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Destiny!Frisk is an out!Code created by Reaper Bruh Sans. She's an mysterious being capable of expanding the Multiverse by unlocking the unlimited Possibilities of its AUs. This allows the inhabitants to forge their own destinies regardless of determination. Because of that, she has been refer to as the "bringer of choice and destiny".



She usually wears grey shirt with black stripes that have red strings between of those stripes,she also wore light grey pants with black boots.She also has a blue stone on her left hand.On their true form they wear long gray and black hooded robe and they wear black boots along with a clock on chest.


Destiny!Frisk is free going and open minded. They respect to decisions of others. Despite her love of freedom, she's aware of the Chaos it might bring; thus is cautious of intervening in events that could have a negative effect on the Multiverse itself.


  • Eyes of Destiny: She can see countless possibilities of said AU based off of the decisions of its inhabitants
  • AU key: With it, she can unlock Closed AUs to allow out!codes to intervene, and thus expands the destiny of said AUs.
  • Interpretive CatBox: She hides irrelevant information within said box so that countless possibilities of the AUs can increase any further.
  • Stone of Destiny:This stone allows her to gain and manipulate Destiny Magic for 6 hour.



Though their powers contradict each other (especially when it comes to Fate and Destiny itself), they often co-operate to minimize the conflict that could brought out from it.However true relationship between them is unknown.


  • She likes to get along with both Protectors and Destroyers.
  • She mostly hates to involve herself in conflicts, but reluctantly intervene when needed.
  • Destiny!Frisk is immune to strings or cables because of she uses a magic barrier when she encounters beings with strings.
  • She is the one of the few "all-seeing" watchers of everything in within the Undertale Multiverse.
  • Frisk usually checks AU's and keeps balance between creation and destruction.
  • Her birthday is 25/02/XXXX.