two solutions are to write with his notes and show them what he’s trying to say, or make visible bubble expressions. Despite his killer personality, Dark Killer is not a true killer but rather a neutral to seek a balance between good and evil for himself. He never plans any ill intentions to bring suffering to innocent people.

Dark Killer is always doing idle-standing himself without moving like a statue during his break, sometimes while sleeping, or doing a purpose to attract his victim's attention (mostly who committed sins) before in the right moment to begin the kill smoothly and silently. While killing people was a part of his job, collecting their souls is one of his hobbies. If he collected a soul from the dying victim but found it damaged or something might not interest him, he will throw it back to their vessel, resurrecting them instead before proceeding to walk away, leaving them in trauma shortly.

Dark Killer is also a good listener as he is also good at doing his job. He may ignore any people who annoy him and not hesitate to send them away if they continued. He also can get bored of hearing anyone’s speech that is too long.


Being a Dark Void creature, Dark Killer is the strongest and possesses a power of lethal darkness that can bring an intense fear among people.

  • Ominous Aura: Dark Killer has a strong invisible negative aura. The opponents may feel an unusual sense of danger if attempt to get close or stare at him. It can cause them to begin the slightly fear for a moment.
  • Omni-Senses: Dark Killer can sense everything around the universe he was in, unlimitedly. He may know that something possible might go coming after him.
  • Dark Illusion: Dark Killer can create illusions of himself within a certain area. He can switch places with existing illusions to escape or trick his opponents.
  • Dark Barrier: Dark Killer can create a powerful bubble-solid barrier to defend himself from attacks or huge impacts.
  • Dark Explosive Wave: Dark Killer pushes his melee weapon into the ground, unleashing the large wave of the explosion.
  • Dark Pulse: Dark Killer is capable to strike that creates a large-pulse wave and knockback his opponents, stunning them for a few seconds after the impact.
  • Withered Bones: While he can attack his opponents with ordinary spike bones, Dark Killer can also use this method to combine deadly effects. If his opponent is hit by a black spike bone, they will lose a fraction of their health at a minimum for a few seconds.

Special Abilities

  • Lethal Jumpscare: Dark Killer starts with a fast approach to getting close to his opponent's face before performing an extreme nightmare of a jumpscare. It creates a part of illusions surrounding them like a loud screaming, photo negatives, flashes, and something way more horrific to impair his opponent's vision for a few seconds. That causes his opponent's defense to go down below zero, losing a fraction of their health drastically for five seconds and suffering from extreme fear temporarily (ineffective to fearless opponents).
  • Scarlet Wither: Dark Killer summons the withered large knife from above the sky, releasing the dark-poisoning particles. When the large knife falls to the ground, it creates a shockwave and large withering field for a couple of seconds. If his opponents were on the withering field, they will be losing a fraction of their health very drastically and slow down until they leave the field. Otherwise, they withered to death. The large knife will completely shatter after the duration ends.

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Dark Killer is immune to almost all kinds of things, including he is too ineffective to be controlled or manipulated by any such powers and also capable to survive an instant kill, and prevented himself from ceasing to exist.
    • True Modification Resistance: He is truly capable to resist all kinds of power tools, like sort-of magic buttons that can bring modification to around anything and its inhabitants. For example, overwrite and reset, or erasing memories with only a single-clicking button.
    • True Corruption Resistance: With his natural-passive ability, Dark Killer is too ineffective to any corruption, regardless of its strong and levels.
  • Rhombus Hole Pocket: Dark Killer has the passive ability to store any stuff he holds to suck into the rhombus hole on his hands limitlessly, which can be a pocket dimension.
  • Self-Regeneration: Dark Killer can regenerate himself, even his soul at a fast rate when he got injured, any part of his body was ripped off, or his soul went shatter.
  • Teleport: He can teleport himself to any place or different worlds and universes. Dark Killer can also use to send anyone away if they had annoyed him too much.


  • Ominous Knife: Dark Killer wields a heavy knife before escaping from Dark Void. As he is an expert combatant, the knife is very compatible with him, allowing him to perform his moves. The melee can cause 999 damage whenever the magic slash can also cause 666 damage. Dark Killer can throw and call back his knife.
    • Blade Transform: The knife can be transformed into a blade, resulting in buffing the damage and attack speed, allowing him to counter.


  • Dark Killer was created in Dark Void, which is supposed to be an inaccessible area.
  • Dark Killer has a disability between speaking and doing any facial expressions.
  • Watching people away from a distance was also one of Dark Killer's hobbies. He does when observing the ongoing battles which had attracted his attention.
  • Dark Killer is unable to gain LOVE or have his HP increased for unknown circumstances by killing any people and collecting their souls.
  • Dark Killer is not an off-spring character.
  • Dark Killer doesn’t like to be called by the nickname "Sans". It is because any characters assume he’s another similar character.
  • If staring at Dark Killer for too long, it will create a strange and non-existent ambient sound that will be heard from their ears.