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ACCEPT MY SPECIL [Once in a lifetime] OFFER, AND SOON, YOU'LL BE THE [One in charge] IN YOUR [Miserable] [Little world]!Part of Spamton's sales pitch

Dealmaker!Spamton is an Out!Code Spamton that is the result of the Loaded Disk accidentally being inserted somewhere within the multiverse, rather than its intended location. Now having truly become free and knowledged about the multiverse, Spamton decided to aim even higher, and put entire worlds under his control. He does so by seeking out AUs where the situations are already bad, and strikes deals with inhabitants there, manipulating them into making things worse. When the worlds are at the brink of collapse, he then takes over, turning them into his own twisted Pipis-filled "paradise".



He looks the same as classic Spamton. He has no NEO form.


Spamton is insane and obsessed with Pipis, his deals, and the idea to become the top of the multiverse, ruling over all.


He can do the same things as classic Spamton, as well as manifest himself into AUs.


Error Sans

He hates Error due to how he uses strings.

Chaos!Jevil and Carnival!Jevil

Because of his fear of clowns, he hates both of the jesters.


  • His method of taking over AUs is based on his role in the Snowgrave route.
  • His favorite kinds of AUs to take over are Post-neutral AUs.
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