Depressed is a dog-like monster that was once a human and is part of gaster's experiment


== Appearance ==

Depressed is a small dog with a shadow like appearance.Their eyes are goo like and wet and they wear a gold charm the king gave to them.Their Fur is black.


One day a human feel down into the underground,the human was scared and ran into they got to the bridge.This is human was original the first human before chara.The bridge broke and they died.The monsters saw and quickly got the king.The king order gaster to make the human still live.Gaster got the human's soul and started the experiment."The soul is white-blue-ish.It's flying in the back of the glass bottle with fear.I call this "soul emotions"." ~GASTER Toby (the dog)seem to like the human soul and the soul would turn bright blue when he was around.The human soul and the dog created a bond.A new hope for monsters and humans."If i put the souls together would they have the same being or two minds in one body.I hope the human and monster doesn't turn out to"~GASTER .Gaster told the dog he needed him so monsters can go to the surface,gaster used puppy like words like "the king needs help to we can go to the surface and play fetch".The dog agreed.Gaster grabbed a knife and walked slowing to the dog and pulled him into a room.The dog looked worried."Don't worry" said gaster."With your soul your be stronger and save the king." The dog ran into the center of the room shaking.Gets tackled the dog and cutted the dog's body as the dog whined.He grabbed the human soul and putted together with the dog.2 weeks later the king gave the dog a gift ,it was a upside down,gold,heart soul charm and gaster putted on the dog.It was to show the peace between monsters and humans.He started to trust gaster again little at a time until he ran away.Gaster gave the dog the named depressed and one day Depressed was gone and the king saw fur near the barrier.The dog was on the surface.The king was so heart broken,he started to FORGET the true first human.


  • GhostThedog's character is based off of her childhood imaginary friend
  • GhostTheDog claims her character is her persona,a version of herself
  • GhostTheDog loves the annoying dog a lot and based off her character


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