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Paul Grote Beverborg's take on Doge is a character based on the unused Undertale character with the same name. She is a strict guardswoman with a severe disliking of humans, believing they deserve nothing but death. She acts cold towards anyone that does not rank above her, and does not quickly show mercy towards her opponents. She values the law above all else, even if it goes against her own opinions, but will not hesitate to speak about her distastes about it.



Doge looks similair to the version of the character cut from Undertale.


She acts cold and rarely shows any emotions besides anger and annoyance. She is merciless, and the "stab first, ask questions later" type of individual. Upholding the law and keeping order is what she considers her task in life, although while following it, will voice her complaints about it.


She is extremely capable with a spear, and has quick reflexes. Her scenting is among the strongest out of all the dog monsters.


Canine Unit

She considers herself far superior to the dogs in the Canine Unit.

The king

Even if she dislikes her king's decisions, she will follow them.