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"You can be Powerful if you practice yourself, Don't give up. There is always a way"
– Domination!Sans

Domination!Sans(Domi for short)Is a sans that Out!Code created by FinalDeath/Finalexecutor He trying to find a victim to fight with, so he can be more powerful than he was. Not only that, he can beat his enemies too but he still not strong enough. To beatt them, but he never give up, he will keep practicing no matter what happen. His level is the same as Killer!Sans for now


Somewhere in Underground, Where Monster fighting each other for their own reasons. And where humans never fall into the underground. Declaring war everyday, Supplies running short, Monster population reduced due to tons of monster died and execution. Sans seeing this really had enough, everyday he always sees monster Suffering,Screaming,Calling for help, and he thinks it's the human fault because this happen, sans tried to stop this and "G" offer him that he can help him to stop this MADNESS, "G" said "You need to become powerful so you can stop this war," And sans said How is that related to this war? "G" answered "You need to be powerful, To kill "him"." Sans answered "What do you mean by "him"?" "G" Responded You know what i'm talking about sans. And Sans answered "Oh i see, i know what you mean. But how?"

"G" Responded "I will send you somewhere called "Multiverse" you can fought someone that is better than you" And sans Answered "You sure is a good idea?" "G" Responded "Of course sans besides you need practice to be powerful right?" And sans answered "Yeah... I guess?" "G" Answered "Well then, before i send you to "Multiverse" I give you something as a goodbye gift" And sans responded "What is it?... Isn't that 6 human souls?" "G" responded "Yes.. Sans it is, I "borrowed" it from the king" And sans responded "I won't ask question, Just... Let's go" And "G" responded "Yes sure.. But before that we need stuff to start this"

And sans responded "Sure thing G." And "G" responded "We need some stuff on king castle. But you have teleport sans, I think you can do it easily." And sans responded "Why don't you ask papyrus? He is sure speedy." "G" responded "Well Sure i guess, besides papyrus with king right now." After "G" calling papyrus... "Well sans i did call papyrus but, Probably need to wait for a while." Sans responded "it's fine." Now we gonna see what papyrus doing....?