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– Devil Blocky laughing.

Devil Blocky is an ancient blocky demon, which was born in middle of the Multiverse. 

He's known to be a multiversal criminal for reasons unknown. He's a complete fan of chaos and having fun wanting to party 99% of the time.

He is, for now, a Wanderer, and doesn't seem to actually cause notable destruction to be considered a Destroyer.



He looks blocky, kinda similar to someone from Minecraft. This look is merely by choice, as he can shapeshift into more fitting forms.

He has dark purple skin, a grey shirt, dark grey pants, black shoes, and usually wears a tophat at some times.


Despite his chill and joyful appearence, he's actually mentally insane and manipulative. Even still, he seems to get well with people that think like him.

He likes simple forms, as shown by his blocky look, despite being able to shapeshift.


Body Possession: He can possees someone's body, as long as they accept making a deal. This gives him total control over their body, yet having some of the body's weaknesses.

Space Manipulation: He can manipulate space to an extent, being able to destroy and rebuild entire buildings. He can also manipulate matter and change the appearence of some objects

Shape Shift: As mentioned earlier, he can change forms at will, but he likes the Minecraft-ish form the best, for clear reasons. Despite that, all his forms have the dark purple skin and red eyes with black pupils, DB's signature colors. This is also shown on the people he posseses.

Dream Invasion: He can invade people's dreams, yet not directly control them. This can certainly scare the person, but doesn't cause much damage in reality.

Object Summon: He can summon certain objects at will, such as canes, clocks, axes, swords, etc...


TBA.. Add your OCs if ya want ^^


  • Even if he looks like he's a Minecraft OC, he isn't.
  • He has invaded some AUs secretly, but hasn't affected them..yet.
  • It's possible he made a deal with Error!Sans.
  • He CAN be killed. Only that it's rather hard to do so.
  • He has roaming the entire Multiverse for over 300 years, even if he maintains his physical age at ~20.